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Top 10 Interesting Facts on David Muir Relationships

David Muir Relationships

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Are you interested to know about David Muir relationships? David Muir is probably one of the best-known and most famous journalists, and he has a lot of fans. He is the managing director of ABC News and works as an anchor and a writer. In New York City, ABC News is one of the most extensive TV networks, and David Muir is a big name on the network.

People love the way he anchors and shows his debates and opinions on different social issues. People love this journalist because his study on all political and social problems is thorough and well-written.

David Muir is more of a famous journalist than a regular one. He has been a journalist for over 20 years and has won many awards for his work. He is a pretty good expert in this field. He has won many awards for his great work, including multiple Emmys and the Edward R. Murrow Award for his great news over the past few years. Here’s what we know about the David Muir relationships and everything you need to know.

Who Is David Muir?

David Muir
ABC World News Weekend Anchor David Muir to light the Empire State Building blue in celebration of 75 years of international journalism

David’s private life is as private and hidden as his love life. His past is pretty straightforward, though. David was born in New York City in 1973. Gotham says that David was born into a Catholic home with three siblings, but two of them were his step-siblings.

David was interested in writing from a very young age. Unlike most kids his age, David was into Star Wars or sports. Instead, he liked to watch the news a lot. He said Peter Jennings greatly impacted his life and how well he could report the information.

David worked at the neighborhood news station while he was in high school. He then used that job to get into Georgetown University, where he studied both Journalism and Political Journalism. Journalism has been a big part of his life for most of it.

Then David went from one local news show to another in New York and Massachusetts. Because of how well he did there, he would get a less critical job at ABC News. During that time, he wrote a blog post about the storm that got a lot of views on the internet.

After that, he went worldwide to report on big crises as they happened. Once he was in charge of ABC World News, the rest was old news.

David spends a lot of time on social media as well. He has more than 500,000 people following him on Instagram, a small number compared to the millions of people who watch his show weekly. It is still a significant number.

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Quick Facts About David Muir

Full Name:

David Muir


47 years

Birth Date:

November 08, 1973



Birth Place:

New York, USA

Father’s Name:

Ronald Muir

Mother’s Name:

Pat Mills

Marital Status:




Husband / Wife Name:



Journalist and anchor


Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism



Height / How tall? :

5 feet 10 inches (1.78m)


$5 Million

Net Worth:

$ 20 million


Mixed(Sicilian/Italian, English, Scottish, Irish, German.



Hair Color:


Eye Color:


David Muir Early Life

The American writer was born in Syracuse, New York City, on November 8, 1973. He was born into a Roman Catholic home with one older step-sibling and two younger step-siblings. He has three nieces and six nephews. Since he was a child, he wanted to be a writer. He used to watch ABC News’ Flagship Program, and Peter Jennings was the journalist he looked up to the most.
After getting his Bachelor of Arts in Writing from Ithaca College, he went to Spain to continue his education. His Ithaca College professor reportedly told him he has what it takes to be a good writer. This shows that David Muir has always loved being a writer. No one in his family has ever been a writer, so we might wonder where this interest came from since it’s not in his genes.

David Muir’s Net Worth

David Muir

David Muir is among the most well-known and popular reporters in the United States. And he is worth about $20 million altogether. His hard work has earned him this much, and he deserves it. He has been a news anchor and reporter for many well-known US TV stations. And now, in this piece, you’ll learn more about him and his personal life. 
David is very close to his family and likes to keep his life to himself, but we can’t deny that he is also social. He also has a lot of fans. His fans want to know more about his favorite star, and some look up to him.

Who Is David Muir’s Partner?

At least in public, David Muir does not have a partner. The award-winning writer may see someone behind closed doors, but he has never told the public about it. This is not something new. Muir has a past of keeping his personal life and relationships private, which makes it hard to find out who he is dating.
It has also led to rumors that David Muir’s partner in the past was Gio Benitez, who works with him at ABC News and is also a writer. In 2015, it was said that David Muir was in a long-term relationship with Gio Benitez.
The two reporters spent much time together and posted pictures of themselves on social media. Since Gio is out as gay, people start to think that their closeness means something more and thought that they are dating. The rumors were never proven true because neither side would confirm or deny the story.
On September 17, 2015, Gio married his boyfriend, Tommy DiDario, in a small wedding in Miami, Florida. This put an end to the whole thing. This quickly ended the talk that David and Gio were a couple.

David Muir And Gio Benitez

In 2015, David Muir was rumored to be dating his colleague, Gio Benitez. Gio Benitez is an ABC News journalist as well. The rumors began when they were seen together on social media and frequently visited gay bars. They never said anything about their relationship to one another.
It was only speculated based on their appearances together at various social gatherings. Both of them appeared to be close to each other at the moment. On the other hand, Gio Benitez married his boyfriend, Tommy DiDario, on September 17, 2015, the same year. Gio’s engagement ended the rumors about David Muir and Gio Benitez.
Gio Benitez married his boyfriend, Tommy DiDario, in a private ceremony at Walton’s house in Miami, Florida, on April 10, 2016. The couple’s close friends and relatives were invited to the wedding. It is unknown whether David Muir attended the wedding or not.

