Top 100 NHL66 Alternatives for Streaming National Hockey League

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NHL66 was the go-to destination for hockey fans seeking up-to-date information on their favorite teams and players. Ice hockey is a fascinating and popular sport that millions of people around the globe enjoy with the rise of online streaming.

It has never been simpler to watch live games and game highlights. But, legal concerns caused the site to close, leaving sports fans rushing to find a new source for live game streaming and highlights. This post will discuss some of the best NHL66 alternatives for free NHL streaming, offering you a variety of possibilities.

What is NHL66?

NHL66 is a sports streaming platform where National Hockey League games can be streamed and seen. The National Hockey League is a professional ice hockey league in North America with 32 teams, 25 from the United States and 7 from Canada. It is considered the best professional ice hockey league in the world and one of the most prestigious professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada.

NHL66 has multiple streaming links, allowing you to switch to a different one if one fails. The NHL66 stream is offered in both 1080p and 4K formats. In addition, to live events, NHL66 broadcasts post-live playoff games.

The NHL66 live stream is completely free. There are no membership costs. Yet the issue is that this website redirects readers to another page, where confusion emerges.

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Why is NHL66 So Popular?

NHL66  is a real-time service that allows viewers to stream National Hockey League games. You are provided with many streaming connections, so if one fails, you may use another.

The ability to stream content in 1080p and 4K resolutions is another significant advantage of this platform. In addition, to live events, NHL66 features post-live playoff games.

You can utilize this website even if you are not interested in hockey and want to stream basketball, soccer, football, boxing, etc. Yet, it is not all. One of the key reasons why NHL66 is so well-liked by fans throughout the world is that you may access all content for free.

Why Should You Use NHL66?

It has several outstanding characteristics that will encourage you to try it. The following are the services offered by NHL66.

  • You obtain not only fantastic links but also in-depth links to a certain game. On NHL66, for instance, you may watch NHL games and leagues. The content of the website is not limited to a particular match.
  • Even if the website offers free information, the user experience is appealing to anyone. It has a dark UI design and an HD logo that give it a premium appearance.
  • NHL66 provides links to HD-quality material for its users.
  • The website offers error-free, instantaneous navigation across many sites.

What Sports Can You Watch on NHL66 Channel?

The NHL66 streaming website provides a vast selection of sports-related videos and channels. Moreover, you may view live updates for any game, match, or event. Hence, whether you enjoy baseball, football, or soccer, NHL66 has you covered. With a few clicks, you can now follow the most recent happenings online from anywhere in the world.

It is easy to use and offers free streaming of the sports channel NHL66. In addition, there are other advantages, such as free access to sports networks. This service is also a wonderful option for watching live NHL games and other sporting events. With the NHL66 live streaming service, you may watch matches featuring the top 20 NHL players.

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100 Best NHL66 Alternatives For NHL Streaming


  1. Laola1
  2. Buffstreams
  3. SportStream
  4. SonyLIV
  5. Sportsurge
  6. Sky Sports
  7. Ronaldo7
  8. Bilasport
  9. Crackstreams
  10. FirstRowSports
  11. Stream2Watch
  12. Batmanstream
  13. StopStream
  14. Feed2All
  15. Sportlemon
  16. Rojadirecta
  17. StrikeOut
  18. Bosscast
  19. fuboTV
  20. Bally Sports
  21. Cricfree
  22. Sport365
  23. VIPBoxTV
  24. goATDee
  25. Streamwoop
  26. MyP2P
  27. MamaHD
  28. ESPN Player
  29. ScoresInLive
  30. CricHD
  31. Star Sports
  32. JokerLiveStream
  33. VIP Box
  34. VIPRow
  35. LiveTV
  36. VipLeague
  37. Atdhe
  38. USAGoals
  39. StreamEast
  40. Sportsbay
  41. SportRAR
  42. Live NHL Game Stream
  43. NHLBite
  44. USTVGO
  45. FromHots
  46. WiziWig
  47. Sports Plus
  48. Fox Sports Go
  49. NBA League Pass
  50. RedStreamSport
  51. Facebook Watch
  52. Footybite
  53. Reddit
  54. StreamHunter
  55. Sportnews
  56. FC Stream
  57. Time4TV
  58. 6streams
  59. USTV GO
  60. LiveSoccerTV
  61. Hulu
  62. YouTube TV

20 Best NHL66 Alternatives with Details


Laola1 is one of the top alternatives to NHL66 for free NHL viewing. It functions similarly to NHL66 by utilizing sports enthusiasts as a platform for online sports viewing and live streams. This website offers various video games and sports and several videos based on various games and sports. Laola1 displays exclusive highlight clips, live streams, games, matches being played in various regions of the world, and on-demand videos if you are an avid sports fan. Everything on Laola1 is completely free to view or stream, and the video and audio are of the highest quality. Laola1 links to, whose live-streaming quality may vary.


Bosscast has millions of sports fans around the world, and it is deserving of the attention it is receiving. You can stream an extensive selection of games and sporting events. Nevertheless, you must establish an account to do so.

The user interface is quite well-designed, and the content is properly structured. You may even stream live TV stations, and the platform will inform you of forthcoming and ongoing matches.

