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Outer Banks Season 2: Everything We Know about Ending Episode

Outer Banks Season 2

Outer Banks Season 2 will see another season — Outer Banks Season 3 and Netflix is making this. The young adult drama, which has fared well in both Netflix’s internal measures and outside rating assessment, has been renewed for Outer Banks Season 3 by the streaming service. The renewal comes four months after the show’s Outer Banks Season 2 premiered on July 30.

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Outer Banks was Netflix’s most-watched English-language series for four weeks after Outer Banks Season 2 premiered, according to the company, Hollywood Reporter reports on December 7. The drama topped Nielsen’s weekly streaming rankings (which only cover the United States) for the week of August 2 with 2.1 billion minutes of viewing time.

So, welcome to the Outer Banks, where it’s Pogues vs. Kooks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and only one will govern the island they call home. Outer Banks, a new Netflix series, follows a group of local teenagers known as Pogues as they search for a treasure hidden in their area. However, the island’s upper-class vacation kids, known as the Kooks, will stop at nothing to prevent them from rising up the ranks. Fans are already freaking out about the show’s major cliffhanger and attempting to figure out what will happen to John B., Kie, Pope, JJ, and Sarah next in Outer Banks Season 2.

So, will we be returning to the Outer Banks Season 2? Here are the answers to all of our burning questions about Outer Banks Season 2.

The cast of Outer Banks Season 2

Many fans of the Pogues were left wanting more after seeing Season 1 of Outer Banks. Fortunately, the whole original cast from Season 1 is back for Outer Banks Season 2 – including Charles Halford (Big John Rutledge). Madison Bailey, Rudy Pankow, Jonathan Daviss, and Chase Stokes all return as the Pogues from the film The Cut.

Sarah Cameron, the Kook-turned-Pogue, is also brought back by Madelyn Cline. Drew Starkey, who plays Sarah’s brother Rafe, and Austin North, who plays Sarah’s ex-boyfriend Topper, both return.

Julia Antonelli, Nicholas Cirillo, Chelle Ramos, Charles Esten, Caroline Arapoglou, and Cullen Moss are among the Outer Banks Season 1 cast members who will reprise their roles in Outer Banks Season 2. However, Outer Banks Season 2 introduces fans to a number of new people, some good and some terrible.

The show will feature all of the key characters from the first season of Outer Banks as well as some new ones. With the return of Pogues and Kooks in the Outer Banks Season 2, there will be even more excitement and adventure. It will be based in the Bahamas and North Carolina’s Outer Banks. In terms of the plot, Sarah and John B. will return to Outer Banks Season 2 and will be seen on another treasure hunt, this time in the Bahamas. In addition, the teaser suggests that Kie, JJ, and Pope will discover additional treasure. The Outer Banks Season 2 will consist of ten hour-long episodes that will introduce new mysteries and ideas while also addressing numerous outstanding problems from the Outer Banks Season 1.

Release date of Outer Banks Season 2

Fans are eagerly anticipating the release of Outer Banks Season 2 on Netflix, as they want to know what happened to John B and Sarah. In the season one finale, the two went for the Bahamas, leaving fans perplexed. Keep in mind that the Bahamas was where Sarah’s father had sent the $400 million he had stolen.

So, when will the second season of OBX be released? Fans would be pleased to learn that Outer Banks Season 2 will premiere on July 30, 2021. Netflix’s shows are usually released at 12 a.m. Pacific Time. This suggests that the show will most likely be accessible at 12:30 PM IST, although it could be released sooner.

Are there any major changes in Outer Banks Season 2?

We knew things wouldn’t be the same in the OBX when we saw our favorite pogues again, but we hadn’t expected this.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, series star Madelyn Cline stated that a time jump is taking place.

She explained, “This is a micro time jump.” “There’s that kind of shock when you turn the page… and read that moment and [gasp], and your mind begins racing at a thousand miles per hour. ‘Oh my god, this is going to be so much fun to shoot…’ you think. This is going to be entertaining as well as upsetting to witness.”

Outer Banks Season 2 trailer

Outer Banks Season 2 trailer was more than enough to get us excited for the summer’s big drop, featuring vehicle chases, large boats, and some absolutely breathtaking sunsets. It didn’t divulge too much — which we like! — but it did give us a flavor of the tone of the following chapter: With a bright, sensual edge, it’s thrilling and vengeful. The complete video may be found here.

