BSNL SIM Activation: All You Need to Know [Best Methods 2023]

Are you interested to buy BSNL SIM Card? Do you know the methods of BSNL SIM activation? Here we are explaining it step-by-step.

If you are traveling abroad, one of your main concerns is probably the ability to communicate during the trip. In India, there are several large telecommunications service providers, such as Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL). If you want to use a BSNL prepaid SIM card in India, you first have to buy a card, then call the number you have been given and follow the instructions to activate the card. If you have any problems, you can contact BSNL’s customer service number for assistance.

BSNL is India’s largest telecommunications service provider. It offers fixed and mobile services, broadband services, and much more. On the mobile side, it offers 2G/3G and 4G network services in various districts. It is one of the oldest telecom companies in India that has revolutionized communication in the country. It has been in existence since 2000 and will be 20 years old in 2020. We have all seen how it has deteriorated over the years and has performed poorly from the users’ point of view. However, BSNL is a giant; we all have nostalgic memories of using a BSNL connection at some point in our lives, be it a mobile or a landline.

Do you remember the BSNL OPCs?

Although it is in a difficult situation right now, I firmly believe that, if all goes well, it will once again become a large and profitable company serving the masses at the lowest possible prices. However, this is only possible if our government values it.

Note that BSNL is the only telecom operator that has not abandoned the basic concept of balance and validity. The other companies have made it mandatory to recharge a minimum amount of about Rs. 100 per month every month.

4G connectivity is only available in some BSNL districts; most Indians still use 3G connectivity, which is currently the second-fastest mobile technology.

BSNL SIM Activation

You can purchase the BSNL prepaid card through various cell phone distribution networks in India. Once you have the SIM card in your hand, insert it into your cell phone. If you do not have a mobile phone compatible with BSNL prepaid cards, you can purchase one when you pick up the SIM card.

Once the card is installed, turn on the phone and enter the BSNL verification number that has been assigned to you. This number is 123 and will connect you to an interactive voice response system where you will get the necessary information about the card you have just entered. The automatic system will tell you the available balance on your card and ask you to select the language of your choice. After BSNL SIM activation, you can call your friends and family for any kind of further communication. As a result, BSNL will inform you of greetings as a new customer. 

BSNL SIM Activation: Step-by-Step Methods

  • Turn off your cell phone if it is not already turned off.
  • Insert the BSNL SIM card into your phone. The SIM card slot is located under the battery on the back of the phone.
  • Turn on the mobile phone by pressing the power key.
  • Now, wait for the network to appear.
  • Dial “1507” or “123” on the phone to confirm the card, select a language, and check.
  • You will be asked to proceed with the teletransmission.
  • Follow the instructions for remote verification.
  • It’s done! Your SIM card is now activated and you can use it to make calls or transfer data.
  • This will activate your SIM card on the phone.
  • Welcome aboard BSNL!

Report problems with the BSNL SIM card Activation

If you have any problems with your new BSNL SIM card activation, please call BSNL customer service at 1800-180-1503. This service is available 24 hours a day and includes problems with your verification code.

Another BSNL customer service number is available for mobile code-related questions or calls from other locations. In these cases, please call 1800-180-1503/1503.

About your BSNL card

Once the card is activated with your BSNL verification number, you will be able to make voice calls to other cell phones or landlines and use services such as SMS, call forwarding, call waiting, and voicemail. With BSNL, you can also use the calling line identification display, similar to the caller ID seen on cell phones in the United States.

The cost of a new BSNL SIM card is about Rs. 220. Once purchased, the card will work for the specified validity period, which is usually between seven days and one year. Your BSNL card will work throughout India, but most of the time you will find 3G connectivity, although 4G is already available in many places.

Problems with BSNL cards

After completing the activation with the BSNL verification number, you may encounter a new problem. Telemarketers are omnipresent all over India. So you may start receiving spam calls soon after activation. By default, all assigned phone numbers in India are NCPR activated, which in a nutshell means telemarketers are free to call or SMS you.

To avoid unwanted calls, you can activate the “Do Not Disturb” function at no additional cost. Call or send a text message to 1909 to activate the “Do Not Disturb” function. Your message must contain START 0. Follow the instructions to activate the DND function.

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