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When Will be The Society Season 2 Released? [With Latest Updates]

The Society Season 2

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I know how sad it is that Netflix stopped making The Society season 2 after the first season. I thought the ending wasn’t very clear, and a lot of people are hoping for The Society season 2. Before we get into the details, let’s talk about what the show is about in general.

The Society is an American mystery teen drama TV show created by Christopher Keyser. It premiered on Netflix on May 10, 2019. The Society is about a group of teenagers who have to learn how to run their own town after the rest of the people in their town disappear.

When high school students from a nearby town get back from a delayed field trip early, they find that everyone else has already left. A thick forest all around the city. The outside world seems to have vanished, and you can’t call or get online to talk to anyone. Teenagers must make their own rules in order to survive when they don’t have much. And, of course, the group has to deal with a lot of problems. The show is very popular, and many people want it to keep going.

In this article, We are going to talk about The Society season 2, its Cast, Plot, Trailer updates, and everything that you need to know.  

What is “The Society Season 2” All About?

The Society season 2 is all about a group of high school students goes camping on this Netflix show. When they go home again. They find that they have gone into what seems to be another world. When all the adults had left. At first, people like having more freedom, but things start to get out of hand.

The kids are trying to figure out what happened. While keeping order among themselves at the same time. Alliances are made in this updated version of Lord of the Flies. And enemies are made, some of whom don’t survive. Early on, Cassandra, played by Rachel Keller, is seen as a leader. But in episode 3, she is killed all of a sudden.

Is The Society Season 2 Still in the Works?

When it came out in 2019, The Society, a Netflix original show that has been compared to Lord of the Flies, was a huge hit with subscribers. Everyone who liked The Society season 2 the sci-fi mystery thriller The Society wondered why there doesn’t seem to be a second season.

In April 2020, it was announced that Netflix had renewed the show for The Society season 2 and that the long-awaited next chapter would come out in late 2020. But Netflix said that The Society season 2 would not be made because of problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The streaming services were happy with how well The Society did, according to THR. However, scheduling issues and higher costs to meet COVID-19 safety protocols, among other things, led Netflix to cancel the series.

The Society Season 2 Quick Info


The Society

No. of Seasons:


No Of Episode:

10 (season 1)




Daniel Hart

Created by:

Christopher Keyser, Kathryn Newton, Gideon Adlon


Drama, Mystery thriller


Marc Webb, Christopher Keyser

Country of Origin:

United States

Origin Language: 


Available Languages: 


Next Season Release Date:


Available On:


Will There Be The Society Season 2? 

There won’t be The Society season 2, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, there won’t be a The Society season 2. In fact, the show was picked up for a second season in July 2019, and filming is expected to start in March 2020. Kathryn Newton, Alex Fitzalan, Kristine Froseth, Toby Wallace, Jacques Colimon, Gideon Adlon, Sean Berdy, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Olivia DeJonge, Salena Qureshi, Alex MacNicoll, Jack Mulhern, Spencer House, Emilio Garcia-Sánchez, Grace Victoria Cox, and José Julián were all expected to return. But, in August 2020, Netflix changed its mind. As of right now, there won’t be a The Society season 2.

Why Was The Society Season 2 Canceled?

COVID-19 caused the show’s production to stop, but it was set to start up again soon. Even the actors said that they were getting ready to go back to work. But the COVID- 19 situation may have made the cost of making the show go up, which made Netflix change its mind.

Netflix told Deadline, “We’ve made the hard choice not to make The Society season 2, and I am not okay with this.”

“We’re sorry to have to make these decisions, but COVID has put us in this position. We’re grateful to these creators, including Jonathan Entwistle, Christy Hall, Shawn Levy, Dan Levine, Dan Cohen, and Josh Barry at 21 Laps Entertainment for I Am Not Okay With This; Chris Keyser, Marc Webb, and Pavlina Hatoupis for The Society; and all the writers, casts, and crews who worked hard to make these shows for our

Deadline also says that the choices about The Society were made because of “uncertainty around production dates and balancing the availability of a large cast like The Society, as well as unexpected budget increases due to COVID.”