Outer Banks Season 2 episode titles

Despite the lack of a proper teaser, Netflix has published the names of Outer Banks Season 2 episodes — written on a napkin from The Wreck, no less — to keep us occupied. The following are the details:

  • Episode 1, “The Gold”
  • Episode 2, “The Heist”
  • Episode 3, “Prayers”
  • Episode 4, “Homecoming”
  • Episode 5, “The Darkest Hour”
  • Episode 6, “My Druthers”
  • Episode 7, “The Bonfire”
  • Episode 8, “The Cross”
  • Episode 9, “Trapped”
  • Episode 10, “The Coastal Venture”

Outer Banks Season 2 Cast and Character Guide

Outer Banks Season 1 had a relatively unknown cast, with most of the teen characters having very minor appearances in films and television shows. The actors have risen into the foreground of television with several future high-profile shows and movies, thanks to the premiere season’s tremendous popularity. Here’s a rundown of the Outer Banks Season 2 cast and characters, both returning and new.

Chase Stokes As John B Routledge

Actor Chase Stokes plays John B Routledge, the primary protagonist of Outer Banks. Outer Banks Season 2 begins with John B and Sarah Cameron trying to acquire gold in the Bahamas while they are presumed dead. After a few close misses on his way back to the Outer Banks, Johnny reunites with Pogues as they strive to clear his name, cope with the Limbreys’ intimidation, and locate the Cross of Santo Domingo. Stokes had a short guest role as Reed on Stranger Things and portrayed Adam on Tell Me Your Secrets before joining Outer Banks.

Madelyn Cline As Sarah Cameron

Madelyn Cline, who previously played Chloe in Boy Erased and Jessica on The Originals, is scheduled to star in Knives Out 2 as the so-called Kook Princess Sarah Cameron. Sarah is a high-profile Kook whose father Ward and brother Rafe were discovered in the first season to have murdered many individuals on their way to finding the Royal Merchant’s wealth. Sarah is now dating Big John’s son, John B, and is an official Pogue, however, she must still prevent her family from kidnapping her, forcing her to maintain their secret, and keeping her away from the Pogues.

Rudy Pankow As JJ Maybank

JJ Maybank is a true Pogue and one of John B’s closest pals. He’s labeled a delinquent because he’s often in trouble, but most of the time it’s because his father is an abusive alcoholic who frequently ends up in prison. Before hunting for the Cross of Santo Domingo, JJ does everything he can to clear John B and Sarah’s names. Rudy Pankow, who previously played Brocklehurst in Acting for a Cause, and Freddy/Robert on Solve, plays JJ.

Madison Bailey As Kiara Carrera

Madison Bailey, who portrayed Kelley on episode three of American Horror Stories and Wendy Hernandez on Black Lightning, plays John B’s best friend, Kiara “Kie” Carrera. Kie is a Kook by birth because she hails from a wealthy family, but she has always been a Pogue and a devoted friend to the guys. In Outer Banks Season 2, she is considerably closer to Sarah, while having an on-again, off-again relationship with Pope. Kiara’s parents despise her hanging out with the Pogues and have threatened to keep her away from them permanently.

Jonathan Daviss As Pope Heyward

Pope Heyward is a cautious, brilliant Pogue whose father owns a seafood company that ships food to Kooks by boat. Pope has an undefined infatuation with Kiara in Outer Banks Season 2, which is his second storyline after going on a quest to find the Cross of Santo Domingo, which he is entitled to as a descendant of Denmark Tanny. Jonathan Daviss, who played Mathis in 2018’s Age of Summer, plays Pope.

Charles Eston As Ward Cameron

Ward Cameron, who initially appeared as Deacon Claybourne on Nashville and Josh Porter on The Office, is played by Charles Eston, who previously played Deacon Claybourne on Nashville and Josh Porter on The Office. In Outer Banks Season 1, Ward murdered John B’s father and countless others who stood in his path, including attempting to murder John B himself. He covers for Rafe when he kills Sheriff Peterkin, and then goes on a crime spree in Outer Banks Season 2 while attempting to reclaim Sarah.

Drew Starkey As Rafe Cameron

Rafe Cameron’s psychopathic murdering inclinations and lack of remorse for killing Sheriff Peterkin or blaming John B. are revealed in Outer Banks Season 2, exposing more of his psychopathic murderous tendencies and lack of remorse for killing Sheriff Peterkin or blaming John B. Rafe soon becomes engrossed in the battle for the treasure and the Santo Domingo Cross, pursuing the Pogues along the way. Drew Starkey, who portrayed Garrett in Love, Simon, and Hawkins in Scream: The TV Series, plays Rafe.

