Top 10 FinTech Software Development Companies 2021

Rapid transformations are occurring in the Fintech industry. With the pandemic affecting the world, the demand for mobile wallets, along with the other fintech applications, has increased. This is why the innovations have increased and so has increased the demand for the fintech software development that have been continuously working for automating and improving the desired results.

Before, the use of fintech services was seen just up till the desktops and laptops. However, now it has expanded to be used within smartphones too. Taking an example of the United States, around 59% of the Gen Xers and 64% of the millennials have been using smartphone banking applications. Not just this, the landscape of the application of fintech has been spreading widely to the technical advancements in Blockchain, lending platforms, Insurance Technology and Digital Banks. As in 2021, different fintech software availability is in Insurance, cryptocurrency, blockchain, regulatory, payment gateways & peer-to-peer lending/crowdfunding.

Fintech Software Development Companies- List

Considering the importance of fintech & banking software development companies, this article has been prepared to provide the 10 best of the same in business. One can give a read further ahead for developing useful solutions in order to upgrade business.


Location: New York

Staff Size: 201–500

Pricing: $25–$49/hr

Project Size: $25000

Located in the United States, the staff size of this company is 150-300. They have been in business for 15 years and more. The team has not just helped many financial developmental organizations but have also helped them to look forward to emerging digital trends. Further, they have also helped in implementing them as fintech solutions which are world-class and are meeting up with the real business needs.

Their name is known for helping the banks and financial managers for digitizing operations with advanced technologies, including blockchain, analysis, AI, robotics. It further offers a solution that would be helpful in improving the procedures and securing the payment processing through carrying out cybercrime security and blockchain smart contracts.

Some of the top clients of CMARIX are Campaign Catalyst, eddbee, NEST,CLOROX, Motofiniti, Stryker, SwissMade Direct. The company has won many recognitions and awards for the best of services provided by their end to their satisfied clients.

2. ValueCoders

Location: India

Staff Size: 450–500

Pricing: $25/hr

Project Size: $25 000

With the goal of leveraging the expertise for the development of solutions related to financial software development, including digital wallets, payment gateways, Robo advisors, bank portals, etc. They have an experience of more than 15 years operating through India. Their development team of around 450 professional staff, who all work together for increasing the data security and further optimizing the client’s ROI.

ValueCoders provide custom software development services and fintech software solutions to financial and FinTech organizations like the credit unions, banks, and other companies who are looking forward to the establishment of an effective and digitally-enabled process. The clients of the company are global brands, agencies, software companies, small companies and alike. One can hire FullStack developers from whom they can handle different technologies (Python, MongoDB, Big Data, etc) in which they have their expertise in. Within the list of top clients, the names are UNESCO, Capgemini and Selectspecs.

3. Consagous Technologies

Location: Austin, Texas

Staff Size: 50–249

Pricing: $25–49/hr

Project Size: $10 000

The company believes in offering financial software development solutions. By using the professional and the technical experience they have within the financial sector, they are concerned over helping the companies towards immense growth. They do it all by offering comprehensive solutions for the financial tech requirement that can help towards a huge transformation for sure.

From wideness within services to global experience and the strong value propositions for the growth of business, this Austin located business has got a lot more to offer.

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The services offered are related to the acquisitions and investment management that comes with affordable and flexible choices for the purpose of the IT transformation. Considering the help and growth they have provided to some of the clients including MOTUS, Hitch Hiker and Slum Breaker, they have been ranked in top position and been considered by Clutch as the best android app development company too.

4. Sidebench

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Staff Size: 249–500

Pricing: $150–199/hr

Project Size: $50 000

The company is located in Los Angeles and has a project size of $50,000. Sidebench, it is of the award-winning mobile app, UX design, fintech software development company. It has a diverse group for the finance software developers, digital strategists, opinion leaders and the technologists. This agency with all its resources offers the outsourcing services related to financial software development and the solutions related to comprehensive financial technology for meeting the modern finance changing needs.

It offers the healthcare industry some innovative fintech software solutions and also helps in streamlining the process for the government entities by using their capabilities. By all means, it can be one of the best partners for creating the digital experience for the financial services and help grow, just as it is helping its top clients including Sony, Facebook and Microsoft.