A second feature gives Bosscast a modest advantage over the majority of the alternatives on this list. There is an option for chatting with other sports lovers from across the world.


SportSurge is an online streaming service that enables live online sports viewing. It allows users to view any live game, even if it has not yet concluded. Also, there are numerous links to live sports on this page for live sports streaming. Visitors can access the website via a web browser and view a live sports broadcast.

On Sport Surge, live links to a variety of sports are accessible. They include mixed martial arts, football, basketball, boxing, and tennis, among others. In addition, a service called SportsSurge connects those who wish to watch live-streaming channels with the channels’ providers.


StopStream is an excellent website for sports enthusiasts. It is one of the best live sports streaming websites, offering channels for a variety of sports that can be viewed from almost anywhere on almost any device. Also, the website has a clean black layout where you may select your preferred sports channels and learn about forthcoming athletic events. That is our favorite alternative to NHL66 for watching sports online.


SteamWoop is a renowned website for broadcasting all types of sports. Access is absolutely free and does not require registration. Register if you desire to have access to other features. The interface’s design is flawless and user-friendly.

To obtain the current upgrade, however, you must register on the website using your email address. Every stuff is presented in high caliber.

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Sky Sports

Sky Sports is one of the best services similar to NHL66, allowing viewers to live stream and watch their favorite sports. There are several football games and F1 races to watch. You may also stay abreast of the most recent trends pertaining to your favorite athletes and sports. There is also a news video section. If you were unable to attend your favorite match, you might still view the scores and results under “Scores.” Sky Sports’ only drawback is that it has a premium subscription, meaning that you must pay to view live streaming.


No matter what you’re looking for, you may watch your favorite sports without paying a dime on 6streams, whose brand is extremely well-known around the world. Regularly, millions of individuals utilize the internet to stream their favorite sports online. This extensive sports streaming website delivers current sporting activities and notifies users. Stream the most popular sports, including MMA, tennis, golf, wrestling, golf, basketball, cycling, darts, soccer, racing sports, and handball. This renowned streaming service provides premium sports on a national and worldwide scale, so you will never be disappointed with this site.


If you enjoy sports, you should subscribe to fuboTV. The majority of its roughly 200 channels are devoted to sports and home entertainment. For VIP users, both free and paid services are available. I recommend subscribing to fuboTV so you may view it on your 4K television. Compatibility with the most popular streaming devices, such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, Chromecast, and Xbox, is currently one of the most crucial requirements.


Similarly to nhl66 ir, MyP2P is an excellent internet source for streaming sports. It is an outstanding website for streaming the NFL, NBA, MLB, and Boxing. It provides guidance on how to watch content and gain access to free sporting events such as tennis, volleyball, cricket, football, and the MotoGP. There is a chat feature on the website where you may converse with other sports fans, talk about sports, and share information. You receive all videos in high-definition resolution, and there is an option to modify the playback sound. The streaming speed of every video is quick, and there is no noticeable buffering. With a single click, the video loads without issue.


This is more free online live television. goATDee is less than the majority of sports streaming and live sports channel viewing platforms; nonetheless, it is still the best alternative if other options are unavailable.

goATDee provides its users with free access to news and home entertainment movies. We have been informed that the site is one of the best online sports streaming sites. For the citizens of the United States, goATDee is one of the top nhl66 alternatives to enjoy.


Another amazing site that provides free live coverage of sporting events. A day before the game, the website updates its links, of which there are many. CrackStreams has you covered if you’re anticipating the upcoming NBA season. Moreover, NFL games may be viewed on CrackStreams. The website also streams UFC, MMA, and boxing contests. You should have no trouble navigating the website, as it is quite user-friendly.


NHLBite is an online portal that provides live streaming of all National Hockey League games and other associated content. It is free to use and registration or login credentials are not required. Thus, if you wish to see your favorite team play, this will be heaven.

Since NHLBite is a standard website, you can access the NHL Ice Hockey Live Stream on your computer, laptop, or mobile device by accessing the website in your web browser. Next, click the play button to begin broadcasting any ongoing game.

NHLBite is my absolute favorite NHL streaming website. It does not give off the clichéd vibe you get when visiting a questionable website. The interface is also fairly clean and basic.


Sportlemon is an Asian web portal with a robust broadcasting system that displays all sports without interrupting the live viewing experience with advertisements. When registering on the website, you have the option to receive a live HD stream of sports as well as a few other advantages. This is what is possible. This website is also user-friendly, allowing you to navigate and watch your favorite sport live. Sportlemon offers many free athletic activities that are unavailable elsewhere. Create an account, and if you like, you can also download or save matches to your account so you can view them at your leisure.


ESPN is one of the best alternatives to NHL66 for seeing NHL games. It allows you to view the best portions of major sporting events from across the globe. Sorry, you cannot view live events for free. There are numerous activities available on this free sports streaming website. You may read articles, view video commentary, discover ranks, and much more! ESPN is an encyclopedia of all sports-related information. There, you can study about any topic you like. The website has several videos and articles on numerous sports. However, the website does not offer live streaming of sporting events.


