Here’s How an Attendance Management System Helps in Eliminating Time Theft

Managers often have to brainstorm on how they can make better use of their employee’s working hours. Poor planning, too much downtime, inefficient time tracking, and time-theft are some of the biggest challenges that can act as a barrier in optimizing employees’ time in the office.

Time-theft can be defined as a practice where an employee is paid for work, they have actually not done, or for the time they did not spend in the office. With today’s growing mobile workforces and easy access to the internet, time-theft has become a big issue for employees. Time-theft can lead to loss in productivity levels. However, to put an end to this practice of time-theft, it is important that organizations invest in a reliable attendance management system.

What is an Attendance Management System?

An attendance management system can be defined as a process/system/technology of preventing employee time-theft by tracking employee working hours, login time, departures, breaks, and time-off.

An attendance system allows you to calculate the work hours of your employees accurately. Tracking an employee’s time will help you find out if they are punctual or not. The system helps in reducing payroll errors and improves the performance of the employees.

Here’s a list of the different types of time-theft that an employee can indulge in:

  • Beat the (Time) Clock
  • Buddy Punching
  • Long lunches and extended period of breaks
  • Goofing off

To effectively tackle time-theft and to make your employee more accountable and responsible; it is important that you invest in an attendance management system. Look out for the following features in an attendance management system that will help you deal with time-theft:

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  1. Face Recognition Feature

Using the face recognition feature, an employee can clock in, record break times, and clock out after their workday is complete. It is an essential feature in the attendance management system. Attendance machines that use face recognition technology help in reducing the chance of clocking in for fraud or proxy.

  1. Cloud-based Attendance Monitoring

An attendance management system that is cloud compatible is easily accessible from any device. It is an important feature used for monitoring the attendance of employees who prefer remote working facilities. A flexible cloud-based time tracking feature can help employers to easily track working hours of remotely working employees from anywhere. This will also help in increasing the productivity of employees, thereby allowing accurate attendance recording.

  1. Leave Management Feature

Leave management is a feature where your attendance machine plays an important role. A missed day by an employee should not be reported as absent immediately; instead, an employee should be notified to apply for leave. Many advanced attendance management systems come with user-friendly apps that enable the employee to check their attendance details and request for help in case of any confusion.

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  1. Reporting

In every organization, it is the responsibility of HR to establish and maintain employee attendance records. Reports that feature important data, such the total number of work hours, overtime, missing days etc., should be available in an exportable report format Reports. Look for an attendance software that can be easily integrated with the pre-existing HRMS of the company.

When it is time to reconsider your attendance options, keep in mind that an online, cloud-based software is the best option. As for the actual time tracking of employees, you can choose India’s most trusted and reputable KENT CamAttendance that will help you deal with time-theft effortlessly. It makes the whole process of recording and maintaining attendance simple. Once attendance is recorded on the device, recognition logs can easily get synced to the cloud app in real-time and can be used to generate attendance reports.

With these features, employers can lower the risk of time-theft and increase the productivity of their employees.


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