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200 Top Alternatives to TURKISH123 for Watching Turkish Movies [2024 Updated]


Are you interested in watching the Turkish series but don’t know where to start? There is a streaming platform called Turkish123, which provides an array of Turkish series and movies.

This blog aims to provide readers with all the information they need about this streaming service – like its features, content library, credibility & security measures- as well as the latest updates on new shows being released or added.

It will also help users understand how to access and use the application for an enjoyable experience without hiccups. Get ready to familiarize yourself with one of the world’s favorite streaming platforms!

Content Highlights

  • Turkish123 is a free website providing access to the latest episodes of Turkish series and movies with English subtitles without registration or payment required for users all around the world.
  • The platform provides a secure experience with its strict no-virus policy and top-level security protocols preventing any potential scams or cyber-attacks.
  • With over 500 titles available, viewers can find various genres of videos on the streaming service, such as Yeni Hayat, Balkan Ninnisi, Uc Kurus & many more!
  • Subscribers to Netflix or those who have access to AdGuard VPN could provide an extra layer of privacy while using this service to ensure SAFER streaming experiences when accessing Turkish123!

What is Turkish123?


It is a free website for streaming and downloading Turkish series with English subtitles without registration or payment.

A free website for watching and downloading Turkish series with English subtitles

Turkish123 is a free website that makes it easy for anyone to gain access to the latest episodes of Turkish television series with English subtitles. The website removes the need to pay or register making it one of the most convenient ways available to watch Turkish series.

There are thousands of different titles in a wide variety of genres, including Yeni Hayat, Balkan Ninnisi, Uc Kurus, and many more. Binge-watchers can catch up on old favorites like Kis Gunesi and Ramo while discovering new ones like Cam Tavanlar and Fatmagul – all without ads or annoying popups! With an ever-increasing library, you’re sure to find something you love on this safe and secure site.

No registration or payment required

Turkish123 is the ultimate free source for curated Turkish series with English subtitles. Among its many features, one of its most noteworthy offerings is the fact that no registration or payment is required to access the content, keeping it completely user-friendly and secure.

With unprecedented ease of use owed to this convenient policy, users get to save both time and money while enjoying hours upon hours of high-quality content in an entirely hassle-free experience.

What’s more, Turkish123 offers a number of security protocols to protect users from potential viruses and scammers, which will give you peace of mind as you navigate through their selection.

Is Turkish123 safe?

Rest assured, Turkish123 is a safe website with no need to worry about viruses or scams.

Yes, it is a safe website

Turkish123 is a free website for watching and downloading Turkish series with English subtitles without requiring any form of registration or payment. The website itself is safe to use, as it does not contain any threats such as malware that could harm users’ devices.

Besides being virus-free, servers in different countries enable global access to those interested in streaming popular Turkish TV shows. Users can watch their favorite entertainment with complete peace of mind knowing that they are shielded from scams and malicious attacks throughout their experience on this platform.

With an impressive library containing a large selection of genres ranging from Yeni Hayat to Kis Gunesi, there’s something for everyone on Turkish123, which makes it one of the most popular illegal streaming websites among viewers all around the world.

No need to worry about viruses or scams

Turkish123 is a safe platform designed to offer viewers free access to an array of Turkish series with English subtitles, all without requiring registration or payment. As the safety of users is paramount, the website has employed several security measures, such as active spam and malicious file detection, using a secure server for data storage, and encrypting communication with users to protect against cyber-attacks.

Moreover, all downloads provided by Turkish123 are checked for viruses before being added to the website – meaning that there won’t be any threat from downloading malware from this source.

This makes it easy and convenient for people who want to watch their favorite shows without risking possible virus intrusions!

Categories of Turkish Series Available

Here at Turkish123, we provide a wide range of popular and classic series from Yeni Hayat to Kis Gunesi for you to enjoy.

Yeni Hayat

is a Turkish TV series available on Turkish123, starring Adem and Nevin as the main characters. ‘Yeni Hayat,’ which translates to “New Life,” revolves around Adem – a former member of the Special Forces – who is tasked to protect the wealthy individual’s young wife.