5. Swenson He

Location: Culver City, CA

Staff Size: 11–50

Pricing: $150–199/hr

Project Size: $25 000

It is a financial software development company. It was founded in the year 2014 by 2 MIT alumnus. This company is well-known for the development of high-value and impact mobile applications apart from offering financial software development solutions. They offer their services to the startups and the financial service providers as the available finance & banking software development company.

With a total staff size in between 11 to 50, the company claims its dedicated team to have world’s talented, young & experienced fintech software developers who contributed to the success overall. 

They provide a wide range of services within the financial software development domain by using latest platforms like android, ruby on rails, Node.js, IoT, Objective-C, cloud development and many more. The top clients the name of Swenson He is associated with are- Stanford Healthcare, Scotts Miracle-Gro & SImplehuman.

6. Merixstudio

Location: Poznan, Poland

Staff Size: 120+

Pricing: $50–99/hr

Project Size: $25 000

Merixstudio is located in Poznan, Poland and works with an expert staff size of 120+. It is one of known fintech software development company that offers best solutions. All its staff members are experienced to help provide the specialized consulting and the development solutions for the financial and banking industries. It further helps in creating some complex digital products for the global clients.

Merixstudio is known to believe in teamwork and its power for creation of the greatest projects. It helps solve varied business challenges by creating the incredible mobility and the web solutions that are based on some software development technologies that are latest in the market. 

Some of the known and top clients of the company are- BURROW, FOX and Toshiba.

7. The Sneakers Agency

Location: New York

Staff Size: 201–500

Pricing: $25–49/hour

Project Size: $25000

With the staff size of 201-500 this full financial software development service company is known to have the focus on helping the brands to not just launch but also to help in growth of business. The sneakers agency provides the comprehensive software development services set for the industries including, education, fintech, e-commerce, etc.

Apart from the above, the company also offers services like UX strategy & Design, web & app development, DevOps, SEO & Social Media Marketing, etc. By all means, the polished professionals of the company help one get the best fintech digital experiences for the mobile and the web devices. Some of the top names associated with the name of the Sneakers Agency are Barbarian, Vimen, Pepsi, etc.

8. Intellectsoft Technologies

Location: Palo Alto, CA

Staff Size: 201–500

Pricing: $150–249/hour

Project Size: $50000

Based in Palo Alto, Intellectsoft technologies is a design/development and the financial software development name. It was one of the best service providers since 2019. The agency is also known for providing Fintech software development outsourcing services and the comprehensive financial tech solutions for meeting up with the modern finance changing needs.


As per B2B app development companies ranking platform, this agency belongs to top 10 startup app development companies. It received varied awards that demonstrate that the company is a great partner for creation of the digital experience for financial services. Some of its trusted clients are Eurostar, Jaguar and EY.

9. Atomic Object

Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Staff Size: 201–500

Pricing: $50–149/hour

Project Size: $15000

Atomic object is one of the recognized companies for financial software development. It is known for the development of the custom applications for the desktops, web, mobile devices and the devices for the financial companies and the startups. It is a custom service provider which is helping its clients like Quell, Priority Health and NSF to grow and innovate with the innovative software products which are reliable and completely easy to use.

From planning to the implementation, handling it all, the professional designers and developers associated with the company bring the idea to life. They further help in mitigation of the risk, making some smart tradeoffs and also getting the best value within the budget.

10. S-PRO Technologies

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Staff Size: 151

Pricing: $25–49/hour

Project Size: $50000

Located in Kyiv, Ukraine, S-Pro Technologies operates with a staff size of 151. The company is known for financial software development and it offers some outstanding solutions for the digital banking and also the blockchain payment solutions (credit rating, customer loyalty programs digitization for the banking systems, online commerce, P2P markets, exchange and for money transactions engineering of platforms.

Some of the top clients of S-PRO are Huawei, Samsung and Red Bull. Their services got featured this year on Yahoo Finance. The company was also ranked 1 by Clutch as blockchain developer 2019 and by GoodFirms as best software development company. 

Final Words

Hope the article was able to provide the information required regarding the fintech software development company India or others too which are situated outside of india or asia. For sure it will be a great help to accomplish the business requirements, if used properly. Rest assured, the list above contains the finest of the names which one can totally rely on. The companies have always received positive feedback from their global clientele and also fits in budget. So, without a delay, make a pick and get hands on the best services.

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