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Rust Gambling Explained

Rust Gambling Explained

Rust is an online video game. Yes! You can place real money wagers on Rust. For gaming noobs—this means betting with real cash for the chance of claiming real money prizes among other rewards. Casino enthusiasts will love Rust.

Moreover, there are two variants of the game. You can opt for the in-game variant if you want to enjoy the title using in-game currency. Alternatively, you can opt for the community version, which is available via a Loot Box website.

It will be best to play real money games that meet your tastes, preferences, and style. For that reason, you can always opt for other sportsbook titles if you aren’t interested in Rust or Loot Boxes.

Rust Gambling: A Popular Phenomenon

Forget about conventional art pieces like the Mona Lisa. The demand for digital art (valuables and collectibles) is at its all-time high as people are looking for alternative ways of investing in art.

Believe it or not, Rust’s in-game collectibles are some of the most sought-after digital valuables that you can own. Of course, yes! Some of these collectibles are rare—therefore, pricier and more coveted among gamers.

Meanwhile, you can also opt to own these in-game digital valuables as a brand statement instead of a function. For instance, how a Gucci belt is more of a fashion statement and “less” of a functional piece.

Rust Gambling In-Game

Some of you are familiar with the fortune wheel, right? But for those who don’t, it is a spinning wheel with different prizes, and you can only win the prize shown on the wheel’s stop location.

For instance, if the wheel has three prizes—a car, house, and money—then you spin it and it stops at money, you will win the money. Rust boasts an in-game spinning wheel feature, and you can use it to earn generous rewards without spending a dime.

Rust Gambling Using Loot Boxes

As already highlighted, Rust gambling can be enjoyed via Loot Boxes if you fancy community gaming. There are numerous legit US casinos that allow players to enjoy real money tables games like roulette for a chance of winning rare Rust in-game collectibles and valuables.

It will help to sell the in-game digital collectibles to other players if you want to cash out. Alternatively, you can opt to create a public or private collection of your rare Rust in-game collectibles, which mainly comprises of rare weapon skins. Also, remember that rare skins will fetch lucrative real money prizes, and this is one of the reasons to play Loot Boxes on legit sites.

Loot Boxes In Games

Loot Boxes is far from a conventional game. The new sportsbook offering has caught the attention of law makers who are interested in regulating the game. While Loot Boxes allows players to enjoy an ordinary video game, players also spend real money to win coveted skins and other in-game digital collectibles.

Some law makers are even proposing the taxation of the fast-rising casino offering. According to these politicians, Rust generates significant revenue when players spend real money to win digital in-game valuables.

It even gets more complicated with the issue of children playing the game. Unfortunately, the existing age verification system needs to be upgraded since it is unreliable when it comes to video games.

It is important to note that you can also find Loot Boxes in popular iGaming offerings like Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), League of Legends, and etc. Therefore, players don’t have to visit 3rd party sites to enjoy Rust community gambling.

Rust Gambling Originates From Counter Strike: Global Offensive

CS: GO made Rust gambling popular! A piece by Rock Paper Shotgun reveals that the first Loot Boxes variants appeared in Counter Strike: Global Offensive websites. These platforms used the same model in use today—allowing players to register on the website, deposit money, and enjoy Rust gambling for the chance to claim rare digital collectibles.

Next, Rust gambling allowed players to play conventional table games like roulette where players could win valuable collectibles of up to $4 million instead of real money prizes. Having an opportunity to win up to $4 million while spending pennies is enticing, and this explains the continued rise of Rust gambling.

What Does The Community Think About Rust?

Rust has an active Reddit community just like any major video game. It would be best to visit this community to learn more about Rust from the gaming enthusiasts who love contributing to the title’s success.

A large section of Rust’s Reddit community dislikes the form of Rust gambling that puts the title on the hands of children. The community loves the idea of the Loot Boxes being an adult game despite being aware of the shortfalls in the existing age-verification system.

Instead of calling for a ban on all Loot Boxes sites, Rust community member on Reddit believe enforcing strict age-verification systems will play an integral role in preventing under-age children from playing the game.

Try Betting On Counter-Strike

Some gamers might still not like the idea of Loot Boxes or Rust gambling. Fortunately, there are other forms of ethical e-sport betting. You can find alternative sportsbook offerings at top licensed online casinos. Moreover, you can use digital currencies like Bitcoin instead of FIAT money when playing these games in the USA.

Remember that it will be best to play Rust on safe, secure, and reliable site. For that reason, only register on platforms with valid licenses from reputable gaming oversight bodies.

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