Art & Casinos: an Old Love Story

These two worlds evolve on two different planets. However, before talking about art, we can talk about the artists who have always been attracted to gambling halls. The two worlds were inspired by each other. We thus find casinos in art, notably pop art, and we also find the art in casinos. We must forget the kitsch, although it is a school, and especially the copy/ paste of Vegas.

The architecture does not come out great, however, in the oldest casinos, especially in Europe, the architecture and the history are linked to the casinos.

You can see it by reading our article on the Casino du Grand Cercle in Aix-les-Bains. Art with a lowercase (a) and sometimes Art with (A) capital letter has always been linked to the world of casinos. The reason is quite simple: money!

Money attracts artists who need it. The money makes it possible to invest in art and to afford the status of the patron. La Comédie Humaine by Honoré de Balzac tells this story very well between the Rastignacs and those who hatch them. Over time, art was invited into non GamStop casinos, because art became trendy. Live entertainment has always been part of the history of casinos. So let’s go see how this marriage has been working for ages. Visit and have a look at the best non Gamstop casinos.

Art & Non GamStop Casinos: Contemporary Art & Street Art

It is certain that a priori, we do not expect to see a Caravaggio exhibited in a casino… It must be understood that casinos are not intended to be art galleries. On the other hand, they can use art to attract players who are still unaware that they are potential high rollers. Street Art is therefore necessarily welcome.

It feels good and it feels “open-minded” to love and highlight graffiti artists. Non-GamStop casinos are on the cutting edge of marketing. They know very well that their clientele will be attracted and reinforced by this kind of exposure.

The talent of graffiti artists, which should not be confused with taggers, can take over an entire non GamStop casino to give it a facelift. In the North of France, it is the casino of Fort Mahon, the Viking has been given a makeover by a talented local graffiti artist, Made in Graffiti, who offers his artist’s look and his unique style to a historic place.

For contemporary art, from Monte Carlo to Vegas, it’s a guarantee of good taste. For an artist, it’s a chance to find low-maintenance buyers. The Artist Epéo, a great figure in graffiti, made an exhibition in the casino of Châtelaillon-plage in Charante-Maritime. Street art is in high demand. Without questioning the talent of a boy like Epéo, we feel that French casinos are trying to attract a younger clientele by using the symbols that speak to them.

In the USA, in the indescribable Las Vegas, it is the Palms Casino Resort which offered a facelift of 620 million dollars to renovate the casino and its resort. And it is contemporary art that is the guiding thread unfolded by a young designer, Tal Cooperman. The owner has put his collection of contemporary art in the casino. Today, a billionaire must have his collection of Contemporary Art.

Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta, owners of the place, therefore offer works by Richard Prince and Andy Warhol to recite to nobody else but them. We also find the masters of world graffiti among others Ason Revoke, Crash, KAWS, Timothy Curtis, and Eric Haze. It’s a great success with a real search by the designer to integrate the works. We particularly like the works of the designer of the magnificent film “The Shapes of Water”, James Jean… A link that is older and less opportunistic in our eyes is the link between live performance and casinos.

Art & Casino: Live Performance

You can go from the small French casino by sea in Macao to the casinos of the Indian reservations, the show is everywhere. Obviously, between the show of a magician in an anonymous casino and the shows of Vegas, there is a world, but the idea is the same: bring the public to a show to attract them to the casino.

In the UK, today, the casinos all offer various and varied shows on a regular basis. And this can range from a well-known comedian to an acoustic concert, but less so to a paella evening with a flamenco show and paella for 15 euros… Here again, casinos offer events that can attract a large audience. The financial requirement means that the richer the casino, the more grandiose the shows. Between the Saint-Raphaël casino and the Grand Casino de Monaco, demand and supply are not the same. In Vegas, gambling halls and strip clubs. There, we are among the international stars who can stay 6 months or a year for a regular show. From Cirque du Soleil to Celine Dion, Las Vegas is also a prestigious location for one-night concerts.

We can go back to the 19th century in European casinos, where we notice that casinos were part of a whole dedicated to entertainment. You could find concert halls, lounges, and ballrooms.


The world of the arts and that of casinos have always been linked. Perhaps the link was distended in the middle of the 20th century, at least in Europe, but for a good decade, we find an effective proposal from non GamStop casinos in terms of programming. Enjoy!

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