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Why St Mirren Fans will Enjoy Live Gaming?

Since the earliest days of recorded history, and probably before, humans have been playing games of chance against one another. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that many ancient civilisations also developed ball-kicking games like football, with evidence that the Greek version called episkyros was played as far back as 400 BCE.

Those that appreciate the appeal of a game that combines luck and skill will often enjoy the various games that tap into the skills they have honed elsewhere. When it comes to playing at a live casino online, sites that offer a wide range of fun and engaging options, such as Virgin Games, are always popular among casino fans.

Football fans usually have good heads for facts, figures and statistics, as they are used to retaining information about which teams are going to compete against which as they progress through the calendar of international tournaments. This can also make them effective casino gamers as they are able to keep track of the cards that have been dealt and identify the plays that are likely to offer the best odds.

St Mirren Football Club

Originally formed as a gentlemen’s club that hosted a variety of sports, St Mirren has been around since the late 1800s. By 1877, the other sports such as cricket and rugby had both been dropped in favour of football, and this led to the official foundation of the football club as it exists today.

The founders of the football club are thought to have decided to name the club St Mirren in honour of local figure St Mirin, the patron saint of Paisley who is credited as the founder of the local church. The team’s first match was played on the 6th of October 1877 against the team then known as Johnstone Britannia whom they beat one-nil.

With such a distinguished history, St Mirren fans are used to the highs and lows that are inevitable when following a football team. For those who appreciate the excitement of playing a game and the anticipation of knowing that a win could be on the horizon, casino games offer all the same excitement but with a much shorter turnaround.

Casino Games for Sports Fans

With so many sports fans choosing to make games more exciting by betting on the outcome, it’s no surprise that many also enjoy wagering on other games. There are so many casino games to choose from, including:

  • Roulette
  • Slots
  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Craps

The variety means that players can choose whether they want to take an active role or simply wager on the outcome of an event. The prevalence of online casinos means that the choice of games available is much broader, and sports fans can find a choice of sports-themed games to make their casino experience even more fun.

Football-themed Casino Games

Slots have always been among the most popular casino games, with players loving the simplicity of the game, the low cost of playing, and the speed of the gameplay. There are plenty of football-themed slots to choose from and football fans will appreciate the way football gameplay is incorporated.

Games such as World Cup Mania are designed to bring some footballing fun to an exciting slot, with five reels and twenty-five paylines and bonus games that take the form of a penalty shootout. Football Frenzy is another themed slot with fifty lines and a range of features such as wild cards, multipliers, and scatters, and a ‘Pick Me’ game that offers additional rewards for players that can correctly choose specific symbols.

While traditional roulette rarely varies from the specific format of the iconic wheel, online roulette isn’t so restricted, so it’s no surprise that football themes roulette games are popular with fans of the beautiful game. Football Roulette has all the excitement of traditional roulette, but with football-themed extras such as penalty kicks and free throws, and instead of only placing bets on red or black, players can back a choice of two teams when they play.

Even blackjack can be adapted to make it more appealing for football fans, so instead of playing against the dealer, players bet on whether or not their favourite team will have blackjack. Similarly, Football Baccarat frames this popular game as a series of tournament match-ups with teams trying to knock each other out by winning the hand.

Football has such a huge influence in hundreds of countries worldwide and fans can find everything from clothing to food and drink all designed to appeal to their football-loving side. Football-themed casino games are ideal for those that love all things football-related, and their knowledge of the game may come in handy when it comes to bonus games and extras that rely on football knowledge to succeed.  



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