David Muir And Kate Dries

David Muir was supposed to be dating another colleague, Kate Dries, the same year. On the other hand, Kate Dries confirmed the relationship when she penned an article about her relationship and listed David Muir as her boyfriend. The piece was all about David Muir. She stated that the first time she met David, she felt an instant connection with him and that there was some spark and chemistry between them from the start.
This story revealed that both were dating, and their relationship appeared quite serious. She also emphasizes her importance in David’s life. The article mentioned all the nice things about David Muir and how much she adores him.
It is still unknown whether the article was fake or real; neither of them replied or bothered to clarify whether the story was phony. Therefore it can be presumed that Kate Dries created the piece. The pair’s breakup was suspected after they ceased making public appearances together. It is unknown when and why the couple parted.
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History of David Muir Relationships

David Muir Relationships 2
Graphics Credit:
In 2015, the celebrity journalist was said to be in a long-term relationship with Gio Benitez, an ABC News colleague. They spent a lot of time together and shared images on social media. Fans interpreted the photographs differently and concluded they were in a relationship, especially because Gio is openly gay.
Despite their long friendship, neither David nor Gio addressed the reports of their romantic involvement. Gio, on the other hand, proposed to his partner, Tommy DiDario, on September 17, 2015. The couple married in a small ceremony in Miami, Florida, ending suspicions about David and Gio’s relationship.
On September 10th of the same year, Kate Dries, the former deputy editor of Jezebel, announced that she was David Muir’s girlfriend. She spoke lightly of their first meeting and courtship in an essay headlined Report Indicates My Boyfriend David Muir Is a “Monster.”
She then claimed to have taken several images off his Instagram page. However, they have not been linked since the article’s publication. Kate has never spoken about it again, and the TV caster has never confirmed or denied her assertions. As a result, fans assumed they had broken up or that Kate was joking about being David Muir’s girlfriend.

Is David Muir Gay?

It is impossible to establish whether David Muir is gay or not. The prominent journalist has never come out to clarify his sexuality, so everything is still out in the air. There have been allegations that David Muir is gay for various reasons. For example, he is 49 years old, has a successful career, and is attractive but has no history of romantic relationships with women. In other words, he is likely gay but has not made his feelings known.
David Muir has also been associated with several other males with whom he has mostly been spotted. After purportedly being sighted many times at homosexual bars, rumors about his being gay began to circulate. Then, in 2015, he was said to be in a relationship with a male coworker named Gio Benitez.
Muir was also recently linked to a mystery man only known as Sean. The man is reportedly the founder and Managing Director of the swimsuit company aussieBum. Like his past purported partnerships, Muir did not respond to this supposition. As a result, there is no proof.
These occurrences have led to speculation that David Muir is gay, but the man is unconcerned. As a journalist, David appears to have realized that the most straightforward approach to dealing with such situations is to ignore them. To date, he has never remarked on whether he is homosexual or not, leaving everyone curious about his sexuality and love life to believe anything they hear or choose to think.

Has David Muir Ever Been Married?

Despite the uncertainty surrounding his love life and sexuality, one thing is sure: David Muir is not married. He has never been married and does not have a wife. He is much more dedicated to his rigorous professional career.
David Muir, a native of Syracuse, New York, was born on November 8, 1973, and is 49 years old. David grew up with an obsessive curiosity about his surroundings. As a result, he spent most of his evenings watching the news and aspired to be an anchor like the folks he saw on the screen. David Muir has achieved great success in his area, earning numerous accolades.
Nonetheless, David Muir did not stumble across success; he meticulously prepared the groundwork from boyhood. He began an internship at the local television station when he was 12 years old. During high school, he also took on the announcer job, providing morning news during assembly and interviewing teachers.
He then enrolled at Ithaca College in New York to study journalism. He also holds degrees from the University of Salamanca in Spain and Georgetown University.

Who is David Muir Dating Now?

He was recently linked to a mystery individual only known as Sean. According to reports, the mystery man is the founder and Managing Director of aussieBum, a swimwear firm. However, there is no proof of this supposed connection or marriage, as with all his other alleged partnerships.
He is close to Kelly Ripa, an American actress and media figure. David frequently posts photos of them together, and his captions always emphasize how much they love and care for each other.
For a while, speculation was that they were involved in something more. On the other hand, Kelly has been married to actor Mark Consuelos since 1996. Kelly is not David Muir’s partner, but they are close friends who like spending time with one other’s families.
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Does David Muir Have Children?

Muir does not have any children, but he is very close to his family. His “squad,” which he calls his nieces and cousins, is all over his Instagram. David has two step-siblings and an older sister named Rebecca. He is close to his mother, Pat, and lives with her and his dog, Axel.

David Muir Interesting Fact

David Muir
Time 100 Gala, Arrivals, Jazz at Lincoln Center, New York, USA – 23 Apr 2019 – David Muir
David Muir is a writer from the United States. He is the host of ABC World News Tonight. Among the exciting things about him are the following:
  • Before he joined ABC News in 2003, he worked as a reporter at a small TV station in Syracuse, New York.
  • He has written about many of the world’s biggest news stories, like the Arab Spring, the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, and the Syrian refugee crisis.
  • In 2014, he interviewed President Barack Obama in the Oval Office. He was the first openly gay journalist to interview a living president solo.
  • He has won many awards for his work, including several Emmys, and the National Press Foundation named him “Journalist of the Year” in 2015.
  • He speaks Spanish well and has talked to many Latin American leaders, such as Hugo Chávez of Venezuela and Ral Castro of Cuba.

Final Words

His forebears came from Ireland, England, Scotland, Germany, and Sicily. He speaks both English and Spanish perfectly. During his college years, he spent one semester at Georgetown University and one semester at the University of Salamanca. He started working for ABC News in August 2003 and has been there for over 18 years.
Before he started at his present job, he worked at the TV stations WTVH and WCVB. Muir doesn’t have children, but he is close with his family. On Instagram, he posts pictures of his cousins and nephews, whom he calls his “squad.” David has a sister named Rebecca, who is older than him, and two stepbrothers. He lives with his dog Axel, and his mother Pat is very close.

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