Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Trailer Updates

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Kotaro Lives Alone season 1 was both heartwarming and upsetting; it was an emotional rollercoaster. With more of the manga to be adapted, we hope Netflix will soon renew the Kotaro Lives Alone season 2. 

Kotaro Lives Alone is a Netflix Original slice-of-life comedy anime based on Mami Tsumura’s manga series of the same name. The Shimizu Flats gain an unexpected new inhabitant in the person of Kotaro Sato, age four.

With his toy sword slung around his waist, Kotaro makes his daily journey to the store. Kotaro is smart beyond his years and begins to affect others around him as he demonstrates his resolve to live courageously while anticipating the day he can rejoin his parents. Here is all we know so far about Kotaro Lives Alone season 2 on Netflix.

Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2 Renewal Status

Given that the closing episode of the first season felt more like a series finale than a season finale. It seems unlikely that a Kotaro Lives Alone season 2 will be produced. The journey of protagonist Kotaro Sato appeared to end when he discovered that his genuine power had nothing to do with solitude.

 Official Status: Undetermined (Last updated: 30 February 2022)

After examining the original material, the manga, we find that the first season barely spans four volumes. That indicates that just half of the tale has been told. Considering the conclusion of the first season, Kotaro Lives Alone season 2 may be rather redundant, but there is still plenty of source material to cover.

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Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2 Quick Info


Kotaro Lives Alone

No. of Seasons:


No Of Episode:

10 (season 1)




Rin Etō


Kana Matsumoto, Naomi Kinoshita


Animation, Comedy, Drama


Rie Kugimiya, Cherami Leigh, Kayleigh McKee

Country of Origin:


Origin Language: 


Available Languages: 

Japanese, English

Next Season Release Date:

Not Yet Confirmed

Available On:


Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2 Release Date

The full Kotaro Lives Alone season 1 was available on Netflix on March 10, 2022. The first installment consists of ten segments, each lasting between 26 and 27 minutes. Previous to Netflix’s original net animation, the manga series by Mami Tsumura was converted into a 2021 TV show.

About the renewal of the comedy anime, the following information is current. The renewal of ‘Kotaro Lives Alone’ has not been formally announced by Netflix or any other production company associated with the show.

Everything we know so far indicates that Kotaro Lives Alone is a potential contender for renewal. But we do not know if or when this will occur as Netflix must examine its long-term plans. It will likely take some time before they make a formal announcement. But we expect confirmation to hit the Internet in the coming weeks or months.

Taking everything into account, Kotaro Lives Alone is a potential renewal candidate, but don’t expect the second season to air until 2023 or even 2024, based on when it is announced (if that even happens).

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Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2 Expected Plot

The season concludes on a relatively upbeat tone, as Kotaro comes to terms with the fact that he is no longer abandoned and ‘lonely’ A potential Kotaro Lives Alone season 2 might depict an older Kotaro living with Shin Karino and possibly becoming his parent.

Kotaro Lives Alone season 2 can be about how they have been bonding, and they can spice things up by making Karino affluent or falling in love, and then we must see how Kotaro competes for attention. In addition, we can consider the difficulties of adopting him officially, his father’s eventual return, or their relocation to a whole different location. Whatever it is, it will be a roller coaster of our highest feelings.

Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2 Cast

Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2 Cast

Fans are intrigued about the following season’s voice cast and characters based on the previous season of Kotaro Lives Alone, although the series has not yet been confirmed. We can predict the cast and characters of Kotaro Lives Alone season 2, as well as which past characters will return.


Voiced By

Kotaro Sato

Rie Kugimiya

Shin Karino

Toshiki Masuda

Isamu Timaru

Kayleigh McKee

Mizuki Akitomo

Saori Hayami

Ayano Kolbayashi

Yumiri Hanamori


Kaito Ishikawa


Minami Shinoda


Rie Kogimiya


Soma Saito

How Much of the Manga has been Covered by the Anime?

All eight volumes of Kotaro Lives Alone that have been translated into English are not very easy to find on the internet. On the internet, you can only read the first two volumes. After the first volume, you have to pay, and it’s only in Japanese. Only the first four volumes of the manga were shown in the anime. The last four volumes will be shown in Kotaro Lives Alone season 2.