As he goes through his ordeal, he finds himself married to Nevin, and with their daughter together, they go through life in an ever-changing environment. The series is unique due to its heavy action scenes that keep viewers at the edge of their seats while touching upon themes such as family dynamics, ambition, and mystery throughout each episode.

The show premiered on September 3, 2020, in Turkey and airs on Fox Turkiye every Wednesday night. Fans of gripping action dramas will certainly enjoy ‘Yeni Hayat.’

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Balkan Ninnisi

is a critically acclaimed Turkish drama TV series set in Skopje, North Macedonia. It offers viewers a unique take on love stories without the conventional elements of intrigue found in typical Turkish dramas.

The show also incorporates rich cultural elements from the Balkans into its storyline. Balkan Ninnisi premiered on TRT1 and aired between 2021 to 2024. Fans of this series can easily watch and download it with English subtitles for free using the Turkish123 app – no registration or payment required! With high-quality visuals and gripping plot lines, Balkan Ninnisi continues to be an incredibly popular TV show among fans across the world today.

Uc Kurus

is an intense psychological crime drama suited for viewers aged 18 and older. A brilliant yet disturbed serial killer runs wild in a Romani neighborhood, targeting new victims each night.

The police captain and the local Gypsy crime boss form an unlikely alliance to catch him. This Turkish TV series is also known by its English title “The Bad Penny” and can be found in the Drama category of Turkish123’s extensive collection of series from Turkey – over 500 titles available with no registration or payment required.

Uc Kurus follows the captivating stories of detectives Yelda as they battle their own inner demons while tracking down the murderer, alongside teaming up with Mesut-the streetwise leader of a well-known Romani group living on the outskirts of society who swears to get justice for those affected even if it will cost him his life.

Cam Tavanlar

is an exciting series available on Turkish123 that explores themes of competition, revenge, love, and determination. The story follows two protagonists – Cem and Leila, who share a complicated past but eventually fall in love with each other.

At the heart of this show lies a strong message about inequality; while Cem has had the privilege to pursue his dreams and make it big in life, sadly, Leyla experienced hardships on her way up, which made achieving professional goals difficult for her.

The show offers some unique aspects as well, such as continuous flashbacks that reveal more information about the characters, thus adding an element of surprise to its viewers.


is an action-packed, heartwarming Turkish series available for free on Turkish123. It follows the story of two families – the Albayrak family and the Koçovalı family – as they fight over power and influence in Istanbul.

At its core, Ramo is a tale of love between these families’ respective members, emerging amidst their deep conflicts. The series follows the namesake character Ramo (played by Erkan Petekkaya), who must navigate the problems caused by his father Haydar’s ambition to take control over both families’ businesses while at the same time trying to stay faithful to Odabaşı Big Azad’s daughter Albinaz’s wishes – adding even more drama into this crowd-pulling show.

With excellent screenplay producing thrilling scenes in every episode, Ramo provides a great watch with all episodes available for free on Turkish123 with English subtitles!

Kis Gunesi

is an exciting and genuinely original Turkish television drama series available on Turkish123. The show follows a character named Efe seeking revenge for his parent’s murder, creating a thrilling plot full of twists and turns.

Along the way, this detective story, with a psychological twist, reflects unique cultural elements that Greek audiences are sure to recognize and appreciate. By following Efe as he struggles through the sorrows of loss, viewers can experience more profoundly all that Turkey has to offer in terms of culture – even from the comfort of their own homes! With new episodes continually added by Turkish123, fans won’t want to miss out on following Efe’s journey for justice and learning so much about his native country along the way.

More Details of Turkish123


On Turkish123, readers can read about the site’s history and mission statement to provide easy access to the Turkish series.

Information about the site and its creators

Turkish123 is a website created and run by two entrepreneurs seeking to provide an easy, free way of watching Turkish series with English subtitles. By offering access to content through the app known as Turkish123, viewers can legally watch all their favorite shows without having to pay for any subscriptions or membership fees.

However, it should be noted that Turkish123 is considered an illegal streaming site since it provides pirated content – regardless of whether users have subscribed or not, thus making users vulnerable to legal implications and ethical concerns for using such platforms.

