Top 20 Smart Watch for Kids: Features and Benefits

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The best smart watch for kids does more than just show the time. They have perks like emergency calling, texting, and GPS tracking for parents, which helps ease our worries. Obviously, many smartwatches for kids also have games, selfie modes, and music that kids like. Some smartwatches also help kids learn how to manage their time and keep track of their activities to get them to move around more.

Many parents worry about how much time their kids spend in front of screens, so it can be hard to decide to buy a smartwatch for a child. I’ll show you what each one has to offer, what age is best, and which ones have parental control. As you’re about to find out, there are a few companies that make smartwatches for kids. Each one comes with a different set of features. Read on to find out what kind of skills you need for your child.

How to Choose a Smart Watch for Your Kid?

Many smartwatches for kids have the same features, like the ability to text, call, and use GPS, but there are a lot of differences between them because different kids have different needs. Do you want to be in charge of everything your child does with his or her watch? Do you need an answering machine so you can reach your child even when they can’t pick up the phone? Do you want to know when your child leaves a certain location? Or do you want them to be able to make calls and send texts as if they were using a phone?

All that matters is what works best for your family and your situation. And, of course, the money you have. Some of the watches we looked at were pretty expensive, while others were pretty cheap. When you find the right balance of features and price, you’ll get exactly what you need at a price you can afford. Also, many smartwatches will need to be added to your existing cellular plan, so don’t forget to add the cost of an extra line.

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20 Best Smartwatch For Kids

1. Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch SE

  • Rating: (4.8-star average rating from 5,062 reviews on Amazon)

An Apple Watch would have to be on any list of smartwatches. Even though it wasn’t made with kids in mind, the Apple Watch SE is a great smartwatch for older kids because it has features that make it stand out and gives parents control. The Apple Watch SE can be used for phone calls and text messages, but it can also track your child’s sleep, has the latest health trackers, an SOS button, and can be paired with thousands of apps.

Apple’s Family Setup lets you find out where your child is, set up shared contacts, set up screen time, and more. They don’t even need their own iPhone to have an Apple Watch; it can be paired with yours, so you have full control. This smartwatch is best for kids 10 years old and up.

2. TickTalk 4 Unlocked 4G LTE Kids Smart Watch

TickTalk 4 Unlocked 4G LTE Kids Smart Watch

  • Rating: (4.2-star average rating from 1,275 reviews on Amazon)

The TickTalk 4 has the best set of features that will appeal to both kids and their parents out of all the smartwatches and activity trackers we talked about in our article. First of all, it has two built-in cameras and connects to either the AT&T or T-Mobile cellular network, so it can be used for video calling as well as voice calling and texting. It also has SOS and emergency features, and iHeartRadio Family Access lets you stream music. Access is blocked to things like social media, games, and the ability to freely surf the web.

3. XPLORA X5 Play – Watch Phone for Children (4G)

  • Rating: (3.7-star average rating from  2,206 reviews on Amazon)

The Xplora X5 Play has a lot of fun features, but the GPS and activity tracking are what make it stand out. Even though the X5 Play can make and receive calls and texts, take photos, track fitness, and offer fun distractions, the GPS feature is what will make many adults feel at ease. Parents can set up “safe zones” for their kids, like school, Grandma’s house, or the soccer field. When the child leaves the safe zone, the watch sends a message to the parent’s app.

4. VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2

VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2

  • Rating: (4.6-star average rating from   32,923 reviews on Amazon)

The KidiZoom® Smartwatch DX2 is a great piece of technology for kids. It’s easy for kids to use and works well. Right out of the box, kids can take good pictures and videos, play games, and tell time. The stylish, safe, and long-lasting watch is the right size for kids’ wrists. Kids can take photos, selfies, and action videos with the two cameras. These can be edited with funny filters in the Silly Me app and turned into watch faces.

5. Little Tikes Tobi 2 Robot Purple Smartwatch

  • Rating: (4.6-star average rating from   32,923 reviews on Amazon)

Even though they aren’t old enough for an Apple Watch yet, this smartwatch for kids is a great way to teach them while giving them a toy.

It has a calendar, stopwatch, timer, reminder list, alarm clock, and two built-in cameras for taking funny photos and videos with friends. It will also help them learn how to tell time.