If Kotaro Lives Alone is secretly renewed and being made, we can expect to see it by the end of 2023. But since the show has been delayed for so long, we think it has been quietly canceled, and we won’t get to see any more seasons.

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What can Viewers Anticipate from Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2?

Kotaro Lives Alone season 1 introduced us to the numerous heartbreaking and tragic occurrences that led Kotaro to live alone. His parents abandoned him and left him to starve. Some of his funny eccentricities, such as his penchant for Kleenex, stem from prior traumas. While he was starving, he was forced to consume tissue.

By the end of the first season, the plot appeared to have concluded. But, we may see Kotaro learn other lessons in Kotaro Lives Alone season 2. He can make new acquaintances. Shin Karino, Kotaro’s neighbor and the sole person with a family name, is reaching new heights in his job. Mizuki is seen down the street. The options for the plot’s development are limitless. Most importantly, the series may provide answers to various outstanding topics, such as who Kotaro’s father and mother are.

Netflix has not yet announced whether or not the show will be renewed or canceled. We fear that the show will not occur. If there are any updates, we will inform you.

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Kotaro Lives Alone Season 1 Ratings

On April 24, 2021, the anime Kotaro Lives Alone came out. Later, on June 26, 2021, the series came to an end with ten episodes. All of these episodes of Kotaro Live Alone Season 1 are fun to watch.

Many fans of Kotaro Lives Alone have said good things about the show, and IMDb and MyAnimelist both give Kotaro Lives Alone season 1 an 8.4/10 score.

Kotaro Lives Alone Season 1 Recap

Kotaro, a 4-year-old boy, moves to a new neighborhood by himself after being removed from his prior home. All of his neighbors are interested in learning the narrative of this little boy who lacks innocence but has a wealth of life experience. Even more tragic than Kotaro’s isolation is the fact that he used to consume tissue paper and plants to deal with his neglect. How frightening this world may be to such a young child!

But Kotaro becomes fast friends with Karino, his manga artist neighbor who is penniless. He establishes a strong connection with Karino, as well as feelings of love and envy.

Whether it’s Kotaro demanding Karino’s attention while he was being polite to Kotaro’s pals or Kotaro pouting and crying while releasing all of his emotions, their friendship is profoundly emotional.

Children are inspired by the shows they watch. For Kotaro, television was a way to feel less lonely. It was around this time that he acquired a fondness for a show whose protagonist used methods to overcome obstacles, a traditional approachable young hero. Likewise, he adopted his techniques. The conclusion demonstrated how he accepted Karino and adopted him as a family member among the other neighbors. For all these individuals, this young boy’s path of self-discovery is a sight to behold.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2

Is Kotaro Lives Alone a finished series?

From April 24 to June 26, 2021, TV Asahi aired a 10-episode adaption of the television drama.

Did Karino adopt Kotaro?

After Karino becomes Kotaro’s guardian, Kotaro’s condition steadily improves. As the novel unfolds, Kotaro eventually tears and pouts like any other youngster. His innocence and curiosity recover their vigor as he adopts Karino as his family.

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How many episodes are there in Kotaro Lives Alone?

The first season of Kotaro Lives Alone has 10 episodes, and each one lasts between 26 and 28 minutes.

Is Kotaro autistic Kotaro Lives Alone?

There is no magic, reincarnation, or other supernatural explanation for why kindergartener Kotaro lives alone. The basic truth is that Kotaro has lived alone since he was abandoned and is making every effort to avoid an abusive environment.

Does Kotaro’s dad find him?

As a result of his continued experimentation, Kotaro was eventually thrown in jail, and his wife left him. Afterward, Kotaro’s father successfully escaped from prison and located his runaway son.

Is Kotaro a reincarnation?

Alice Eve was reincarnated as Kotaro after her death during the Kowloon shock. Jiro moved to allow Kotaro to experience the world before the awakening of his powers. He and his brother had lived at the mansion of the Dark Princess of the North for an undetermined period of time.

Why does Kotaro live alone?

Kotaro is currently living alone because he cannot locate his mother and is too wise to return to his father (even though he still loves him and hopes to reunite with him). The father is still searching for his son. However, it is indicated that he is only interested in his ex-wealth.

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