Despite this, both creators are committed to helping more people enjoy some of the best series Turkey has produced over time through this platform, which is why they strive hard every day to keep up with the latest updates on TV shows released in alternative ways outside Turkey & also provide secure hosting every day basically non-stop!

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Mission statement to provide easy access to Turkish series

Turkish123 was created with the aim of providing easy access to Turkish series with English subtitles for viewers around the world. The free website is designed to be user-friendly and requires no payment or registration, making it an ideal choice for users who want to watch their favorite Turkish drama serials without any hassle.

With a selection of over 20 different Turkish series available across various categories, there is something available for every personal taste and preference. Whether you are looking for Yeni Hayat, Badin Ninnisi, Cam Tavanlar, or one of the most popular shows, such as Seversin and Outeh, Turkish123 provides a convenient option that can be accessed anywhere in the world – all free! This commitment reflects our dedication to giving everyone everywhere easy access to top-quality entertainment from Turkey.

Popular Series in Turkish123

These include fan favorites such as Outeh, Seversin, Sipahi, Carpisma, Siyah Inci, and Fatmagul.


is a fast-paced and highly acclaimed Turkish series created by the talented Yusuf Esen that depicts a family facing difficult challenges and ultimately triumphant. The series follows Outeh, an aging father who works to find success in his patriarchal role in Istanbul while also raising two sons.

Despite dealing with heart-wrenching struggles such as poverty, forbidden love, and betrayal amongst friends, it manages to put lighthearted humor into each episode which will keep viewers captivated throughout.

The cast has been praised for their realistic portrayal of life’s situations, as fans can easily relate to them in many matters. Outeh even won awards, including Best Drama Series from Pride of Art Awards in 2016 as well as Best Producer at Türkiye Basın Ödülleri 2018 – making it no surprise why this is highlighted as one of the top Turkish series on major websites like Turkish123!


Seversin is a Turkish drama series with English subtitles. The show follows the story of Asya, a young girl working as a seller in a shopping center. The series revolves around her life and relationships with those she meets at work and in her home city, Istanbul.

Seversin is available on the popular Turkish123 website, which offers users an easy-to-use platform to watch and download episodes of various genres with English subtitles, including horror, history, love stories, romance detective comedy, and more.

viewers can explore the world of Severin through Engish subtitles while watching each episode replay what they’ve learned by diving into different themes such as family struggles, decisions made by teenage years, or personal growth transitions that await our heroine Asya in every chapter.


is a Turkish TV series that aired from 2022 to 2024. Starring Kaan Yildirim, Özge Gürel, Kerem Alisik, and Sinan Tuzcu as the main cast, Sipahi follows a manager who is helped by mysterious forces from the West.

It’s an engaging drama with supernatural elements that appeal to viewers looking for something different in their entertainment. The series has been made available with English subtitles on Turkish123, where people can watch it free of charge and without any registration or payment.

Whether you’re at home or on the go, Turkish123 provides easy access to this unique series anytime you want to indulge in some exciting, action-packed entertainment.


is a Turkish action-thriller television series first released in 2019. The series stars some of Turkey’s top actors, including Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, Elçin Sangu, Onur Saylak and more.

Its English title is “Crash,” which aptly describes its storyline- the lives of four different characters interweave after a car accident changes everyone involved forever. In each episode of this gripping, from-start-to-finish drama series, viewers learn more about how they are connected and how their choices have led them to this point in time.

As secrets emerge and tensions rise between these four characters forced together by circumstance, viewers get an inside look at the moral battles unfolding right before their eyes – all rooted in the fallout from a single tragic accident that has changed everything for them.

Siyah Inci

is a classic Turkish drama series based on the novel by Şehnaz Türkan. It follows the story of Hazal, a young woman engaged to be married to a fisherman named Kenan who lives in Istanbul’s Çeşme district, and her unexpected engagement to Vural, on the day before their wedding ceremony.

With both men fighting for the affection of Hazal, she must confront three generations of family feuds in order to take control of her own life. During this conflictual journey, Kenan dives into the Aegean Sea and discovers a black pearl as proof of his love for Hazal, ultimately bringing harmony between the two families.

