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iPhone 6 Plus: 4 Ways to Unlock This Smartphone

Every day millions of Apple users forget their access password. In fact, one of the most recurring doubts we can read when we enter the Internet is “how to unlock my iPhone 6 (S) or 6 Plus”. Before falling into despair, you should know that there are several ways to re-access your team. Here we will explain them all.

Can you unlock an iPhone 6 (Plus) or iPhone 6s (Plus)?

In the past, the iPhone unlock process was complex and we had to spend hours researching to find an answer. Currently, we know that if we forget the password, the only option will be to restore the computer. This operation can be done through various methods and programs.

1. Screen lock

The screen lock is the one that occurs when you incorrectly enter your access password more than 10 times. If this happens to you or you simply cannot remember your security key, you will have to do the iPhone 6/6s screen unlock using a computer restoration.

2. iCloud lock

The iCloud lock is actually a remote mechanism to protect our data in case of theft or lost. Actually, this resource is called “Activation lock for searching my iPhone”. Sometimes we activate this option by mistake, or simply find our lost device after having locked it.

How to unlock an iPhone 6 Plus with iTunes?

The official method that Apple users have for unlocking is done through iTunes. To do this, you simply have to have the latest version downloaded to your computer. Below you will see how it is done:

3 Steps you should follow:

  • Open iTunes and connect your device with the USB cable.
  • Wait for the iPhone to synchronize with the application.
  • Select the option to “Restore” iPhone Click Apply.

Once on the Settings screen press the “Restore iTunes” option. Now you can enter your iPhone without any complications.

Unlock iPhone 6 Plus with iCloud

When we block an Apple computer, we run the risk of losing all our data. There are several reasons why iCloud is included in the iOS system. One of them is that you can eliminate the unlock if you enter the security code repeatedly. If you want to try this method, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: If you have iCloud installed on your computer, you can access your Apple ID and password. Otherwise, log in from the https://www.iCloud.com website.

Step 2: Select the iOS device you are going to unlock and click on “Delete device”. This alternative will remove the code and the iCloud device.

How to unlock an iPhone 6 locked by iCloud?

As we mentioned earlier, Apple has designed the Activation Lock to keep your device safe from any theft or loss. If you have activated this option, you will see that a message that says “Activation Lock” appears on the screen

This means that the device is still linked to the iCloud account. Otherwise, the Lock screen will appear requesting the access code.

This is how you will see that your device is blocked by iCloud. Removing this type of blocking is not easy, but you can try it with the steps that we will indicate below:

Remember the iCloud password

If you delete the contents of your device without logging out of iCloud first and remember the Apple ID and password, you have to enter the same Apple ID and password you used when you set up the device.

Whether you forgot your password – unlock iCloud / Apple ID

In case you accidentally blocked your iPhone and do not remember the Apple ID and password, do not hesitate to perform this configuration:

Step 1: Login from the official Apple site and click Forgot your Apple ID or password?

Step 2: Enter the Apple ID. Click on Continue.

Step 3: Now, click on the “Unlock Account” option.

Step 4: Choose how you want to reset your password. In this case, we will do it through the option “Receive an email”.

Step 5: Open the e-mail account with which you have associated Apple ID. There they will send you an email with the instructions to recover your iCloud account.

Step 6: Enter and ratify a new password and click “Continue.”

This is how, through different methods, we help you unlock your iPhone 6 for forgetting code and also for iCloud lock.



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