Another top nhl66 sports league to watch. Atdhe is a live sports internet streaming portal where you can discover live streaming of the majority of sports being played in various countries across the world. When you visit Atdhe, you will be astounded by how simple and straightforward it is to watch live sports streaming on this website.

Simply navigate to the Atdhe homepage, and you will have access to free online and live streaming of your favorite sports and games in premium streaming. There are no restrictions when utilizing Atdhe, and you can get the live streaming of all the sports that are now being broadcast on international sports networks.


MamaHD is a popular NHL streaming alternative to NHL66. This website provides access to high-quality sports streaming sites. MamaHD provides sports streaming that is compatible with mobile devices and PCs. Experience virtually every sport, including football, basketball, and racing, as well as WWE boxing, golf, and snooker tournaments. MamaHD broadcasts every live game so that you never miss a moment.


Sportsbay is once again the most highly regarded portal for viewing live sports events. You can gain access to premium content without spending a dime.

This portal allows you to stream sporting activities ranging from football, cricket, the NFL, and the NHL to UFC. The user interface is intuitive and the layout is well-designed, with all of the sports categories grouped on the homepage itself.


Sport365 is another website that is quite popular among sports fans that enjoy streaming online sports content. It has a superb user interface that provides access to numerous sports networks. You get live TV channels also. This website is quite famous on the internet for streaming sports events. This site is dedicated to football matches; if you’re seeking the most recent football matches, this is a cool location you can access at any time.

Every time you visit the site, you will be able to view live sports as well as the most recent events, because the database is continually updated with ongoing events and news. You can view cricket, basketball, tennis, and hockey, among other sports. It provides streaming in high-definition quality with excellent audio. You can search for sports based on categories, current shows, schedules, and live matches.


Moreover, SportRar is one of the most popular NHL 66 alternatives for free NHL streaming. It is a free website with various helpful features for watching sports. Similarly, you can adjust the Time zone to receive the exact match times based on your location. This tool is quite useful as it allows you to watch the event’s time in your time zone. This website interacts with multiple international sports channels.

Hence, it is legally broadcast live on networks. You can also watch numerous more sports, like ice hockey, basketball, tennis, boxing, and many others. The user will also be notified of upcoming or ongoing matches.


FootyBite is the most popular website for sports streaming, allowing users to stream a variety of sports. All sporting qualities are available in premium quality. You can stream football, the NFL, the NBA, and all other major sports without issue. The website is visited every day by millions of people.

It is a simple and basic platform for watching live feeds online. The functionality of websites, such as user-friendliness, a broad range of material, a speedy search bar, and the capacity to locate desired content with minimal effort. It is a completely free website, and registration is not required to stream live content. Undoubtedly, you will encounter annoying advertisements and pop-ups on this website, but you can stop them with an adblocker.

Is NHL66 Down?

No, the platform is not unavailable. When it comes to determining whether something is lawful or not, there are certain open questions. Nonetheless, you should not worry about the legality of the platform. If the platform is illegal, I hope that earlier action will be taken. Thus, you need not worry about anything.

Moreover, if you discover that the platform is not functioning properly or if you cannot access, there is a solution to utilize it. Simply download a VPN, then launch the platform. There will be no difficulties to contend with.

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Why is not Working in My Country?

Typically, a game like NHL generates revenue through paid watching, so websites streaming them for free frequently struggle to maintain their services. In addition, the governments of some nations place a greater emphasis on information technology and are more vigilant in spotting unwanted websites.

They can restrict these websites for numerous reasons, which is why your browser displays the statement “website service is not available in your location.” Google prohibits, which is another reason why it does not operate. Sometimes search engines prohibit websites that offer free material with permission or a license from a service provider.


Even without cable, watching NHL games online is a terrific way to enjoy the sport. This article will help you locate free and legal ways to stream NHL games online if you reside in an area without NHL coverage or want to watch your favorite team through a streaming service.

A free NHL stream may not provide the best viewing experience, but it is an inexpensive method to gain access to a favorite sport. Specialized sports cable channels can charge upwards of $50 per month, which is absurd. My personal preference is to utilize NHLBite. That absolutely cannot be missed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about NHL66

Is NHL66 illegal?

Yes, this site did have free live NHL feeds. Someone is running an illegal website if they let people stream free sports videos without permission, copyright, or other legal works. This could be why this website now sends you to a different URL.

Are these alternative NHL66 websites free to use?

Yes, you don’t have to pay to use most of these NHL66 alternatives. But to use some of their features, you may need to create an account or sign up for a subscription.

Is there NHL66 App To Watch NHL66?

Yes, the NHL app for Android and iOS devices is available on Google Play. NHL66 apk is also available on the Internet. NHL66 is your one-stop source for the most up-to-date sports news, videos, highlights, scores, standings, and insightful discussions for the sports, leagues, and players you enjoy following and watching.

Why does NHL66 not work in some countries?

In some countries, NHL66 may not function because the government has taken down the websites. Ultimately, it lacks the necessary license for streaming. When the government is particularly engaged in the realm of information and technology, this occurs. This is also a possibility in the event of a Google penalty, and it is also possible that harsh action will be taken against free internet streaming.


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