IBM to Stop Hiring Human Staff to Replace Jobs with AI

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The notice has finally become a reality. Since the rise of artificial intelligences such as ChatGPT, DALL-E, and Midjourney, the most common fear among users is no longer the enslavement of the human species by a machine.

AI anxiety has to do with the dangers of jobs, and after much discussion, it has started to become a reality.

IBM, the technology giant, has already expressed its plan to replace human beings with artificial intelligence. In point of fact, it has already stopped hiring people for those areas where AI could perform better, or at least slowed down the process of hiring people for those positions. Among these are human resources and other positions that do not have to do with direct contact with consumers, which represent some 26,000 jobs in the company.

Arvind Krishna, CEO of IBM, assures the Bloomberg media in statements that “it could easily see 30% of said number replaced by AI and automation in a period of five years.” Up to 7,800 jobs at the tech giant would be in danger because of this.

IBM is still cutting its staff by a huge amount, and when the process is done, it will have fired up to 5,000 people. However, although the company has decided to bet heavily on the use of artificial intelligence to support its operations, they have also hired some 7,000 people during the first quarter of this year on the use of artificial intelligence to support its operations, they have also hired some 7,000 people during the first quarter of this year. So, this might not be the end of the human part in the world of work for good.

Since the beginning of this year, it seems like the company has been focusing on using AI as its main growth tool. Kyndryl, a company that grew out of IBM and offers managed computer services, said in March that it would start cutting jobs around the world. All of this was done to save time. Also, job changes at one IBM-owned company led to layoffs at another IBM-owned company.

But not everyone is sure that IBM has already looked into whether or not the idea is possible. An analyst at Pareekh Consulting, Pareekh Jain, thinks that Arvind Krishna’s ideas sound more like “hope, not a plan.”

This is only a guess and projection based on how things are going now for the next five years. It’s possible that there won’t be that many or that it will take longer than five years. We don’t know what problems will come up when these early AI test projects or how they are used are scaled up.

What Arvind has said is that he expects a 30% reduction in the number of HR employees over the next five years due to AI. Right now, I think it’s a hope, not a plan.

Artificial intelligence is being used by more and more companies to carry out projects.
In fact,
an influential architecture firm already uses this technology to generate its designs, and some studies have already reported that ChatGPT could be more empathic than real doctors, which would affect the landscape of modern medicine.

Goldman Sachs reports say that artificial intelligence will replace up to 300 million jobs. Fortunately, it will also allow up to 97 million new roles to be created, according to other research. Obviously, humans will have to be ready to learn new jobs if we don’t want to be left out of the labor competition.

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