6. Fitbit Ace 3

Fitbit Ace 3

  • Rating: (4.6-star average rating from  6,498 reviews on Amazon)

A fitness tracker is one way to ease your kids into the world of smartwatches. It can also help them move around more, which is a bonus. The Fitbit Ace 3 has a fun clock face that moves and different colours for the band. It can track your child’s movement and sleep for up to eight days, and it can also tell them when it’s time to go to bed.

Your child can also take part in fun fitness challenges with the Fitbit Ace 3. They can compete with their friends, siblings, cousins, or even you, and if they win, they can get a virtual badge. This fitness tracker is best for kids who are at least six years old.

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7. Garmin vivofit jr. 3

  • Rating: (4.6-star average rating from  10,703 reviews on Amazon)

The Garmin vvofit jr. 3 is a waterproof fitness tracker that encourages your child to get up and move. It keeps track of how many steps they take and how well they sleep. It also keeps track of how many minutes they spend being active. Parents can use their own fitness trackers to set daily activity goals, add their contact information to an “in case of emergency” screen, and join fitness challenges.

The watch even lets you send alerts and lists of chores that you can change to the device, and you can give your child virtual coins when he or she meets goals, whether they are fitness goals or other goals. As an added bonus, the built-in battery of the vvofit jr. 3 lasts for a whole year.

8. Cosmo JrTrack 2 SE Smart Watch for Kids

  • Rating: (4.9-star average rating from  18 reviews on Amazon)

The JrTrack 2 Smartwatch is a great alternative to a phone for kids and families who want to keep in touch. Check on your child as they walk to school, send them a message when it’s time to come home or give them a call if plans change. COSMO gives you the best of both worlds by blocking social media, internet browsing, and contacts you don’t know.

9. Jsbaby Kids Smartwatch

Jsbaby Kids Smartwatch

  • Rating: (3.7-star average rating from 207 reviews on Amazon)

The Jsbaby Kids Smartwatch is a basic model that lets young children make and take calls, play games, take photos and videos, and listen to music. The Jsbaby Kids Smartwatch has safety features like a direct SOS button that can be set to up to three emergency phone numbers. This watch also has a pedometer, an alarm clock, a calculator, and a flashlight, making it a great tool for your child as they grow and learn.

10. Accutime Kids Disney Minnie Mouse Smart Watch

  • Rating: (4.5-star average rating from 1,301 reviews on Amazon)

This Disney Minnie Mouse kids smartwatch is one of the coolest things you can get for a little Minnie fan. This smartwatch is fun for boys and girls of all ages. It has a large touchscreen that is easy to read and a cool, fun Minnie Mouse design with their favourite characters.

This smartwatch for kids was designed just for them. This smartwatch for kids doesn’t connect to the internet and doesn’t have Bluetooth, WiFi, or any other kind of wireless technology. You can give your child the gift of time and their first smart device without putting their safety at risk.

11. Kurio Glow Smartwatch for kids

  • Rating: (4.1-star average rating from  684 reviews on Amazon)

As the name suggests, the glowing part of the Kurio Glow Smartwatch for kids lights up while they play and do other things. It’s linked by Bluetooth, so you can play games with two Kurio watches at the same time. Other features include a front-facing camera for taking selfies (with fun filters and frames), more than 20 apps and games, and an activity tracker that lets you do activities that are based on movement. A music player, stopwatch, alarm, calendar, and calculator are also included. The micro USB cable that came with it can be used to charge it.

12. iTouch PlayZoom Kids Smart Watch

iTouch PlayZoom Kids Smart Watch

  • Rating: (4.2-star average rating from 5,511 reviews on Amazon)

The iTouch PlayZoom is meant to keep kids active and teach them how to tell time. Small children will love the two different cameras (a swivel camera and a video camera) that let them take pictures and videos with fun effects. Parents will like simple games and motivational tools that show kids how important it is to move and be active.

The iTouch PlayZoom is a cheap smartwatch for kids that doesn’t connect to cellular, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth. It works best for very young children. With this watch, parents don’t have to worry about SIM cards, data plans, or phones that work with it. This cheap smartwatch for kids comes in different colours and with different bands and designs so that kids can make it fit their own style.

