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When will be Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Released? [Latest Updates 2023]

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The most-anticipated Lincoln Lawyer season 2 of Netflix’s legal drama is set to come out in the fall of 2023. David E. Kelley created the Netflix drama series. Kelley has its fan base after the Lincoln Lawyer season 1 and got a lot of good reviews from both viewers and reviewers for its exciting stories and the superb acting by the lead cast members.
Fans of the show are undoubtedly eager to see what happens in Lincoln Lawyer season 2, given that the first season was filled with thrilling events.

What will The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 be About?

The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 will be based on one of the six novels in Michael Connelly’s Lincoln Lawyer series. In this instance, The Fifth Witness, book 4, will serve as the primary material. In that narrative, Mickey has changed careers and is now an eviction attorney.
He can make ends meet until one of his clients is accused of murder. We believe, however, that Netflix will update the narrative as they did in the first season, which was based on the second book, The Brass Verdict.
Based on the conclusion of Lincoln Lawyer season 1, it seems probable that Lincoln Lawyer season 2 will continue the subplot about who killed Martha Renteria. In the first season, Mickey’s client Jesus Menendez was exonerated. This narrative portion is taken from the first installment of Connelly’s Lincoln Lawyer series.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 is Happening

Yes! The Lincoln Lawyer was renewed for a Lincoln Lawyer season 2 by Netflix on June 14, 2022. Netflix usually reveals renewal decisions one month after the premiere of a new series or season, though the streamer has recently been known to prolong the waiting time to three months or more. Fortunately, we only had one month.
There is enough source material to sustain the series for numerous seasons; however, we must wait and see how the debut performs before Netflix decides on The Lincoln Lawyer season 2. We’re anticipating big things from this show.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Release Date Speculation

As of May 2023, we don’t know when The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 will be released.  Given that Lincoln Lawyer season 1 was just released in May 2022, we may have to wait a little longer for season 2 — but we can look at how long season 1 took to indicate when Lincoln Lawyer season 2 will be released. Season 1 of the show was ordered in January 2021, but casting took place in February and March of that year, with filming beginning in May and ending in August.
Assuming that casting will be less comprehensive this time, we anticipate that the time between renewal and the release of a new season will be between 12 and 16 months. According to What’s on Netflix, Connelly also revealed that filming began in October 2022, with production set to end on March 23, 2023. This suggests that the Lincoln Lawyer season 2 will most likely arrive in the summer or autumn of 2023. 
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The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Cast

Given that The Lincoln Lawyer is a procedural, albeit serialized, legal drama, new characters and cast members could be introduced in each subsequent season, which is the case for Lincoln Lawyer season 2. We also anticipate the following regulars to remain:
  • Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller
  • Neve Campbell as Maggie McPherson (recurring)
  • Becki Newton as Lorna
  • Jazz Raycole as Izzy
  • Angus Sampson as Cisco
  • Krista Warner as Hayley Haller
Christopher Gorham co-starred in the first season as Mickey’s client and magnate, Trevor Elliott, but it is unlikely that he will return for the second season.
According to Deadline, the Lincoln Lawyer season 2 will feature a few new cast members, including:
  • Matt Angel as Henry Dahl
  • Lana Parrilla
  • Yaya DaCosta

What is the Plot of The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2?

Lincoln Lawyer Season 2
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Lincoln Lawyer season 1 concluded on a bit of a cliffhanger, with Mickey going for a surf while a mysterious man with an arm tattoo observed from a distance. Glory Days viewers will be able to connect the dots and determine that he is likely the same man mentioned by a critical witness in Jesus Menendez’s trial.
Menendez was exonerated of a murder he did not commit after Glory testified that Menendez was innocent and that the actual murderer had a tattooed forearm. Moments later, a man matching Glory’s description stalks Mickey on the beach, so Lincoln Lawyer season 2 will likely follow the aftermath of Glory’s testimony and disclose the mysterious man’s identity. 
We also know that Lincoln Lawyer season 2 will be based on the fourth Mickey Haller novel by Michael Connelly, “The Fifth Witness” (via Netflix). Interestingly, the showrunners have decided not to adapt the third volume in the Haller series, “The Reversal.” “The Fifth Witness” focuses on the case of Lisa Trammel, a longtime client of Haller who is accused of murdering an affluent mortgage broker. 
Without mentioning the Menendez case in “The Fifth Witness,” viewers can only speculate how it will connect the two unrelated plots.
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The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Trailer Updates