The Society Season 2 Plot 

So far, after the main season ended, we know a little bit more about how The Society’s world turned out, but there are still some questions that need to be answered. We also got to see how the main characters are working together to make the best of a bad situation.

Based on what happened in The Society season 1, the surprise worked well, and Allie and Will were fired from their administrative jobs. Still, even though Lexie is going to lose her power, it’s not clear that she’s ready to take on the responsibilities of being in charge. Now, for the bigger, scarier questions, there are a lot of hypotheses to play with. Some of these theories include a copy-town theory, an imaginary world theory, or a social experiment.

But, even with that, some of these ideas contradict each other. Some of the changes we’ve seen that support the idea that we live in a made-up world are things like the sun-based cloud appearing at the wrong time. The source of the smell was rarely looked into, and after that, it was like a coin that never landed on heads. Cassandra probably lied about the last coin toss.

There were also a few scenes that showed a younger group of children with adults who are still alive. We want to see more personal growth, and these relationships keep coming up as we move into the next season. Chris Keyser, who is in charge of the show, said that The Society season 2 will focus a lot on the horrible triplet.

The Society Season 2 Cast: Who’s Returning?

Even though The Society season 2 has been canceled, the cast had already been signed. And if Netflix ever decides to renew the show again, the following actors will be back.

  • Kathryn Newton as Allie
  • Will as Jacques Colimon
  • Becca as Gideon Adlon
  • Campbell as Toby Wallace
  • Sam as Sean Berdy
  • Gordie as José Julián
  • Bean as Salena Qureshi
  • Luke as Alex MacNicoll
  • Grizz as Jack Mulhern
  • Kelly as Kristine Froseth
  • Harry as Alex Fitzalan
  • Clark as Spencer House
  • Elle as Olivia DeJonge
  • Helena as Natasha Liu Bordizzo
  • Jason as Emilio Garcia-Sanchez
  • Olivia Nikkanen as Gwen
  • Lexie as Grace Victoria Cox

Is There a Trailer for The Society Season 2?

There isn’t a trailer for The Society season 2 yet, and since the show was canceled because it wasn’t very good, it’s safe to say that one won’t be coming any time soon. Keep an eye out for news and updates about whether or not there will be a new episode of the popular Netflix show.

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Viewers’ Reaction to the Cancellation of The Society season 2

As we’ve already said, the people are pretty upset, and they also wrote about it on Twitter. There are a lot of memes and posts. We’ll only talk about a few of them here. This is how we all felt when we found out that The Society season 2 won’t have another season.

Many people are still waiting for the show to be picked up again. Even more, I want the show to keep going. But even though one part of the mystery has been solved, there is still a big question: Will the town’s young people ever be able to go home, or will they be stuck there forever?

So, who knows? We might never know. Many people made assumptions, the wait for the show was long, and finding out there wouldn’t be a second season must have been disappointing, right? We can only hope for now. We’ll let the audience know about any news that comes up. There probably won’t be another season.

How the Officials Reacted to this News?

Keyser said out of the blue that they knew the show was over. Netflix has been working on this for months, which is why the series, which was supposed to start in the summer, was delayed for 5 months and then canceled.

“I can’t act like I’m surprised,” Keyser said. “I know we talked for months about how hard it is to make this kind of atmosphere,” he said.

“Of course, no one wants their story to end, and I don’t want the characters to disappear like the kids of New Ham. But I’m not in charge of everything.”

When the second season ended, he said that everyone was sad about it. “This is a very scary thing,” Keyser said. “But anyone can do it.” We have to deal with the losses caused by the epidemic, just like a lot of other people do. I think we’re like all those shops and restaurants that are closed. Our people are out of work, but that’s true everywhere.”

Fans are already excited about The Society season 2 and have done a lot to get back on the show. From the petition to the tweets, they have already made their mark.

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Is There Any Possibility for ‘The Society Season 2’ to be Released?

Everything depends on Netflix. If the streaming service wants the show to come back, they will probably work on it. We have already seen that the show has left most of the shows, even though it had a lot of viewers and good ratings. The only reason the show was canceled was that it went “Over-Budget.” The show ended without answering a lot of questions. People want to know what happens to the kids and whether or not they go back to their homes.