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13. Blackview SmartWatch for Android Phones and iOS Phones

  • Rating: (4.2-star average rating from 10,975 reviews on Amazon)

This watch is worth a look if your child does a lot of things after school. It has been praised by parents, which makes us think it deserves to be on our list.

The watch has a lot of things that your child can use. They can make calls, send texts, set alarms, and even get alerts from their phone’s apps. Also, the accurate satellite positioning system built into it will make it easy for parents to find out where their kids are. You can keep track of your child and control everything from an app you download to your

14. Rayph Store: Kids Smart Watch Phone

Rayph Store: Kids Smart Watch Phone

  • Rating: (2.8-star average rating from  268 reviews on Amazon)

This GPS watch is great for kids who are active. It has great features that will help your child keep track of their fitness. They can use it for almost every sport, including swimming.

It has a camera and a photo album, so you can record all of your child’s important moments. When you connect to the app, you can keep track of your child and help them set alarms and times when they don’t want to be bothered.

You can get the watch in both pink and blue. It’s suggested for kids between 5 and 12 years old.

15. GOOWJUER Store: Kids Smart Watch for Boys Girls

  • Rating: (3.6-star average rating from 1,675 reviews on Amazon)

The GOOWJUER Kids Smartwatch is great for parents who want to stay in touch with their kids at any age. It works for both kids and teens. The watch works as-is with the SD card that comes with it, but to use its two-way call feature, you need to put a SIM card in it. It also has a camera, games, and music storage.

16. PTHTECHUS Store: 4G GPS Kids Smartwatch

  • Rating: (3.1-star average rating from 477 reviews on Amazon)

The GOOWJUER Kids Smartwatch is great for keeping in touch with kids of any age. The watch works as-is with the SD card that comes with it, but to use its two-way call feature, you will need to put a SIM card in it (not included). It also has a camera, games, and memory for music.

17. Spacetalk Adventurer 4G Kids Smart Watch

  • Rating: (3.6-star average rating from 102 reviews on Amazon)

The Spacetalk Adventurer has a lot going for it. It lets you keep in touch and take pictures of your day. It’s impressive how many useful things it can do.

But the smartwatch isn’t as much fun as the Disney-powered Neo, and it costs a lot more than its competitors that don’t have as many features. Also, there’s no getting around the fact that this is a big watch for small wrists. If you like slimmer gadgets, the Adventurer isn’t for you. But if you want a device like the Apple Watch for kids that helps them be productive and safe and doesn’t get in the way much, this is a good choice.

18. imoo Watch Phone Z1 Kids Smart Watch

imoo Watch Phone Z1 Kids Smart Watch

  • Rating: (4.2-star average rating from 370 reviews on Amazon)

If you want to buy a kid’s smartwatch based solely on how long the battery lasts, you should know that battery life claims are rarely what they seem to be.

The imoo Z1 Kids Smart Watch, which is our pick for this category, is a natural extension of that idea. Even though the Z9 isn’t as polished or easy to use as something from a company like Spacetalk, it has a much bigger battery. It doesn’t look good, but it’s exactly what you want if battery life is your biggest problem and your main concern.

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  • Rating: (3.5-star average rating from 58 reviews on Amazon)

If you just look at the features of this watch, the XGO2 is one of the best. It gives you options for how to send messages and make phone calls. When it comes to this feature, it is the best smartwatch or tracker for kids that we have tried. Like its competitors, it has more security features.

If calls and safety are important to you (or if your kid wants to be the next Alan Sugar), this watch is a good choice. If fashion and fun are more important to you, though, there are better options out there.

20. Minecraft Kids Green Silicone Strap Smartwatch

  • Rating: (4.5-star average rating from 2,999 reviews on Amazon)

Fans of Minecraft will not want to leave the house without this Minecraft-themed watch. It has 10 different faces, and you can mix and match three different wallpapers.

Along with building online worlds, it also has a fitness tracker and a video camera so they can take selfies when they’re out with friends. It should last between 5 and 10 days after being fully charged.

What Kinds of Features Do Kids Smart Watch Offer?

