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How to Make Money in the Metaverse?


How to make money in the Metaverse and we all know that now metaverse is making opportunity for people who are seeking jobs. With the development of Web3, we were promised a universe full of possibilities, a universe with life. The truth is that making money in the metaverse is just as good as making money in the real world. It’s not enough to just buy an NFT for your profile picture. Building a digital life requires a few zeros from your salary as many as your ambition requires, so the promise of an idyllic world might not mean what many people would think of as “idyllic”—some people wish they didn’t have to work to have the perfect life.

But because there are so many options, there is a space for people who are willing to use their tech skills and make money from their interests. The good news is that the same people are needed to build the metaverse and make it a place where people can live. So, here are some of the jobs that are becoming more and more popular in the metaverse, according to trends.

Real estate agent (digital)

As real estate prices rise in the real world, it is also becoming more popular in the metaverse. And Metaverse Group is in the lead when it comes to buying digital property. Last year, he bought a lot of land in Decentraland and The Sandbox, which he now rents out to people who are interested. For example, Metaverse Fashion Week was held on a $2.5 million piece of land in Decentraland.

Andrew Kiguel, the CEO of (which the Metaverse Group is a part of) and a former real estate investment banker, thinks that the Metaverse Group’s portfolio is worth between $25 million and $30 million right now.

Who are your tenants and how do they collect rent?

Andrew Kiguel: “As a general rule of thumb, we try to follow this: the rent is about 2% of what we think the land is worth. We’re getting the money in cash, so we’re not doing it in cryptocurrency. It’s much easier to deal with big companies. Skechers and Forever 21 are our two biggest tenants.”

How do rental prices, for example, compare to New York?

“It’s a lot less expensive than in New York. It can be anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 a month, depending on where you live. Each plot measures 52 feet by 52 feet.”

Are there lease rules on metaverse properties?

“We want to protect our brand, so we don’t want to do anything hateful, pornographic, or controversial. There is insurance for civil liability. If someone is sued on our land, we don’t want that to hurt us. So there are these kinds of protections, but it’s fine if your avatar wants to smoke or drink on our property.”

In what situations will tenants depend on a landlord? 

“We don’t have problems like that. There will be no leaks and nothing will break. I think the things we’ll have to deal with are more like changes for the better. I told the people who helped me build the Tower that I wanted to see great white sharks jumping in the pond in front of the building.

Do you see a future where people want to rent apartments in the metaverse?

“Some of that is happening, but it’s mostly trophy assets. You must know that Snoop Dogg is making a copy of his house in The Sandbox. There, he could have parties. I’ve heard that other people are building miniature dream houses in the metaverse and hanging their NFT art on them.

Will we see a real estate agency in the metaverse?

“What I really want is for the traditional real estate market to go this far with its trends. There are a limited number of parcels that can be built on in Decentraland. Only 45,000 plots are up for grabs. Maybe you can compare it to the early days when Manhattan was being built. As more people come together, you will have to go through us to reach them. I believe that will be very helpful.” Now you will know how to make money in the metaverse.


Grungo Colarulo opened the first law firm in the metaverse in late 2021. It was focused on helping people who had been hurt. He has since started, a district in Decentraland where other law firms can have a virtual presence. (It’s still not clear whose jurisdiction the crimes in the metaverse will fall under.) Partners Richard Grungo and William Colarulo, who call themselves “Jersey boys,” talk about where they think the law is going in the future.

Richard Grungo

“We’re building the office with the help of my 11-year-old daughter. She really did design that building by moving things around and having fun for about 30 minutes. I was working the other day when I heard someone talking on the property. It turned out to be a monkey who had come to look around. Now, this ape wasn’t looking for legal advice. He was someone who wanted to find out more.

William Colarulo

“We do not represent large corporations. Every person we work for is a person who needs help. A big story came out recently about a woman who felt like she was attacked in the metaverse. As the metaverse grows, there will probably be legal problems in this new world.”

I grumble

“We see this as another way for people to put on an avatar and maybe click on a link to learn about gender discrimination at work or what makes punitive damages in a construction collapse case. which points to something bad.”

Personal trainer

I’m on the Moon’s surface on a Monday morning, and it looks like, well, the Moon. Gray and full of holes. The vast, unknown area of space that surrounds everything. Suddenly, a black sphere and a white sphere come hurtling toward me. As I move to punch them away, they keep coming quickly after each other. When I take off my VR headset and stop sweating, I’m back in my living room.

A few hours later, I used video chat to talk to the person who had been my virtual coach up until that point. Leanne Pedante is in charge of fitness at Supernatural, an app that lets you work out in ancient Egyptian temples, on the surface of the ocean, and yes, even in outer space.

She still has one in-person class a week, and she says that a lot of people who met her on Supernatural come to her in-person classes. In April 2020, when gyms were closed because of a pandemic, the fitness platform went live. All of a sudden, the question of fitness’s future became more important than usual.

Leanne Pedante would say that being strapped into a VR headset is the exact opposite of being present and engaged in your exercise routine. “You’re in control. You are standing still. She says, “You’re not reading your email on your phone while you’re snoozing.” “I mean, I’ve seen people fly out of the gym while they were on the treadmill trying to check their email.”

The digital cupid

The way people date today usually goes like this: guy sees girl on app and finds her attractive, guy and girl match, guy and girl meet in person. Nevermet, the first dating app for the metaverse, wants to get people dating in virtual reality by getting rid of this last step. Solaris Nite and Cam Mullen, who made Metaverse, released their 18+ app on iOS around the world on Valentine’s Day and on Android a month later.

