Four Reasons You Should Consider an Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles, or EVs, have become hugely popular in recent years – especially in comparison to their prior industry standing in the late 20th century. Technological advancements and a shift in public appetite have led to the commercial availability of competitive EV models, that can stand against conventional fossil-fuelled models with relative ease.

EVs as they exist currently are a relatively new installation in the automotive market, but their impact is already being keenly felt by the wider automotive industry. Why are so many people jumping on the EV train, and why should you – whether a new driver or a seasoned one?

Environmental Friendliness

One of the foremost selling points for buying an EV is the ecological impact – or relative lack, thereof. The carbon cost of running a petrol or diesel vehicle has been well known for generations, but the tangible impacts of those emissions have only begun to affect the general population in recent years.

With record heatwaves and unnatural weather patterns on the increase, public concern regarding the climate crisis has multiplied. As a result, the demand for low-carbon travel has increased, with commercially available EVs leading the charge. Getting an EV will drastically reduce your household’s carbon footprint, and serve to improve our collective chances of reversing the environmental damage done.

Lower Fuel Costs

The switch from fossil fuels to electricity will also have a strong, real-terms impact on your household budget; petrol and diesel prices were already relatively high, before instability in the market caused prices to skyrocket earlier in the year. Electricity is cheaper to produce, and cheaper at the outlet than petrol is at the pump. In a time of economic crisis for the majority of households in the UK, the difference is a clear boon to personal finances.

Lower Running Costs

But the savings don’t stop with the cost of fuel alone. Electric cars are also cheap to run, in a number of crucial ways. For one, EVs are exempt from road tax by virtue of being zero-carbon; they are also cheaper to maintain, as they have fewer moving parts than vehicles with internal combustion engines.

The overall result of these reduced costs is an average saving of over £500 per year. This is a significant sum for many, and can serve to make driving more equitable through the widespread adoption of EVs. Whatever your situation, this saving could be vital.

Safer to Drive

The reduced maintenance need for EVs makes them consequently safer. With less things to mechanically fail, there is less likelihood of catastrophic breakdown while in transit. Electric cars are also typically kitted out with sophisticated technology, including sensor-assisted safety features. These high-tech interventions serve to make you much safer on the road, both for yourself and to other road users.


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