7 Signs Your Heat Pump Might Need to Be Repaired

Nothing is more problematic than a failing heat pump in the cold winter months, which is an excellent reason to repair your heat pump before it breaks down completely. All you need to do is watch out for the signs of repairs to ensure that your heating system is always in good condition.

With Autumn Air providing fast heat pump repair services, you can always get your heat pump repaired whenever it shows signs of failure. You don’t have to wait until the heating system breaks down when you need it most. So, how do you know it’s time to repair a heat pump?

This guide looks at the signs to help you determine it’s time to repair your heat pump so that you are not caught unaware. You’ll also learn tips on how to avoid frequent heat pump failures.

That said, let’s get started!

Signs That Your Heat Pump Needs Repairs

Before a heat pump shuts down completely, it must show some signs of failure, which you can quickly fix before the problem exacerbates. That will save you from the cost and headache of a broken heat pump. Besides, a professional HVAC contractor can help you fix the heat pump.

Here are the signs to watch out for when your heat pump needs repairs.

1. Your Heat Pump Is Old

Since your heat pump’s age can affect its functionality, you need to find out how old it is. An old heat pump tends to experience frequent breakdowns, calling for regular repairs. So, you can check the manufacturer’s manual to determine your heat pump’s age and expected lifespan.

If your heat pump is over 10-15 years, you need to watch it closely, as it becomes more prone to tiny issues. When not repaired promptly, the problems may worsen and cause the entire heating system to fail. However, in some instances, you may have to replace the heat pump.

2. Unusual Noises From The Heat Pump  

If your heat pump is making strange noises, such as grinding, humming, or clicking sounds, that could mean the heat pump is old and needs servicing or repairs. When you engage an HVAC expert, they can advise on the best steps to take, whether to repair or replace the heat pump.

An HVAC specialist can identify the cause of unusual noises in your heat pump. Some noise sources in a heat pump are loose fan blades, unleveled heat pumps, and loose screws. So, leveling the heat pump, securing the screws, and tightening the fan blades can fix the noise.

3. High Maintenance Costs

There’s no doubt that a heat pump requires servicing to maintain its efficiency. However, too frequent servicing to resolve noises and malfunctioning parts could mean that your heat pump needs repairs or a replacement. Otherwise, the maintenance costs will be costly in the long run.

Check whether your heat pump has required frequent attention in the past. Also, consider the number of times an HVAC specialist has advised you against the pump. So, is the heat pump worth keeping, repairing, or replacing? If the repairs are too many, consider a replacement.

4. High Maintenance Costs

If your energy bills keep rising, yet your business or home feels colder than usual, that could signify a failing heat pump. In addition, the fact that your heating system is not heating your home should be a concern. Chances are your heat pump is blowing out cold air in heat mode.

Your heating costs should only rise when the heater runs for more hours. Therefore, you’ll know that the heat pump needs repairs when running but not heating your home. It could be that the pump is consuming more energy to function correctly. So, let an HVAC expert inspect it.

5. Ice Formations On The Coil

Seeing ice on your outdoor unit when the device is running in heat mode is common for your heat pump heating process. However, it becomes a concern when the ice grows thicker and contacts the moving parts of the heat pump. That’s a sign that your heat pump needs repairs.

In addition, if your unit’s coil doesn’t defrost periodically, the chances are that your heat pump has a problem. Too much ice build-up can impede the heat pump’s moving parts, preventing the regular airflow through the unit. So, you should have your system checked by an HVAC expert.

6. Restricted Airflow In The System

Efficient airflow is essential for the proper functioning of the heat pump. It helps the equipment maintain a steady temperature in your house. So, when the airflow through the vents is low or weak, it could also be another sign that your heat pump is failing and requires repairs.

While there are many causes of restricted airflow in a heating system, including ice build-up, a faulty heat pump can worsen the problem. It could be that the heat pump is experiencing a pressure imbalance. So, you must get a heat pump repair technician to check the system.

7. Temperature From The Vents Varies From The Heat Pump Setting

If the temperature of the air coming from your vents is different from the heat pump temperature setting, you probably have a defective heat pump. You’ll notice that your heat pump is blowing cold air despite setting the system to produce warmer air.

Consider repairing your heat pump if it’s producing cold air in winter despite setting the heater’s temperature to generate heat. Your heat pump is experiencing problems that require repairs. So, you must contact a reliable heat pump repair contractor to help you fix the problem.


Now that you know the signs of a failing heat pump, you must not wait until your heating system breaks down to act. Instead, inspect your heating system regularly and let an HVAC contractor fix minor heat pump problems before they worsen. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying more money for the repair costs. But sometimes, replacing the heat pump is more viable than repairing it.


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