A Guide on Finding Clients as a Bookie

In theory, it might not seem as though finding clients would be a problem for bookies. Recent surveys have shown that almost 50% of American adults have shown at least some interest in sports betting.

But because of this, it’s starting to feel like a new bookie business is popping up every other day. And this can make it difficult for you to attract sports betting clients to the bookkeeping business that you just opened up.

If you want to make your bookie operation as attractive as possible to sports bettors, there are some steps that you’re going to have to take to do it. We’re going to walk you through these steps today so that you don’t have any issues finding clients for your bookie business and getting them to stick around.

Take a look at how to find clients as a bookie below and begin putting them to good use right away.

Start by Setting a Strong Foundation for Your Bookie Business

Finding clients for your bookie business is going to be extremely challenging if you don’t create a stable foundation for it. It’s why you should work to put this foundation into place for your business before you even think about trying to bring in any clients.

How can you do this? Well, for starters, you should take advantage of this pay per head free trial so that you can set up an online sportsbook website for your clients to use once you get things going. You’ll be able to check out how a website like this will work if you choose to move forward with it.

You should also work to secure the funding that you’re going to need to get your bookie operation off the ground. You’ll need to have at least some money on hand so that you’re able to provide payments to people when they place winning bets through you.

Whatever you do, you don’t want to just start a bookie business on a whim. You should put some serious thought into it so that you’re able to set the strongest foundation possible for it from the very beginning.

Think About What Kinds of Clients You Want to Bring In to Your Bookkeeping Business

After you’ve laid the groundwork for your bookkeeping business, the next thing you’ll want to do is spend some time thinking about what kinds of clients you want to attract to it. Finding clients is going to be a constant struggle if you don’t have the slightest clue as to the kinds of clients that you want to utilize in your bookie business.

Are you going to try and attract:

  • Are first-time sports betting clients?
  • Are long-time sports betting clients?
  • Or those who fall somewhere in between?

You should visualize what the perfect sports betting client looks like to you. It’ll make it possible for you to come up with a crystal-clear marketing strategy for how you’re going to go about finding clients for your bookie business.

Market Your Bookie Operation to Your Sports Betting Clients

Marketing a bookie business is not going to be like marketing almost any other kind of business. You won’t be able to simply take out a full-page ad in your local newspaper or run a commercial on your local TV station.

Instead, you’re going to have to get creative with how you market your bookie operation to potential clients. More often than not, it’ll involve you using the internet to your advantage.

Some of the ways that you can market a bookkeeping business will include:

  • Setting up social media accounts and connecting with sports bettors through it
  • Maintaining an active presence on sports betting websites and message boards
  • Putting up posts on regular sports sites and message boards

Good old word-of-mouth marketing is also effective for those who run a sports bookkeeping business. You should encourage any clients that you’re able to attract to tell their friends about you if they’re interested in sports betting.

Consider Providing Sports Bettors With Bonuses to Keep Them Around

If sports betting was recently legalized in your state, you’ve probably seen an influx of sportsbook commercials on TV over the last few months. And just about all of these commercials have one thing in common: They offer very attractive bonuses to those who sign up for the sportsbooks associated with them.

This means that, if you’re going to have any chance of finding clients for your bookie business, you’re going to need to follow the lead of these sportsbooks and extend bonuses to sports bettors. You’ll be amazed to see how much easier it is to find clients when you extend a free bet (or two!) to them.

You should consider creating your own bonus system for clients so that you’re able to incentivize them to bet on sports through you. It could result in a big uptick in the number of clients that you have in a short period of time.

Provide Sports Betting Clients With the Best Customer Service Possible at All Times

Can sports bettors count on you to provide them with top-notch customer service when they patronize your bookie business? If not, you might be able to bring in some clients when you first launch your business, but you won’t be able to keep them around for very long.

With this in mind, you should make providing excellent customer service a top priority for your bookkeeping business. The better that your customer service is, the easier finding clients will be. It’ll have you bringing in new clients on a regular basis and keeping them around for long stretches of time.

Make Sure You Take the Right Approach to Finding Clients as a Bookie

As a bookie, your No. 1 goal is always going to be finding clients. If you don’t have enough clients, your bookie business will fail sooner rather than later.

By taking each of the steps that we’ve listed here, you can make finding clients a breeze. You can also increase your profits and put yourself in a position to expand in no time at all.

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