5 Ways Contractors Can Use Custom Lawn Signs to Generate Leads

Custom lawn or yard signs offer small-scale businesses countless benefits. They’re always part of local, small-scale marketing campaigns because they’re inexpensive to produce and highly durable. Small business owners use custom lawn signs to target their marketing messages toward audiences most likely to buy from them.

Custom yard signs also help local brands improve their name identification in local communities. They help create immediate awareness about local companies and service providers. That’s why yard sign advertising always plays a huge role in elections. Contractors or service providers don’t need to use political lawn signs to gain consumer attention.

Contractors can use custom-printed lawn signs to draw traffic to their websites, build awareness for their services, and generate leads. Here are five ways independent contractors can generate sales by using custom-printed lawn signs –

Target Specific Areas

Most contractors have audiences that reside in specific areas. For example, a carpenter will find many potential clients in a residential suburb. These are the places where lawn signs are the most effective. If you have an establishment that you want target customers to visit, share the address via your custom-printed lawn signs.

Even if 1% of all the people who see your lawn signs visit your retail location, it’s a great ROI. If you don’t own a physical establishment, share a unique phone number on your custom lawn signs. Track how many people call via this number. By assessing these numbers, you’ll get a clear idea of how many leads your signs generate on average.

Share Offers and Calls-To-Action 

Most independent contractors offer discount deals throughout the year. Why not get your target audiences to pay attention to these offers? Yard signs that feature “calls-to-action” are highly effective. A simple two-line offer describing the exclusive discounts you’re providing will be enough to garner mass attention in specific locations.

Share QR Codes to Boost Digital Engagement 

Contractors can easily boost the amount of traffic their websites receive by using custom-printed yard signs. Simply add unique QR codes to your business signs. Tie each unique code to a special offer that potential customers may claim. Make sure your QR codes lead the customers to land pages.

Ask people to sign-up for your service packages or discount deals via these landing pages. Even if one person signs up for these days every one to two days, you’re making huge progress.

Create Unique Email Addresses Specifically for Your Yard Signs

Email addresses are easy and free to create. If you can’t afford to create unique QR codes, create multiple email addresses instead. Print each unique email ID on every sign you install. Track the number of requests/inquiries that come in from each email address. Use a similar tactic on the other printed marketing materials your company uses (business cards, mailers, brochures, etc.).

Keep Running Multiple Yard Sign Campaigns

Yard signs are cheap and easy to produce. Install them once in a strategic location, and they’ll yield potential leads for the rest of the year. Keep repeating these cost-effective tactics to make more people sign up for your services.

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