Gambling Tech Trends: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Online Casinos

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become so embedded in our lives that we hardly even notice it anymore. From the moment we wake up, AI has an impact on our lives, whether it be in our news feed that we read first thing in the morning, planning our driving route, in the adverts, we are seeing, or the music we listen to from our recommended playlist. It does not stop there either. Our daily work lives are hugely impacted by AI, not to mention the time we spend after work, watching movies on a streaming platform, or what we see on social media.

Online casinos have been at the forefront of adopting AI into their casino platforms. Many online casinos, such as Amazon Slots Online, have seen the benefits of using AI to manage certain aspects of their online casinos. We will take a closer look at the benefits of using AI for both the casino and the players.

How has AI impacted the gambling world?

With the rise of gambling, Artificial Intelligence has had a huge impact on the online casino world. Some of the benefits that it brings include:

Better gameplay and personal experience

AI learns from what you do, spending more time on a certain game, and it realizes that you might have a preference for a certain mechanic or theme that is incorporated into that slot game. Your feed will become more populated with the type of games you prefer and enjoy, much like your smart home AI starts to learn your behaviors. The AI behind the scenes starts offering you a more unique experience. You might receive emails about your favorite game, unique promotions, or loyalty schemes. Artificial intelligence learns what you like and tries to predict what you want before you know what you want.

Reduction in fraud and cheating

Where there is money involved, you get frauds and cheaters. Artificial intelligence can work at lightning speed, sifting through mountains of data in seconds, a job that would take a human a lifetime to finish. Any possible illicit transaction or dubious gambling play can be flagged immediately, limiting the damage that is done. This also gives a human the chance to look closer at the red flags raised by the AI before a decision is made and action is taken.

Customer Service

Online casinos are increasingly adopting artificial intelligence in their customer service departments. This allows for much shorter response times than online casinos could previously offer. Many players can now interact with customer service AI at the same time. Where a human would need to pay attention to one person at a time, AI can deal with thousands. Granted, AI can sometimes not solve your problems, especially in more nuanced cases, but it does offer a good first-line customer service experience.

Identify problem gamblers

Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, it is now much easier to identify players who might have a gambling problem. Algorithms can detect who these players are and limit their ability to do themselves harm with excessive gambling practices. This is especially needed with 43% of adults in the UK participating in gambling activities. 


Whatever your opinion is around artificial intelligence, the fact is that it is here to stay. It simply makes sense to use a tool such as AI to do a better and faster job than humans can do. With a market the size of the gambling industry, there simply is no other option than to use artificial intelligence.

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