Swat Helmet & Its Various Types

The swat helmet is a ballistic combat helmet that provides outstanding protection to it its wearer’s head. They come in different styles, designs, sizes, and shapes that provide you the safety and let you feel comfortable. In the United States, a swat team is a general term for a law enforcement unit that uses military equipment. This equipment includes clothing such as utility uniforms, fiberglass motorcycle helmets, and the best military swat helmet that is often used to protect the face as well as the identity of team members.

These helmets come with an evolving technology that makes the helmets lighter with an extra padding and holding system to hold the helmet tight in the head. There are different helmets, lightweight, open face, moderate, and air ventilators, you can choose a swat helmet according to your head shape with an outer shell and impact captivating liner to protect your head from impact.

Ballistic Helmet For Swat

This bulletproof swat helmet provides high-level ballistic protection from threats like fast-moving fragments, FSPs, RCCs, bangun projectiles, and bullets. It comes with multiple protective material shells that offer as freedom of movement as possible. This lightweight swat helmet offers maximum levels of comfort, mobility, and protection with the use of DOYENTRONTEX provides NIJ level IIIA protection against bullets.

Swat Special Force Bike Helmet

This model of swat helmet discloses an anti-riot helmet, where the front body of the front who has a vertical edge, two connecting ends, and passes through the bolt. The fixing hole is fixed in the cap body, and later the vertical edge borders on the inner wall of the cap body and defines a through-opening through the cap-body hole. These vertical edges protect threads to the head and save from impact. You can read more details about swat helmets on the Alibaba Blog.

Military Tactical bulletproof Fast Helmet

This category of swat helmet is one of the leading china police equipment, army helmet, police helmet, bulletproof helmet manufacturers welcome to wholesale cheap products from us. These bulletproof helmets are light, have several shapes, different designs depending on your head including a ballistic PASGT helmet, MICH helmet, ACH helmet, a german helmet that comes in fast design.

 Swat Helmet Camera

Swat helmet with a thermal camera offers 4G transfer of video and easy access to the network. It is lightweight and provides services including remote walkie-talkie, live stream on the mobile app by wifi, night vision, low profile design, the non-distorted field of view, etc.

A swat helmet enhances your riding security and offers supreme protection. Manufacturers produce the helmet depending on the customer’s requirements, for general bikes or military equipment. A swat helmet is a vanity item that is designed to be very resilient in the real world.


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