First airing from 2017-2018, Siyah Inci has become immensely popular throughout Turkey, thanks partly to its dramatic plotline, which viewers have found captivating over time. This classic Turkish series can now be watched quickly and easily with English subtitles at Turkish123 – no registration or payment required!


Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne? is one of the most successful Turkish television series ever created. The show aired from 2010 to 2012 and follows Fatmagul, a beautiful young girl who four rich drunk men tragically violate.

Forced into marrying one of her rapists, the emotionally gripping series touches upon themes like justice, forgiveness, love, and female empowerment. This child-bride story resonated with viewers worldwide due to its strong female lead and personal narratives that draw upon deep human emotion.

Despite its dark subject matter, it continues to remain popular among even younger audiences in Turkey due to its underlying message of hope against all odds. Through this series, viewers get a glimpse into an often overlooked experience of victimization while still being able to offer support for characters they become attached to by the end of this moving journey in Fatmagul’s life.

How to Use Turkish123

Easily access Turkish series with step-by-step instructions on how to watch and download. Explore the content now!

Step-by-step instructions on how to watch and download

To watch and download content from Turkish123, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the website by typing ‘turkish123’ into the search bar.
  2. Choose a show or movie from the available categories and click on it. You will be able to access compiled lists of popular shows, new additions, etc.
  3. Read descriptions and reviews whenever they are provided for your chosen show – this can help you decide if it’s something you’d like to watch or not.
  4. Select a video resolution from either 360p or 720p for TV series episodes, while 1080p is available for movies/films that have been produced in HD quality originally as per their production standards.
  5. If there is no English subtitle option at the present time-, use Chrome browser to translate subtitles with ease.
  6. Scroll down when viewing the playback page playing downloaded videos, and select MAXIMUM QUALITY under the ‘Adjust Quality’ options located in the lower right corner of the player window (for downloading any alone episode, then choose better resolution, either 480×360, 640X480, or 1280X720 size.
  7. Create an account if necessary; most times, web pages don’t require users to create one, but some do.
  8. Add bookmark feature helps keep track of those already watched shows /episode links.
  9. Finally, select the Download button that corresponds best with the selected settings once again & enjoy watching the full episode without any restrictions!

Troubleshooting tips

If you experience any issues while using Turkish123, start by refreshing the page or application. This will almost certainly fix most minor hiccups you may encounter.

Alternatives to Turkish123

Here is a list of the Turkish123 competitor sites for watching Turkish and other TV series and Movies.