Instead of uploading a picture of yourself, you use your avatar from the metaverse, which could be a quiet guy with cool hair and a colorful hoodie, a woman in red latex clothes, or even a dog. If two people like each other’s avatars, they will get a notification and be able to start talking in the app. Nite says, “We wanted relationships to be limitless, and we see a future where people have more meaningful relationships in the metaverse than they do in the real world.”

They say that dating in the metaverse can make it possible to do things that are impossible in the real world because of location, money, or the laws of space and time. Mullen tells me about “sitting in an American spaceship and looking at the blue Earth with white clouds and black stars in the background while talking to a girl from rural Mississippi for an hour and learning all about her life.”

The people who started Nevermet say that their app is less superficial than the others and could help people who feel left out of traditional dating for reasons like culture or social anxiety make connections: Mullen says, “People who are more involved in these online dating communities are more comfortable being their best selves in this way.”

I can’t help but think that dating while wearing a VR headset is a little bit dystopian, especially in a world where loneliness is on the rise and birth rates are falling, so I’m bringing up the idea of letting this make it worse. “It could have the opposite effect,” says Nite. “They could build trust through dating that is less risky and maybe less stressful in the metaverse.” Sex in virtual reality? About. “ERP,” which stands for “erotic role-playing game,” is what Mullen says about this thing. “What these people feel is called phantom touch.”

Tombstone seller 

We have been remembering our dead since the beginning of time. We do this in many ways, from pyramids to cemeteries and everything in between. Now, with the first graveyard in the metaverse, the Remember team imagines how we’ll grieve for our loved ones in a digital future. People who want to can buy one of his NFT commemorative headstones. These are smooth, abstract sculptures that are made by randomly combining one of 30 base shapes. Each stone will cost about 350 dollars, or 0.125 ether (ETH). Jake Ma, a blockchain developer and developer, tells me, “We wanted it to be fun and memorable, so we tried to make the design something other than a traditional tombstone.” full stack of the company through a Zoom call from Remember’s headquarters in Seoul.

Stephen Han, who is in charge of product and business development, thought of Remember when his grandmother died of COVID-19 and he couldn’t go to her funeral: “Aside from a few photos I kept, I didn’t have much else to remind me of her,” he says. In the near future, the company hopes to use photos of the dead to make 3D holograms of them that can live in virtual memorial rooms: “In the past, there were Egyptian pyramids, and all of these huge figures built memory spaces, but for people like me, there is not enough space,” Han says. “However, it’s possible today.” Remember It even has a partner coffin on Earth called Titan Casket, and people are now talking about how the two can work together. Han says, “Perhaps if someone buys a coffin there, we can offer an NFT.”

Dance choreographer

Brady Keehn, also known as Panther Modern and the dance king of the metaverse, has a choppy blonde haircut, a black tank top, and a small silver earring hanging from one ear. He looks more like an indie musician than a techie. He is the lead singer of the post-punk electronica band Sextile, so it’s likely true: He says, “I’ve always been a do-it-yourself artist; I just did it.” He is now applying the same philosophy to Heat, a DAO that Keehn calls “Bandcamp for dancers.” Users will be able to upload their own dances to the platform and sell them as NFTs, which other users can buy and use to make their avatars move in different metaverses. “We are building a platform for dancers and people who move,” he says. “Traditionally, it has been hard to make money off of movement. All of this technology is being made for music, all of this technology is being made for visual art, and all of this technology is being made for everything else, but where is the movement in all of this?

When the pandemic stopped his band from going on tour, Keehn started using volumetric cameras to project himself into 3D environments and put on virtual shows. Because of this, he tried out suits that could record movement. At the same time, he started to notice how hard it was for dancers to keep ownership of their moves as they spread across the internet. “We see black creators going on strike on TikTok when their dances are taken over by influencers and they make money off of them,” he says. Now that concerts are happening in the metaverse, he also thinks that dance NFTs, which sell for 0.15 ETH, or about $450, could be used as a kind of product. “Let’s say you’re at a Doja Cat concert at themetaverse,” he says. “All of a sudden, she plays these NFTs so everyone can do a special Doja Cat dance.”

Casino gambler

Miles Anthony, who was one of the people who started the 2019 company Decentral Games, is already building a group of poker players in the metaverse. Here, he tells us why they’ve done so well:

“We started out with regular casino-style games, but Ice Poker was the first game that really fit the market. We moved away from gambling because we wanted to attract people from all over the world, no matter where they lived. In short, we sell NFTs for your character. If you have one, you can play Ice Poker, which gives you a certain number of chips every day. You can use these chips to play poker with other people and get a daily payout of ice chips. Even if you are at the bottom of the leaderboard, you still get something like 50 cents worth of ice tokens. If you are at the top, you make $30, $40, or $50 a day.”

“As people level up in our game, they like to show off their items as if it were some kind of fashion statement. People who like diamond hand cigars are a very close-knit group. People love them for some reason. The one that costs the least is 3.9 ETH, which is about $11,000.”

“The dealer is a computer program, and all of the players can talk to each other. There is both voice chat and text chat, and it is a very social place. We’ve fixed one of the metaverse’s biggest problems: Since it’s so early, there aren’t many people here. But there are between 1,500 and 2,000 people playing in the venues alone, and about 12,000 people play every day. For traditional web standards, this doesn’t sound like much, but for Web3 and the metaverse, it’s a big deal. We make up about 60% of all the people who use Decentraland. Even in our community, there are people who become known for something small. Ice Poker God is the name of a person. I have no idea who he is.”

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