Coronavirus Situation: 3 Recommendations for Quarantine Period

The quarantine period in which we find ourselves due to the coronavirus in a different situation. Here are some recommendations to keep in mind to get through this time in the best way.

Since the coronavirus pandemic began around the world, our habits have changed for a large part of the population. To prevent community transmission of Coronavirus, the World Health Organization (WHO) have exposed the guideline for home quarantine. There are many countries with a government-established quarantine period, and others with recommended isolation with restrictions on movement.

You must use hand wash and hand sanitizer repeatedly to protect yourself from coronavirus during the period of quarantine. Quarantine is implemented to decrease the rate of infection and insipid it in the months. There is a risk that health systems will become saturated with consultations and bed occupancy. So, the intention is to stretch the transmission curve to give response time to health teams.

Despite the need to implement isolation, new complications have arisen from it. Quarantine poses challenges of coexistence, hygiene, and supply.

Medical and government organizations have developed guidelines and recommendations for this period. They pursue the objective of helping the population to cope with the pandemic which does not have a precise end date.

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Mental health recommendations for quarantine

Mental health is essential in quarantine periods. Isolation is a situation for which we are not previously prepared, much less if it is associated with the risk of becoming ill.

We are in a very stressful time due to the raging Coronavirus epidemic. From worrying about money to fear of getting sick or bereavement in the family, all are thoughts that can make you mentally weak.

In particular, “high levels of anxiety” were reported by people whose incomes fell as a result of the virus, including closures.

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One of the main recommendations in this area is to establish daily routines. The organization of day-to-day will allow the brain and emotions to organize.

This must be compensated with creativity so as not to repeat. In this routine, the same acts for two, three and even more weeks. Dullness should be avoided within the organization, especially with the children of the family, who cannot sustain the repetition without getting tired.

It will be important to maintain the connection with the outside respecting the insulation. Knowing the news about the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic will give us a feeling of security. In any case, we should not overcook it by consuming news by others, since that would be counterproductive.

Finally, tolerance is imposed as mandatory if we spend the quarantine period with other people. Under the same roof, for so many hours, it is logical that anger and annoyance appear. They are expected and must be handled in the best way because they are also the product of a particular situation.

Diet and exercise

Being quarantined is a risk factor for other aspects of our health. At the moment, we must respect it due to the risk of infection with coronavirus. It is the greatest danger now, but we cannot neglect our diet and physical exercise.

Isolation complicates the provision of food and meals. In addition, by spending so many hours indoors, we tend to eat excessively at times other than those stipulated. This dietary change can affect the body.

We would have to maintain a balanced diet as much as possible. The use of routines with schedules will also help us to eat better, trying to take breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

With exercise we have another risk factor, especially cardiovascular disease that we can neglect if we are not careful. Lack of activity for long periods of time leads to weight gain, joint stiffness, and alterations in blood circulation.

Indoor physical exercise can be done as a family too. It should be adapted to current circumstances, taking advantage of the routines that exist to exercise with your own body.

Hygiene during the quarantine period

As this quarantine is motivated by the infection of the coronavirus, hygiene within the home becomes essential. It is one of the measures which is added to combat the pandemic and decrease the rate of infections.

The handwashing of all household members is key. Although none of them go outside, soap should be used when handling food while entering and leaving the bathroom.

Cleaning the house is recommended to be done with bleach. The suggested ratio is one-part bleach to 49 parts water. With that solution, they can clean the floors and some other parts of the furniture. Clothes and dishes must be subjected to hot water of at least 60º C.

A particular situation in this period of quarantine will occur in those homes where one of its members suffers from a diagnosed coronavirus. This person will have to be isolated in a private room with their own dishes and towels. If you circulate around the house, you must do it more than a meter away from the rest and with a suitable mask.

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