iPhone 14: How to Bypass iPhone Unavailable/Security Lockout on iOS 16?

In today’s digital age, smartphones have tons of applications in our daily life. In between that, finding your iPhone with a message on the lock screen stating “Bypass iPhone Unavailable” can be jaw-dropping.

If you can’t access your iPhone by entering a passcode that shows “iPhone Unavailable Bypass”, look no further than this guide: Know how to Bypass iPhone Unavailable with UltFone iOS System Repair.  

Part 1: Have You Met the iPhone Unavailable/Security Lockout Screen?

When you try to unlock your iPhone with the wrong passcode/password, it gives you an initial warning to enter the correct password. However, making too many incorrect password attempts will show you an “iPhone Unavailable Bypass ” message on the lock screen.

The pop “iPhone Unavailable” on the lock screen means the device isn’t available to use for a certain time. The more you perform the wrong password attempts, the more time it’ll increase to make the next attempts.

However, when you finally get a chance to unlock your iPhone after the “iPhone Unavailable Bypass” message has gone and still fail to type the correct password, “Security Lockout” will pop up after a few attempts.

The security lockout pop on the lock screen means the iPhone is no longer available to use, and the only option left given by Apple is “Erase iPhone ” showing up on the lock screen. However, it will allow you to access your iPhone at the cost of wiping off all your data stored on the device. 

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iPhone Unavailable Security Lockout Screen

Part 2: Should We Bypass iPhone Unavailable via UltFone iOS System Repair?

Most users will likely use the “Erase iPhone” method to fix the “iPhone Unavailable” issue. Of course, it’s not the most feasible way to fix it, as you can’t reset your iPhone suddenly without taking a backup of your iPhone.

Using the UltFone iOS system repair tool is the safest way to fix the “iPhone Unavailable Bypass” issue. It’s one of the most powerful and smart tools; you can fix the “iPhone Unavailable” issue without losing any data on your device.

When iPhone users face any iOS-related issue, their first approach is getting it fixed by a professional – who’s likely to charge plenty of bucks just for fixing a minor bug. UltFone iOS system repair can easily handle all iOS-related issues.

It won’t only help you access your iPhone by fixing the “iPhone Unavailable Bypass”, but can also smartly remove the bugs and glitches existing on your iOS device. You can also use it to fix iOS issues like an iPhone stuck on the Apple logo, a frozen screen, a black screen, and recovery mode.  

UltFone iOS System Repair

Here are some of the outstanding features of UltFone iOS system repair, which makes it the best iOS problem-solving tool.

  1. It lets you enter and exit your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) with a one-click process.
  2. Fix 150+ iOS-related issues without losing any data on the device. It can also handle iOS problems such as iPhone stuck on the Apple logo, black, and frozen screen.
  3. Allows you to reboot or reset your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) without the password or iTunes.
  4. It supports all the latest iOS devices, including the iPhone 14 series running iOS 16.

You can consider the UltFone iOS repair system as your go-to tool for your iPhone iOS-related issues.

Watch the Youtube exploratory of UltFone iOS system repair to learn how to Bypass iPhone Unavailable screen.

Part 3: How to Bypass iPhone Unavailable Screen by Using UltFone iOS System Repair?

When it comes to fixing the “iPhone Unavailable screen”, the UltFone iOS system repair makes it pretty simple to do so. Thanks to the simplified user interface that lets you do the job with a one-click process without getting into any complex method.

Here’s how to Bypass iPhone Unavailable using the UltFone iOS system repair tool.

Step 1: Firstly, download the UltFone iOS system repair from the official website, and install and launch it on your PC or Mac. Connect your iPhone with the lightning cable to the computer. On the app interface, click the “Reset Device” option on the bottom right side of the screen.

download the UltFone iOS system

Step 2: Next, choose “Factory Reset” and click on “Factory Reset” to initiate downloading the firmware package for your iPhone.

Factory Reset

Step 3: Before running the repairing process on your iPhone, make sure you have downloaded the compatible firmware package for your device. When the procedure is finished, restart your iPhone.

Before running the repairing process

Part 4: Why Is My iPhone Saying iPhone Unavailable Try Again in 15 Minutes.

Since iPhones are known for their best security OS, too many wrong password attempts can lead to the situation when it gives you time for the following password attempt to unlock it.

Generally, it happens when too many password attempts are made, and since, usually, no one can make too many mistakes, it goes inaccessible after seven attempts. Seven consecutive passwords will disable your iPhone for 5 minutes and then an hour if made after 15 attempts.

Part 5: Can I Avoid Disabling My iPhone?

You can simply fix the “iPhone is Disabled” issue on your device by running a troubleshooting process with the UltFone iOS repair system. It’ll fix the issue, including the other iOS bugs and glitches on your iPhone.

If you didn’t do anything deliberately with your iPhone, chances are your pocket is the main culprit. Keeping your iPhone in the pocket makes it vulnerable to the unexpected pressure exerted by clothes or the body on its screen.

If you have a habit of keeping your iPhone in the backside pocket, changing it can save you from falling into this pitfall.

Part 6: Can iOS System Repair Unlock iCloud?

No. UltFone iOS System Repair can’t unlock iCloud. Kindly download UltFone Activation Unlocker to activate iCloud-locked iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

Closing Remarks

If you are facing an “iPhone Unavailable” issue on your iPhone, this guide is all about How to Bypass iPhone Unavailable screen. Though there are plenty of ways to resolve this issue, resolving it with the UltFone iOS system repair seems convenient, thanks to the one-click process. UltFone iOS 16 Release Celebration that you cannot miss!  End on Oct 24, 2022 Start from $ 8.88, Buy One Get One Free, 100% win cash coupon!


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