The streaming platform will most likely release the Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 trailer to generate interest when the program is renewed. The teaser for The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 will most likely give viewers a sneak peek at the forthcoming season’s plot. It may also showcase the show’s strong cast and crew.
The teaser may also introduce new characters or hint at forthcoming plot twists. This will excite fans, who will eagerly await the premiere. Fans will have to wait till then for any updates on The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 development. So keep a lookout for any updates or sneak peeks in the future.

Will Neve Campbell be in The Lincoln Lawyer season 2?

Thankfully, yes! As previously reported, Neve Campbell will return as Maggie McPherson in Lincoln Lawyer season 2. However, her role has been reduced from series regular to recurring. David E. Kelley, the creator of The Lincoln Lawyer, has cast Campbell in the lead role in the new ABC series Avalon.
Although we won’t see Campbell in every episode, and she may not have her full-season narrative, we’re anxious to see Maggie pop up throughout the season and see what the future may store for her in the series.
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What Book Is The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Based on?

While the first Mickey Haller novel, The Lincoln Lawyer, was adapted into a film in 2011, the second, The Brass Verdict, is adapted into a Netflix series. Before the renewal announcement, it was unclear whether the series would continue in the book sequence for more seasons. In that situation, The Reversal would be the next season 2 episode.
According to Variety, The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 will similarly include ten episodes and be based on the fourth novel in the series, The Fifth Witness.
Author Michael Connelly has written six Mickey Haller stories, leaving five more for the Netflix series to draw from. The character also appears in several Bosch books, further opening the way.

Where Can I Watch the Lincoln Lawyer Season 2?

The forthcoming season will only be available on Netflix, as the streaming service is the primary distributor of the series. 
However, a subscription is required to view Netflix’s entire selection of programs.  The cost of a Netflix subscription will vary depending on your requirements, but we have all the information you need about the current Netflix price.
All episodes of The Lincoln Lawyer season 1 are currently available on Netflix. In the meantime, you can rent or purchase the 2011 film of the same name via Amazon Prime Video or Apple TV Plus. Don’t neglect to watch the best available television series!
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Final Words

Those who appreciate legal or procedural dramas should watch The Lincoln Lawyer. If you haven’t already, snag the bag of treats and watch the entertainment. We are confident you will view it in a single sitting due to the captivating plot and characters.
IMDb and rotten tomatoes have rated the series highly and provided numerous positive reviews. Are you looking forward to The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Lincoln Lawyer Season 2

We are listed some of the commonly asked questions on Lincoln Lawyer season 2. Check your queries here.

Is The Lincoln Lawyer coming back for season 2?

Good news! Only one month after its premiere in May 2022, Netflix announced that The Lincoln Lawyer would return for a second season. The 2023 release date has not yet been announced, but production is underway.

Does Lincoln Lawyer have a good ending?

Trevor maintained his innocence throughout the series and was ultimately found not guilty of murder, as the defense argued that he would not have had seven minutes to conceal his gun and blood-stained clothes before police arrived.

Is Lincoln Lawyer based on a true story?

David Ogden, a Los Angeles attorney who passed away in 2020, inspired Connelly’s concept of a lawyer working out of the trunk of his vehicle. Ogden was Mickey Haller’s initial inspiration, but he was only the beginning.

How many books are in The Lincoln Lawyer series?

There are seven volumes in this collection. Choose the number of items you wish to purchase.

Is Bosch in The Lincoln Lawyer?

Although the primary characters in the book series on which the two shows are based frequently interact on the page, their screen worlds have been kept entirely separate, so don’t expect to see Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch on The Lincoln Lawyer.

Who is The Lincoln Lawyer in love with?

The first time we see Maggie, she berates Haller for being late to pick up Hayley; however, it is evident that there is still some degree of affection between them. As the series progresses, the once-shared romance between the two characters resurfaces, and their relationship begins to flourish.


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