  1. Look Movie
  2. Netflix
  3. Amazon Prime Videos
  4. Disney+
  5. Hulu
  6. HBO Max
  7. Movies4u
  8. Movie4k
  9. StreamLord
  10. PrimeWire
  11. 123Movies
  12. WatchSeries
  13. Fmovies
  14. M4UFree
  15. Veoh
  16. Megashare
  17. Download Hub
  18. Movie Tube
  19. Gomovies
  20. MKV Movies Point
  21. BobMovies
  22. Yes Movies
  23. Archive Movies
  24. Vumoo
  25. Movie Watcher
  26. JustWatch
  27. FMovies
  28. Two Movies
  29. HD Movies point
  30. Movie BOB
  31. YoMovies
  32. PutLocker
  33. AZMovies
  34. Gostream
  35. SolarMovie
  36. Afdah
  37. VexMovies
  38. Alluc
  39. Onion Play
  40. PopcornTime
  41. Movies25
  42. HD popcorns
  43. Crackle
  44. GenYouTube
  45. SeeHD
  46. Solar Movies
  47. 123EuroPix
  48. House Movie
  49. Movie DLL
  50. 5Movies
  51. Moonline
  52. XMOVIES8
  53. Streamm4u
  54. ZMovies
  55. Noxx
  56. GoMovies
  57. Tubi
  58. Cineb
  59. Peacock Television
  60. HdPopCorn
  61. BestHDMovies
  62. Allowmetoobservethis
  63.  Infinity-free-movies.blogspot .com
  64.  moviesflixpro .net
  65. .in
  66. Hdmoviespro. in
  67. Moviesflix .icu
  68. Zxmovies .xyz
  69. Playnext .live
  70. Themoviesnet .com
  71. Moviesflix .vip
  72. filmywapind.blogspot .com
  73. Moviefreaks101 .com
  74. Moviesupdates .in
  75.  vendorpas .com
  76. Instantdown .xyz
  77. Mainstreetprivacy .org
  78. Moviesverse .in
  79. Firebaseurl .xyz
  80. Tiktokboomer .com
  81. Trudmetal .com
  82. Hdmovies4u .pink
  83. Yute-espadrilles .com
  84. Themoviesverse .com
  85. Drivebit .in
  86. Moviesverse .net
  87. dulltoshani .com
  88. Moviesflixhd .co
  89. Moviesfi .com
  90. Benwhorley .com
  91. Gusheez .com
  92. Kwartzlab .org
  93. Homes4yougc .com
  94. Packaging2 .com
  95. Hdmovies07 .com
  96. Prolinkz .xyz
  97. teknotanderi .com
  98. Ditto TV
  99. Jio Rockers
  100. Jalshamoviez
  101. Tamil Rockers
  102. Afdah
  103. SSR Movies
  104. Solarmovies
  105. Mp4moviez
  106. Couchtuner
  107. Filmy4wap
  108. Primewire
  109. Movie Counter
  110. Kickassanime
  111. Yts
  112. Kissasian
  113. Kissanime
  114. Bollyshare
  115. Bolly2Tolly
  116. Rdxhd
  117. Cinemavoult
  118. RDXpromovie
  119. Putlocker
  120. Madras Rockers
  121. HDpopcorns
  122. 7starhd
  123. Downloadhub lol
  124. Onlinemoviescinema
  125. Teluguwap
  126. Kuttymovies
  127. Cinemarock
  128. Gomovies123
  129. Pagal World
  130. Bolly4u
  131. Rainiertamayo
  132. Rainierland
  133. Letmewatchthis
  134. 9xmovies
  135. Filmyzilla
  136. Worldfree4u
  137. Project Free TV
  138. Prime Free TV
  139. Urlgomovies
  140. Ogomovies
  141. Moviehoney
  142. Moviespanda
  143. MoviesDA
  144. KananHD
  145. Onlinemoviesadda
  146. Moviesgone
  147. Isaimni
  148. Filmyhit
  149. Mydownloadtube
  150. 123mkv
  151. Moviesflix
  152. DesireMovies
  153. Bmovies
  154. LookMovies
  155. AZMovies
  156. CouchTuner
  157. Cmovies
  158. Soap2Day
  159. 123EuroPix
  160. BobMovies
  161. Moonline
  162. MovieWatcher
  163. WatchSeries
  164. GoStream
  165. Gomovies123
  166. Project Free TV
  167. Onlinemoviescinema
  168. MoviesDA
  169. KananHD
  170. Moviesgone
  171. HDpopcorns
  172. 7starhd
  173. Downloadhub lol
  174. Teluguwap
  175. Kuttymovies
  176. Cinemarock
  177. Pagal World
  178. Bolly4u
  179. Rainiertamayo
  180. Rainierland
  181. Letmewatchthis
  182. 9xmovies
  183. Filmyzilla
  184. Worldfree4u
  185. Prime Free TV
  186. Urlgomovies
  187. Ogomovies
  188. Moviehoney
  189. Moviespanda
  190. MoviesDA

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you want to know more about Turkish123, check the answers below.

1. What is Turkish123?

Turkish123 is an online learning platform that provides resources for learning the Turkish language, along with information and updates about the culture and people of Turkey.

2. Who is it for?

Turkish123 can be used by anyone interested in learning or improving their Turkish language skills, from beginners to advanced learners.

3. What content does Turkish123 offer?

Turkish123 offers audio recordings, podcasts, quizzes, lesson plans, vocabulary lists, and other helpful resources to aid in your study of the Turkish language and culture.

4. How much does a subscription to Turkish123 cost?

The price of a subscription varies depending on which plan you choose; however, all plans are very affordable, starting at just $ 15 per month!

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