How to Get Free Fire ID and Passwords?

If you want to get a Free Fire id and password, then you are at the right place. Free Fire is a multiplayer survival game, and nowadays, very famous among youngsters. 

Using Free Fire IDs and passwords, anyone can use the premium things of Free Fire without purchasing in-game coins such as diamonds and gold coins. 

In this article, we will share a step-by-step guide on how to obtain free fire IDs and passwords with unlimited diamonds. Also, we will share some benefits of Free Fire ids and passwords. Also, Using this free fire id and passwords, you can gift unlimited coins to your main free fire account. 

How To Get Free Fire ID And Passwords?

There are many methods for obtaining Free Fire ID And Passwords, Such as free fire id generator websites, Free fire account generator apps, and many more. But, a “Free Fire Id And Password Generator” is the safest and most effortless way to get a free fire id and password. Also, acquiring a Free Fire Id And Password using this type of free fire ids website is very easy.

Follow the steps given below to acquire a free fire id and password for free:

  • First, Open the official website of Free fire id and password
  • You will get various methods of obtaining free Garena free fire accounts on that page.
  • Now, we have to get free fire ID and passwords, So, scroll the page to the bottom.
  • You will see a table that includes all the free fire IDs and passwords of the latest free fire accounts. 
  • So, you have to copy the given login details of free fire id and passwords and save them on a notepad. 
  • After that, open the Garena free fire, and click on the log in with Facebook. 
  • Enter the free fire id in the first column, password in the second column, and click on the login button. 
  • After logging, you can use that free fire account permanently. 

Note: Free fire id and password available on the only works in the latest version of the free fire game. If you want more new free fire accounts log-in details, you can comment on that page. 

Benefits of free fire id and passwords

There are many benefits of using free fire IDs and passwords, and the main advantage is if you don’t have a permanent in-game account in free fire, then you can use these ids and passwords to get a permanent account. The other benefits are as follow: 

All Items Unlocked: There are many in-game items in the free fire, such as emotes, bundles, elite passes, and many more. By using these ids and passwords, you can directly log in to a premium-free fire account, in which all these paid items of the game are already unlocked and ready to use. 

Obtain Diamonds and characters: By using free fire IDs and passwords, you can send unlimited diamonds and gold coins as a gift to your primary or old free fire account. In addition, you can also send free-fire characters such as DJ ALOK and Wukong. 


Nowadays, every player in free fire wants every in-game item for free. In this case, players need a free fire account with unlimited diamonds, So that they can use this account for sending gifts to their primary account. 

In this article, we discussed free fire IDs and passwords, using which players can get free in-game things with free 25000 diamonds and cold coins. Also, you can gift all rare emotes and bundles to your free fire account using these ids and passwords. If you face any problems while using this free fire id and passwords generator, make sure to comment below, we will absolutely help you. 


Also, is the only website on the internet for generating free fire IDs and passwords and free diamonds. You can visit this website for the latest news of the free fire game.


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