At the end of The Society season 1, we saw that the characters were already stuck in an alternate reality that looks just like their real world.

Fans are working hard to make sure their requests get to the right people, but it’s not working. More than 130,000 people have already signed a petition, and the number is still growing. How do you feel? This could be why the show will be back next season.

Where was “The Society” Filmed?

In the fall of 2018, the cast of The Society went to Massachusetts to film scenes for the show. says that “close to a dozen” places in Massachusetts were used to film The Society. Even though The Society was filmed in Massachusetts, the story takes place in Connecticut.

According to the Massachusetts film office, the show was shot in places like Devens, Harvard, Lexington, Lancaster, and Concord. The office lists the show under its old name, “Hamelin’s.”

During the time the show was being made, people who were in it dropped hints about where it was filmed. Natasha Liu Bordizzo, who plays Helena on The Society, shared some photos from last fall that were taken behind the scenes. Bordizzo showed pictures from places in Massachusetts such as Devens, Boston, and Concord.

Is The Society Season 2 Worth Watching?

Yes, The Society is a good show to watch. Critics thought it was great. The Society season 2 is a great show to watch because it has a great story. As soon as we hear anything else about it, we’ll put it here.

Check this website often to find out the latest news and updates, and don’t forget to add them to your bookmarks. Keep an eye out for the next news.

Will it be Appropriate for Kids to Watch?

“The Society” has a TV-MA rating, which means that it is “intended for mature, adult audiences and may not be suitable for children under 17,” according to FCC rules. In an interview with Digital marketing, Keyser said that the show deals with things like sex, drugs, and violence that teens would have to deal with if they didn’t have parents. However, he was also careful to make sure the show was appropriate for kids to watch because the TV can be a “suggestive medium.”

“Sex, maybe drugs, and definitely violence all have consequences,” Keyser said about how the show dealt with these issues. “And the results are important things.”

The Society Season 1 Recap

So, to sum up, this series is about a group of high school students who get caught up in a supernatural adventure they didn’t expect. They were supposed to go on a field trip, but they couldn’t get to where they were going, so they turned around and went back. But when they got back home, something strange happened: their whole town was suddenly empty. It’s up to them to figure out what’s going on and try to get through things as they are now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about The Society Season 2

Was the Society Renewed by Netflix?

At first, yes. On July 9, 2019, Netflix picked up The Society season 2. The Hollywood Reporter first said that the show would be back in 2020, but they didn’t say when. Deadline Hollywood said in August 2020 that Netflix had changed its mind and canceled the show.

How many episodes will be in The Society season 2?

If The Society season 2 is like season 1, it will probably have 10 episodes again. But none of that has been proven yet.

What’s the story behind The Society?

The Society is about a group of teenagers who have to learn how to run their own town after everyone else in West Ham, Connecticut, disappears. The mystery starts when some high school students come back early from a field trip that was canceled and find that everyone else is gone.

Why was the Society Canceled?

So, why did Netflix choose to turn off the power? The streaming giant blamed COVID-19 in a statement that said, “We’ve made the hard decision not to make The Society season 2, and I am not okay with this.” We’re sorry that we have to make these choices because of what COVID has done.”

What was meant to happen in The Society season 2?

Keyser says that The Society season 2 would have been about “the establishment of what we called the “outpost,” and the eventual conflict between the “outpost” and the town over control… It made me think a lot about how people treat each other and how we create caste systems and an underclass.

How many seasons of The Society are there?

The Society is a show that has only one season.

How Many Episodes are in The Society season 2?

There are ten episodes in The Society season 1 of the show.

Is the Trailer for The Society season 2 released?

No, the trailer for The Society season 2 has not been released yet.

Is The Society worth watching?

The Society is also worth reading because of its wit and depth, as well as its interesting stories. It’s not groundbreaking, but as the best teen drama on the market right now, it makes a strong case for starting over.

Who killed Cassandra in The Society?

Greg Dewey. At the end of the third episode, Greg Dewey kills Cassandra in a shocking way.

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