As we’ve already said, smartwatches for kids have a lot of features that are meant to keep them entertained and interested. Some of these features include:

  • Games: Most smartwatches for kids come with games that your child can play right out of the box. Most of the time, these games are good for your child’s age and can help them learn how to solve problems.
  • Educational apps: Many smartwatches also come with a variety of apps that can be used to learn. Your child can use these apps to learn to tell time, do simple math, and even learn a new language.
  • GPS tracking: Some smartwatches can also track your location using GPS. With this feature, you can always keep track of where your child is. You can also set up safe zones and get alerts when your child leaves a safe zone.

Benefits of a Smartwatch for Kids

The best smartwatch phone for kids can have a fitness tracker, a timer, a calendar, GPS, and a limited number of contacts. It can also have some of the security features of a kids’ phone (like limited functionality and a limited number of contacts). Because it’s on your child’s wrist, a smartwatch may be less likely to get lost. What’s not to love about that? Smartwatches can be cheaper than phones, too.

So a smartwatch for kids might be a good compromise between not having a phone and having one. With the GPS on your child’s watch, you’ll be able to find them and they’ll be able to call you whenever they need to. Also, it might not be a bad idea for your child to use a smartwatch to keep track of their own schedule and learn responsibility.

Like some phones made for kids, they can be a good middle ground between not having any tech and having a full-on smartphone with no limits. A smartwatch for kids without a phone can give them a little freedom and make it easy for them to get in touch with you if they need to (some smartwatches even let your child make calls and send texts), but they won’t be exposed to many of the dangers that come with a phone that lets them call, text, and go on the internet whenever they want.

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Is Smart Watch for Kids Safe?

Just like with any other device, smartwatches can have security flaws. But you can stop these dangers if you use the Internet wisely and keep an eye on it. You can do this by using parental control to limit what apps they can use and how long they can use them. You can also teach them how to use the internet responsibly by teaching them to keep personal information private and encouraging them to come to you if they have any problems.


In the end, it’s safe to let your kids use a smartwatch. It makes sense to ask if a smartwatch can hurt your kids, especially in a world where health and safety worries are common. It can also be easy to misunderstand. Smartwatches can be dangerous for your children, but so can any other modern device. As long as you as a parent can keep an eye on your kids and teach them how to use it responsibly, you don’t have to worry. It’s also important to get your kids the right kind of smartwatch. So, go out and buy your kids the smartwatch of their dreams, winky face.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Smart Watch For Kids

What age is a kid’s smartwatch for?

But smartwatches for kids are less expensive and have more features that most kids and parents will like. Because they don’t connect to the internet and have safety features, they are a better choice for kids ages 5 to 11, who shouldn’t use the internet on their own.

What should I look for when buying a kid’s smartwatch?

When shopping for a younger child, durability should be one of the most important features. The bezels and cases of these watches should be strong enough to survive being dropped. The straps should also be strong enough to last. Also, think about the most important features. Older children might like a watch with more features, like the ability to stream music and use apps, but a younger child might do better with a simpler watch that just lets them make phone calls and send messages.

Can you text on a kid’s smartwatch?

Some smartwatches for kids can both send and receive SMS texts and phone calls. But this can be different from one model to the next. Before you spend money on something, make sure you’ve done your research and that it fits your needs.

How did we choose these smartwatches for kids?

We looked at the different smartwatches for kids on the market today and chose our top picks based on reliable brands, prices, kid-friendly features, and customer reviews.

We also looked at watches with parental control features because parents want to make sure that any device they give their child is safe and secure.

Do kids’ smartwatches need a phone?

Even though kids’ smartwatches don’t have access to as many apps as smartphones do, they usually have a lot of the same features and can be used without a phone.

Aside from parental controls, smartwatches for kids aren’t that different from feature phones of the past in terms of what they can do.

Can smartwatches call without a phone?

Most smartwatches let you use your phone to make and receive calls. But some smartwatches have eSIM support built in, which means you can make calls without even having your phone with you.

Do kids’ smartwatches need a SIM card?

Most smartwatches don’t need a SIM card because they connect to your phone, usually through Bluetooth, and use it to connect to the mobile network. But if you want to give your child a smartwatch with GPS so you can use it to keep track of where they are, you’ll need a SIM card.

Is a smartwatch worth it?

They are worth the money if you can use all of their hands-free features and sync them with your phone. And if you like to work out and live an active life, or at least plan to, a smartwatch is a must-have gadget that will help you stay on track.

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