Engagement Rings Melbourne and VIC

Melbourne and VIC are some of the top-rated places in Australia where people tie the knot, and where they end up even proposing to their loved ones. Whether you’re a resident, or you’re simply someone visiting, it’s important to have the best engagement rings possible for your loved one – that’s why you need a good signature engagement ring designer and jeweler to give you the best of the best. In this guide, we’ll cover some things to look for in the perfect engagement rings in the Melbourne area.

Truly Tailored

Many people think that suits are the only things that can truly end up as a bespoke item. But an engagement ring should be too. That’s why the right signature series of engagement rings can be what helps to ensure that you get a true yes, and wow everyone (maybe including yourself in the process).

It’s More than the Stones

Rings come in numerous shapes, cuts, designs, carat weight, price, and much more on www.antonjewellery.com/collections/engagement-rings-melbourne/. When it comes to the rings, you want to make sure that you custom tailor them to your loved one’s desires too. Do they enjoy flashy things? Well, you may want to go all out and get a larger ring. Otherwise, if you’re needing simple but perfect, then you’ll want to make sure that the ring is the right fit for your partner.

The materials that rings are made of matters as well. It’s crucial that the right metals are used so the rings are hypoallergenic for the person who’s going to wear it, and so that it won’t corrode, damage their skin (turn their skin green), and more. Do you want them to have a tiered band set? That is achievable with many engagement ring sets and collections as well. You want the best of the best in cuts of diamonds too, because safety should matter. There are many cases in which someone has been accidentally scratched by their diamond or ring because it was too big for their lifestyle. With the right engagement ring designer in Melbourne and the VIC area, you can find someone who can match you with the right ring that your next bride or groom needs, not just the one that they want.

Diamond Cuts Are Important Too

When it comes to cutting your diamonds, it’s important to not only choose the style and cut of the band, but the diamond cut. Certain cuts, certain grades of gems and jewels will affect the prices as well as the comfort that the ring will have too. Diamonds need to be able to breathe in the way they’re set in.


Anton is one of the best designers when it comes to custom jewelers to provide high-quality engagement ring collections for their customers in the Melbourne area. From the family to the store shelves, they have been working hard to give the best elegance and beauty that your loved one deserves, and they can even create custom jewelry in other areas too – from swiss watches, custom stone settings, and more. With decades of service (since 1963), you can ensure that you get nothing but perfection.7


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