Caroline Arapoglou as Rose

Ward’s wife and the Cameron children’s stepmother are aware of the truth about Ward and Rafe. Arapoglou portrayed Noni on The Resident and a mysterious mother in Stranger Things.

Austin North as Topper

Sarah’s ex-boyfriend, who still despises John B and the Pogues and is attempting to rekindle their relationship. North previously appeared in the films I Didn’t Do It and Kickin’ It as Logan and Ricky, respectively.

Carlacia Grant as Cleo

One of the ship’s crew members rescued John B and Sarah. She helps them find the gold with Terrance and Stubbs, but she has a soft spot for the two and acts as an honorary Pogue for them. In Greenleaf, Grant portrayed Danielle, and in Roots, he played Irene.

Elizabeth Mitchell as C. Limbrey

The Charleston woman requests that the Pope locate and provide the key to the Santo Domingo Cross, which she requires to treat her condition. Ward’s previous accomplice in locating the Royal Merchant was her. Mitchell is perhaps most recognized for her roles as Juliet on Lost and Carol Calvin in the Santa Clause films.

Jesse C. Boyd as Renfield

Limbrey’s younger half-brother, to whom she will leave her inheritance if he assists her in finding the Santo Domingo Cross. Several times in his search for the key, he intimidates Pope and the Pogues. Boyd appeared on Day 5 as Jake and Mindhunter as Frank Janderman.

Nicholas Cirillo as Barry

Rafe, as well as the majority of the island’s drug dealers from The Cut, now have influence over Rafe as a result of his knowledge that he killed Sheriff Peterkin. As the two come into conflict with the Pogues, Barry remains by Rafe’s side. Cirillo previously played Jennings in a few Teenage Bounty Hunters episodes.

Deion Smith as Kelce

Topper’s best friend, who despises the Pogues and gets into a restaurant brawl with JJ. Smith also appeared in an episode of Mr Mercedes as a Slam Poet.

Julia Antonelli as Wheezie

Sarah’s faithful younger sister continues to assist Sarah even though her family is opposed to the Pogues, but is torn between her family’s obligations and her love for her sister. Antonelli has also appeared in an episode of Billions as Siena.

Outer Banks Season 2

The Ending Of Outer Banks Season 2 Explained

The highly awaited sophomore season is Outer Banks Season 2, the action-packed adventure series set on the gorgeous coast of North Carolina has finally arrived on Netflix. The show follows the Pogues — John B (Chase Stokes), Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline), Kiara (Madison Bailey), JJ (Rudy Pankow), and Pope (Jonathan Daviss) — as they search for the Royal Merchant ship, rumored to contain hidden wealth. In a mission to recover the buried gold while maintaining their ramshackle lifestyle, Pogues face off against their affluent adversaries, the Kooks.

The Worst Films of Hollywood’s Best Actors

The Outer Banks Season 1 was filled with cliffhangers. After narrowly fleeing the OBX and hiding out in the Bahamas, John B and Sarah were assumed dead. The Pogues are also working to clear John B’s name in addition to searching for the loot. Sarah’s father and serial nemesis Ward Cameron (Charles Esten) framed the de facto ringleader for the murder of the local sheriff. However, it is his son Rafe (Drew Starkey) who is to blame for the death, and he is delighted to have a Pogue shoulder the blame.

Outer Banks Season 2 answers lingering cliffhangers and sparks even more questions

Outer Banks Season 2 provided several answers to fans’ unanswered questions, the most important of which was that Sarah and John B survived their perilous expedition. The pair reunites with the Pogues to resume their treasure search while also clearing John B’s name and locating the Santo Domingo Cross. In Outer Banks Season 2, the cross was introduced for the first time – a seven-foot gold and jewel-encrusted cross said to bear a mystical healing robe, according to tradition. The cross is said to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, but the actual prize is locked away in a lock that only Pope’s family, direct descendants of Denmark Tanney, has the key to.

There were also a lot of fresh faces in the Outer Banks Season 2. Cleo (Carlacia Grant) joined the Pogues as a sixth member after she assisted Sarah and John B in escaping from the Bahamas. Ward also has a foe in the form of Carla Limbrey (Elizabeth Mitchell). Limbrey is dying of an unknown ailment and is determined to get her hands on the cross in order to acquire the healing robe.

