Turning the Australian Car Industry Upside Down

It’s common knowledge amongest the public that purchasing a new car is often a notoriously difficult and time-consuming process. There’s very little to guide a consumer to what price they should be expecting to pay, or what dealerships are offering the most competitive discounts at any given time.

Launched in 2018, Price My Car gives a revolutionary new online method of searching for a new car. With over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry and expert insider knowledge of the current climate of the new car market, it offers an unprecedented amount of pricing data to consumers.

Instead of spending days (or even weeks) of visiting separate dealers and haggling them for a deal, Price My Car instantly compiles the best deals for the exact car consumers are looking for – right down to the specific model and trim level, similar to a model configurator found on independent manufacturers’ websites.

Using a sophisticated system built on the decades of experience and a rich network of partnerships, Price My Car accurately and reliably delivers the consumer the prices they should be paying for their new car. It makes working out a price to aim for simple, and also points out overly inflated prices that should be avoided.

PMC also makes use of crowdsourced data as recent car buyers (both through the platform and independently) submit prices to the central database.

Users can view the price trends of a certain model, see in what state/territory the best discounts can currently be had, and automatically brings up any deals or promotions that may be ongoing for the specific model that the user selected.

Should the consumer find the deal that’s perfect for them, Price My Car allows the user to get into direct contact with these partnered dealerships, where they can go ahead and carry out the deal without the need of stressful haggling. On top of all that, the service is completely free to use.

It’s not just the consumers that benefit, either. Dealerships (AADA Members) and automotive firms who partner with Price My Car benefit from a huge national potential customer base, as the service will present prices from dealerships that the customer may have otherwise not considered through traditional means of searching for a new vehicle. Consumers who may have originally been too nervous to visit a dealership can go to one with newfound confidence and a clear aim. It allows both parties to secure a good deal quickly and efficiently with minimal back-and-forth.

Price My Car’s form of lead generation is a win-win; thanks to ‘the wisdom of the crowd’, the consumer finds a great deal, and the business gets drastically greater exposure to the public. Directly comparing prices between dealerships against each other promotes healthy business competition that benefits all.

Price My Car takes advantage of current technology available to all and drastically uncomplicates a previously archaic and static process for a struggling industry. The methods of buying a new car had barely changed for decades; Price My Car is a fresh way of doing things, and in doing so, gives the automotive industry the shake-up it so desperately needed.

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