Twitter Verified Account Unfollows Everyone, It is Time to Pay for Blue Checkmark

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Do you have a Twitter heritage blue tick? In that situation, you can quickly lose your verification. The Twitter Verified account unfollowed everyone as part of its most recent action. This suggests that your free blue tick could vanish at any moment.

Elon Musk had previously stated that all legacy blue tick owners would lose their authentication on April 1. But it appears like Musk and his colleagues are making progress in that direction and will soon eliminate all free blue ticks.

The Twitter Verified account previously followed each and every verified user on the site. Since the beginning, this has been the situation. But all of a sudden, on Friday morning, the account unfollowed everyone on Twitter, including Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk, the new Twitter boss for the company. Although the reason the account unfollowed everyone so rapidly is unclear, we surmise that it may have been due to uncertainty about blue checkmarks.

Some historical Twitter accounts, including the New York Times, have already started losing their blue checkmarks, and other free verification users will follow suit soon. But, the reason why Twitter is eliminating blue ticks remains a mystery. Elon Musk clearly wants everyone who wants a blue tick next to their profile name to purchase a Twitter Blue subscription, so that much is obvious. In India, Twitter will charge mobile app users Rs 900, while web users would pay about Rs 600 each month. Several features and advantages are now available to Twitter Blue subscribers that are not available to those with free accounts.

First and foremost, those with blue subscriptions will have a blue checkmark next to their name. Although there will undoubtedly be some minimal level of verification, it is evident that whoever pays will receive the blue tick. Currently, that is a joke on Twitter, and those who pay to earn a blue tick are being harassed everywhere. Prior to this, Twitter displayed a statement indicating that users had paid for the blue tick on their profiles. But earlier this week, Twitter made a small change to the message, and as a result, no one can tell the difference between legacy and sponsored blue tick holders. The new notification states, “This account is verified because it’s subscribed to Twitter blue or is a legacy verified account.”

Long tweets, edit tweets, high-quality videos, and many other special features are just a few of the additional benefits that blue subscription offers. Indeed, Musk recently added that blue members will also see half the advertisements.


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