How has the Coronavirus Affected Our Online Life?

Despite the fact that relatively little time has passed since the beginning of the pandemic, the changes that it brought can already be noticed and felt in almost all areas of our life, including even our communication.

Overall, it’s worth noting that the restrictions associated with COVID-19 probably played their role, and since the beginning of 2020 we have begun to spend significantly more time glued to our mobile devices and simply exploring endless sites from computers.

According to many studies, over the past year the audience of social networks has grown by more than ten percent, and today there are more people who use social networks than those who do not, while every single day, an average of a million people get an account on social networks for the first time, and this is almost twelve new users per second.

Online entertainment

One of the major trends for the past few years has been the live streaming of various events from all around the world. We watch concerts online, visit museums and go on virtual tours. Moreover, all casinos, games, quizzes, and competitions now move to online platforms, making it possible for people to hone their skills and get an incomparable experience interacting with very different people.

Not solely about fun

Most of the users who were interviewed during various studies about the help of the Internet during quarantine noted that it not only entertained them, but also enabled them during the pandemic to keep in touch with close friends and family during the self-isolation periods, and even improve their mental health and well-being through all kinds of apps and online consultations with professionals. Moreover, modern technologies now help people educate themselves and educate their children as well.

However, with the increase in the amount of time that children spend on the Internet, using it in order to learn, communicate and keep abreast of what is happening in the world, there appear more and more additional threats and dangers from the digital space, with which children can not always cope on their own. For example, they may post personally identifiable information on a social network, may face cyberbullying or child grooming. 

All these places a great responsibility on parents and also teachers, who must now devote more time to online literacy, and install Internet filters and parental controls on all devices that the child uses.

Online dating

All sorts of dating sites and apps are looking for ways to make their users happier from the comfort of their homes. Help them meet milfs UK, or find single eligible bachelors in China

So we get a chance to freely communicate, meet new people who are automatically selected based on our preferences, likes, dislikes, or whatever filters we set. 

Online dating gives us the opportunity to significantly expand our circle of communication, to meet people from all over the world, or simply those who live in a neighboring house but with whom we have never met before.

In addition, there have appeared many highly specialized sites, like gay men Liverpool, or divorced women in Westminster, which greatly simplify and reduce the time spent looking for the love of a lifetime.

However, here it is important as well to not fall into the trap and not start thinking that the choice is limitless and if you stop your search now you will miss something out. So don’t expect that every following date, with whom you are meeting tomorrow, for example, is definitely going to be better than the previous good ones you’ve already had with other people.

 The increasing importance of social networks

One of the most significant changes in people’s behavior on the internet is connected with the platforms that users turn to when they want to learn more about brands and products. And here it’s crucial to highlight the role social media started playing in brand research behavior. 

According to some studies, social media have become even more powerful and convincing than search engines, when potential customers and clients are looking for more information about the company.

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