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5 Signs It May Be Time To End Your Relationship


Relationships are difficult and even the healthiest ones are occasionally seeded with doubt. However, if you are in a constant state of uncertainty and you have been feeling unhappy in your relationship, then it may be beyond saving. Read on for 5 signs that it may be time to end your relationship for good and move on. 

1. You no longer have any trust for one another 

Without trust in a relationship, you have nothing. That’s not to say that trust can’t be earned back, however, some couples do really struggle with moving beyond things like infidelity. If you are forever wracked with the feeling that your partner might be cheating on you or speaking with someone else behind your back – and indeed if they display similar feelings of distrust toward you – then it might be time for you both to call it a day and move on.

By all means, this is something that you should air with each other and try to work past. However, if that trust cannot be repaired then you are wasting your time. 

2. You no longer make plans with them in your mind

One of the biggest tell-tale signs that someone is no longer committed to their relationship is when they stop making plans with their partner in their mind. For example, in the early stages of your relationship, you likely dreamt up all manner of scenarios where you and your partner were having children, buying property, and traveling the world. If you have these thoughts but your partner is no longer present, then it’s a good sign that you may be falling out of love with them. 

3. Your partner has double standards 

One of the biggest relationship killers is when there is no balance. Let’s say for example that your partner has a stash of sex toys that she frequently uses, and yet has expressed disgust at the thought of you owning fleshlights – this is a clear double standard and demonstrates that your partner does not respect your sexuality as much as they value their own. 

4. You frequently fantasize about being with others 

It’s perfectly natural to fantasize about sleeping with other people. In fact, we can almost guarantee that your partner does. Even the healthiest of relationships have their own fantasies. However, if your fantasy moves beyond casual sexual encounters and is about living your life and being in love with someone else – or anyone else for that matter – then it is likely time to call it a day. 

5. You no longer share the same values 

They say that opposites attract, which is true in most cases. However, in order for a relationship to thrive and stand the test of time, you must share the same values. If you have found that your partner no longer sees the world the way that you do, or perhaps never did, then it can become difficult to stay committed to them. Liking different movies is one thing, but if you feel as though your partner has short-sighted and bigoted ideas, it can be practically impossible to move past them. 


Just because you may be falling out of love with somebody it doesn’t mean that you don’t love or care for them. This is why it can be so difficult to end a relationship even if it has become toxic or is negatively impacting your life. Still, if you have ticked all of the above, then it is time to give this some serious thought. You only live one! 


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