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Can AI Replace Jobs and Surpass Human Mind? Google CEO Speaks Up on the Dangers of AI

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Are we at risk of losing our jobs to robots as a result of the development of artificial intelligence (AI)? is another urgent topic raised by this development. particularly those who are employed in the technology industry, such software developers.

Some people fear that as technology develops the ability to respond intelligently to commands, do routine jobs, and become a faster, less-fatiguing version of the human brain, it may eventually supplant its creator.

In a podcast interview with the New York Times, the CEO of one of the biggest internet businesses in the world, Google, provided a response to this popular question. Sundar Pichai sat down with Casey Newton and Kevin Roose to discuss a variety of topics, including AI, ChatGPT, and Google Bard.

In light of the fact that Google employs thousands of software engineers throughout its several locations, CEO Sundar Pichai was questioned about how worried his employees are about the rapid advancement of AI.

The 50-year-old Indian-American business executive responded by stating that he believes that in order to use any technology, one must adapt. “I believe there will be significant societal adaption in this case. We may all need to make some course corrections as a result of that, “added Sundar Pichai.

Regarding software professionals, Pichai outlined two possibilities that may come to pass as AI develops.

“To answer your specific question, I believe two things will also be true for software engineers. One is that some of the clerical labor you do for programming will improve. In the same way that Google Documents make it simpler to write, perhaps programming will become more enjoyable over time. Thus, having these collaborative IDs with the built-in help would, I think, make it easier if you’re a coder over time,” the Google CEO continued.

But not everything is negative or filled with concern. Pichai thinks that many more individuals will soon have easier access to programming.

“Another thing that fascinates me is that more individuals will have easier access to programming. So, it plays a crucial part in the world. It’s something you’re doing. The standard is really high today, he added.

But what about the threat posed by developing artificial general intelligence (AGI) that might surpass human intelligence and endanger humanity? Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, has already discussed the potential for AGI to have a negative impact on the world and have a significant impact.

Sundar Pichai, meanwhile, is focused on the advantages of AGI.

“It is very obvious to me that these systems will be incredibly powerful. Hence, it essentially makes no difference if you have or have not reached AGI. You’re going to have systems that might potentially do genuine harm as well as offer advantages at a scale we have never seen before, he stated in the podcast.

“So, is it possible to develop an AI system that can spread misinformation at scale? Yes. AGI, perhaps? It doesn’t matter at all. Why is the safety of AI a concern? So you have to prepare for this and change to meet the situation. People today take it for granted since we use AI for so many things, he continued.



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