The 15 Stages of Watching Outer Banks Season 2

Concerned for the Youths

I’m worried for these kids, what with John B. taking a dying Sarah to a “doctor” whose medical degree is simply “I don’t do heads”; those two thinking they’re actually married via an entirely unsanctioned Bandanna Necklace Ceremony at sea; JJ, a 17-year-old, admitting that he can’t read cursive; and the complete lack of proper hygiene practices on this show. I’m sure Kiara’s parents and Pope’s father will be chastised for repeatedly yelling at their children to get their heads out of their asses, but someone has to do it!

Creeped Out

Elizabeth Mitchell has joined the discussion. Carla Limbrey, a wealthy southern lady on crutches, is obsessed with discovering the key and the great gold cross of Denmark Tanny (the liberated slave who hid all of the Royal Merchant gold in Outer Banks Season 1), which supposedly hides a sacred miracle shroud that would cure her condition. She has a half-brother/minion who she despises, but there’s also a creepy incestuous sense going on. She performs bizarre things like bringing a youngster to her mansion and demanding that he give her a key he doesn’t know about, then giving him horrifying stories about her ancestors’ treatment of slaves, and then attempting to kidnap the teen! Pope Francis is in such a bad way! He hasn’t had time for any of it!

Brainwashed, Maybe?

Outer Banks is offering us a pedicab chase scene through the streets of Charleston by episode four of Outer Banks Season 2, as well as the information that local drug dealer Barry is reading Infinite Jest in his spare time, and another scene in the Hot Tub of Emotions. What are the chances of getting all of these things from this show? Is it any wonder I’m craving Natty Lights now? Yes, brainwashing is the only way to solve the problem. It doesn’t bother me!

Legitimately emotional?

If there’s one guideline that fellow Outer Banks visitors should observe, it’s that they shouldn’t lie to one another. Don’t lie if you cried when John B. saw the memorial his friends made in his tree when they thought he was dead and it moved him to tears, and JJ then tells his best friend how much he misses him. Okay, don’t lie???


There’s a lot going on right now — the 17-year-old protagonist has just been arrested and charged with a murder he didn’t commit, and it’s just the fifth episode! — but this kind, the compassionate show still finds time to grace us with a sequence between Kiara and her mother that is brimming with absolutely bizarre banter. “You’re so concerned that I’m going to sleep with a Pogue like you did,” for example. So, guess what? I’d already done it!” “Look, I’m a Pogue, and I’ll always be!” and “Look, I’m a Pogue, and I’ll always be!” “Baby, you want to live like a Pogue?” and, eventually, “Baby, you want to live like a Pogue?” Let me demonstrate what I’m talking about. [Dumps her daughter’s clothes on the lawn in front of her house.] GET OUT THERE AND LIVE LIKE A POGUE!!!” To be honest, this show’s dedication to making “Pogue” a reality is stunning, and I’m honored to be alive at this time.


A montage of three storylines plays out towards the end of episode five of Outer banks Season 2. JJ almost gets caught hijacking an ambulance in an attempt to break John B. out of jail, John B. gets strangled by another prisoner in his cell because Ward bought the guards to make it appear as though John B. committed himself, and RAFE TRYING TO DROWN HIS OWN SISTER. Okay, so the JJ situation isn’t a big deal, but what about the other two? Someone somebody takes care of me!

Amped Up

The allegations against John B. have been dismissed, and the authorities now have serious proof against Rafe and Ward Cameron. Things are about to get pretty interesting because you know those two psychos aren’t going to go peacefully into the night.


Isn’t it true that no one believes Ward blew himself up? RIGHT? People, this is Soap Opera Villain 101.

Concerned for the Youths, Again

Someone has to sit the kids down and remind them that they’ve all recently been almost killed and/or kidnapped and that they just saw a man allegedly blow himself up on his boat yesterday. None of them appears to be bothered by any of this! Instead, John B. is brooding because Sarah was embarrassed to tell her ex, Topper, that she and John B. had bandanna-married; Pope is brooding because Kiara has friend-zoned him after their terrible sex; Sarah is brooding because John B. wasn’t sad enough about her father’s death despite the fact that, hello, her father killed his father and attempted to murder him twice; and they all head to the high-school bonfire? Is this how they spend their free time? Guys, this isn’t your typical teen show. This is a show about a treasure hunt, murder, and the Pogues. These kids need to figure out what they want to do with their lives!!


