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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

More Than 40 Countries Ban UK Arrivals for Covid-19

Over 40 countries have banned arrivals in United Kingdom due to concerns about spread of a new variant of Coronavirus.

Flights from the UK have been being suspended to the countries throughout the world including India and Hong Kong, BBC reports. Already more than 40 countries including Europe, United States, the Middle East, and Asia have stopped air traffic with the UK.

British authorities have issued four-level lockdowns in several states, including London, southeast England, in the fear of the spread of the Coronavirus infection. The upcoming festival Christmas has been put on hold all over England.

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Following the detection of the new variant of Coronavirus, France has also closed its border for 48 hours with the UK. As a result, no cargo truck can reach France from Dover, one of the UK’s largest ports.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he has discussed the issue with French President Emmanuel Macron on the border closure. Both sides want to solve the problem as soon as possible.

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At a press conference in Downing Street, the British Prime Minister said, “We have received a good response from them and we both understand our problems.”

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