Make Team Collaboration Easy with these Tools

Collaborative teams come up with the most innovative ideas and execute them within time acting as an inspiration for people. Collaboration is indeed the secret sauce for a successful business. Even a Stanford University study suggests that companies that promote collaborative team culture are five times more likely of high performance.

As a manager, I have always used collaborative tools to make it easy for my team to liaison. I must agree that other than my WOW Internet service, the following tools have helped me stay connected with my teams:


While I was working as a project manager, I used Quire to bring the team on one platform where every member can share whatever he wanted to. Because good project management lays the ground for increased creativity while supporting operational innovation.  Apart from that, a well-coordinated project improves brand messaging and enhances the employees’ confidence in themselves.

Quire helps to ensure that teams perform to the best of their capabilities by optimizing the workflow. The software is easy to use. And it facilitates great project management.

Some of the features that make Quire a personal favorite include:

  • Organizing the items into a nested task list
  • Kanban board that allows team members to focus on more crucial areas first
  • Real-time collaboration with sync feature

However, an issue with Quire is that it does not provide an option for a private chat. Apart from that, it is one of the best software to use for project management.


Communication is the key to good performing teams whether it is an established business or a start-up. Having said this, the need for communication between teams is somewhat greater in new and small companies than the big giants. Because the start-ups are market entrants who are trying to make a place. Apart from that, many of the people employed at a new venture will be fresh to the job market as well.

They may lack the confidence it takes to communicate with each other. It is, therefore, advised that companies make use of platforms like Slack to make it easier for the team members to communicate with each other. Slack and similar software act as an icebreaker between the different team members.

You will love Slack for the following features:

  • Real-time messaging
  • Integration with external services
  • Native Android and iOS applications


As the name may suggest, CoBudget is a software that supports collaborative funding. Because let’s agree to a fact that one of the most difficult parts of running a new or an established business is money. Whether it is raising enough funds to run the business successfully or it is managing the available funds, money management poses some serious problems.

In a typical company’s setting, the CFO is responsible for gathering all the information and validating it. The poor soul then has to apply all the formulas on a spreadsheet for projections. This is not only tiring but the likelihood of human error is also very high. However, collaboration tools like CoBudget help make budgeting easy.

CoBudget helps to make budget-related decisions a participatory activity for all members. It offers the following features:

  • Proposal of ideas by members for funding
  • Members being able to receive a portion of the funds
Creativity 365

Where are all the content creators at? This software is for all the content creators. If we have a close look at businesses, we will realize that media is the part of every business now. Because people expect every brand to tell a story. Even if a company does not prioritize storytelling, they do feel the need to stay ahead of the competition. And to do so, companies need to create content and loads of it.

Having said this, coming up with the content consistently can be a tough task as well. However, platforms like Creativity 365 are here to help. It offers an array of content solutions. Whether you are working on a video or trying to make an interactive presentation, Creativity 365 is the answer to all your content generation needs.

Here are all the features that you will like:

  • Easy to use
  • Supports Android, iPhone as well as iPad
  • Loads of creativity sparking options
Google Docs

This platform enables you to make changes to a document as you write. Hence, making it the best document collaboration platform. Google Docs is free software that allows users to create as well as share documents in real-time. The documents not necessarily have to be a word document. They can be anything from notes to presentations to spreadsheets.

You will like the following features:

  • Access documents from anywhere
  • Ability to add or remove collaborators
  • Users can see who is making changes to the document

I can continue with the long list of collaborative tools, but the list here are the best picks. One thing that you will need to bear in mind is that these tools do not operate without the availability of the Internet. So, choosing the right internet connection is also a decision you will have to make. Since WOW Customer support has been my go-to, I’m comfortable with them. But you are free to choose the company that feels a good fit for your needs.

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