The search for the gold cross resumes at this point in Outer Banks Season 2, but it’s more along the lines of, “Yeah, another treasure hunt,” “Yeah, ex-military people with bows and arrows are hunting Pogues,” and “Yeah, finding a casket in the swamp.” Let’s keep this train rolling, shall we?


Then John B. gets into a fight with an alligator. This is the best show ever.


JJ Maybank is the most valuable asset, and we must safeguard him at all costs. In the midst of it all, his controlling father shows up and manipulates him and Kiara into helping him steal a boat and flee OBX for good, and gosh, has this guy done a number on his kid! JJ is constantly berating himself when he fails; he never feels good enough, and he hides his misery under a sense of humor. He simply adores his Pogue family, which is why he is so protective of Kiara around his father and gives everyone the huge “we have to look after each other” speech after the alligator assault. He also has a thumb ring on! On this character, I could write 300 pages. Baby, it’s P4L!

Just So, So Tired

We all know how taxing this show is, and the final third of Outer Banks Season 2 is no exception: From Pope discovers the gold cross hidden in the beams of an old church only to be stung by wasps and lose it to the Limbreys and Rafe, to Miss Limbrey murdering her brother only to have Rafe steal the cross from her to Rose drugging and kidnapping Sarah in order to get her on a shady shipping tanker, too, oh yeah, Ward being alive and taking his family and all the treasure to a secret island, you’ll.

Like Your Soul Has Left Your Body

Listen, Outer Banks understands how to put up a show with a bang. As the Outer Banks Season 2 draws to a close, there are a few occasions (but not all!) when it feels like your spirit has left your body: When the youths think it’s a great idea to hide in a shipping container to sneak onto the tanker; when you realize Cleo, the girl from the Nassau heist, is also on this ship and has now joined the Pogues; when the youths keep saying “take the bridge” because their big plan is to “take the bridge,” and then they do; when there’s an eight-foot gold cross swinging wildly in the air; when you realize the youths thought they could all get in Isn’t Outer Banks Season 3 going to be a doozy?

Is Netflix setting up for Outer Banks Season 3?

Yes. Netflix has announced the making of Outer Banks Season 3. Netflix knows how to keep viewers intrigued, as evidenced by the fact that “Outer Banks” viewers were left with a new set of unsolved issues and cliffhangers. Ward, who contrived a fake suicide to shelter his family and himself from the consequences of their deadly methods, is alive, as viewers discover. Ward and his family are able to flee their financial and legal problems in North Carolina by escaping to a private island with the gold (and the cross). The Pogues, on the other hand, are abandoned on a deserted Caribbean beach to live out their own adult island fantasies. 

While John B and Sarah are unofficially married, Netflix appears to be setting up the possibility of JJ and Kiara having a developing romance. There’s now room for a third couple to hook up and live their best beach bum lives alongside Pope and Cleo.

The fact that Big John isn’t actually dead is arguably the biggest surprise of the Outer Banks Season 2. Limbrey is frantic to locate the healing shroud and discovers that John B Senior is still alive and ill. He tells Limbrey that he knows where the mystical garment is and that he will only assist her in finding it if she pledges to keep John B safe. If the show is renewed for Outer Banks Season 3, Netflix is definitely setting up a hugely emotional reunion of the Johns, with the Pogues teaming up with Limbrey and Big John to finally take down Ward and the Camerons.

Frequently Asked Questions on Outer Banks Season 2

Do JJ and Kie kiss in Outer Banks Season 2?

Despite Kie’s efforts to keep an eye on JJ, he notices the kiss in Outer Banks Season 2. He pulls his hat down over his eyes and turns away, his expression betraying a hint of sadness. JJ appears to be hoping that he was the one who got Kie’s kiss.

Does rave go to jail in Outer Banks Season 2?

Is Rafe arrested in Outer Banks Season 2? Friends, here’s the quick answer: Nope! Rafe is never apprehended, prosecuted, charged, or publicly disgraced for the murder of Sheriff Peterkin.

Is JJ coming back for Outer Banks Season 2?

Chase Stokes (John B), Madelyn Cline (Sarah Cameron), Madison Bailey (Kiara), Jonathan Daviss (Pope), Rudy Pankow (JJ), Austin North (Topper), Drew Starkey (Rafe), Deion Smith (Kelce), and Charles Esten (Ward Cameron) will all return as cast members in Outer Banks Season 2.

When does Netflix announce making Outer Banks Season 3?

Netflix on 7 December 2021 announced making Outer Banks Season 3, according to media reports. 

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