Idle Games are the Best Time Management Games

Idle Games are designed for you to play on your mobile phones and computers. You must play idle games when you are performing nothing but want to feel that you are doing something in your real life. Actually, most of the players want something in the background while doing another thing like playing music in the background or playing a game. Idle games are highly addictive due to the attractive features as they give you amazing progress as a result of very minimum effort for the game. If you really love idle games and want to play them on your pc or mobile phone. So we are providing you with a list of such games to play on your Mobile phones. Players can enjoy hours of non-committal fun in their very busy life. These games are very popular due to the simple user interface and simple and easy mechanics. In such offline idle games, you enjoy very rapid success and get satisfied with your quick success.

Best Idle Games for Mobile Phones 

There are some games enlisted here that you can easily play on your mobile phones. These games are designed for mobile users only. The games are:

  1. Raid: Shadow Legends  
  2. AFK Arena 
  3. Adventure Capitalist  
  4. Fallout Shelter 
  5. Realm Grinder  
  6. Tap Titans 2 
  7. Idle Oil Tycoon 
  8. Almost A Hero 
  9. Bitcoin Billionaire  
  10. Clickpoclaypse 2
  11. Cookie Clickers  
  12. Idle Miner Tycoon
  13. Egg INC
  14. Medieval: Idle Tycoon 
  15. Dungeon INC 
  16. Assassin’s Creed Rebellion 
  17. Idle Theme Park Tycoon 
  18. Game Of Thrones: Tale Of Crows
  19. Idle Police Tycoon 
  20. Idle Apocalypse 
  21. Run Godzilla 

Best stone miner games for PC 

There are many games that are designed for playing on the PC. any of the players can play such games on their computers without any problem. The games are:

  1. Forager 
  2. Time Clickers
  3. Cookie Clicker
  4. Realm Grinder 
  5. Clicker Heroes
  6. Adventure Capitalist 
  7. Crusaders of the Lost Idols 
  8. Plantera 
  9. Creature Card Idle 
  10. NGU Idle 
  11. Trimps 
  12. A Dark Room


This is an amazing crafting game but it requires much active attention of the players. As you play it and reach the Forager’s endgame the pace shifts automatically. It requires more active input from the player side. But if a player wants to play an incremental game with no more effort, then this game will be very tough to beat others who are playing this crafting game very actively.


Time clickers is an amazing game to play on your PC. For the first-person shooter, it is the incremental version. In this game, the players have to destroy the boxes that have money and this money is then utilized for buying or getting new guns for destroying more boxes. The guns can also be upgraded for their damage, even a player can also buy the active abilities that dish out loads of the extra damage of the guns you use during playing this mining game on your PC. the game has different portions or stages that are called as the ‘’Arenas’’a boss is waiting at the end of every arena. some bosses are also acting as a progress checker for the players of the game. This is a very addictive game for the players to play in their daily life routine.


Plantera is an amazing game. It is almost related to nature as it has beautiful natural views to look at while playing and enjoying the game. The player has to catch a beautiful butterfly and then will get a cion as a reward to complete the assigned or targeted task. Very soon you will get enough amount to plant a small and beautiful carrot patch. Then you have to sell out the carrots after collecting them and then you will have enough amount to plant a blueberry patch by your own recourses. Then the time will come when you will have a very beautiful and amazing garden full of fruits and vegetables. As you will move to the next level you will have many other persons as your helpers to grow up your crops and to help you in your job. This is an amazing game and it charges money from the players. But once a player gets addicted he definitely pays the money to play the offline idle game.


Creature card idle is considered as the marriage of the idle tower games and is also the best one card games around the players. The players are given gold per second when they put cards in the field, this gold will be helpful for the players to buy card packs and can also buy the slots where they will have to place their cards. The cards are known as the ‘’Creatur Cards’’ these cards have different buffs such as the Beer and this card gives you three gold per second but the drawback is that it does not allow other cards in that relevant row. Similarly, the Ice Sword gives the palmers a hundred percent production to the other cards above this card. The multicraft game is just about arranging your cards optimally to get every drop of gold.


NGU Idle is the abbreviation of Number Go Up. As you play the game the energy is produced every second and this energy is then utilized on defense skills and training attacks that will be unlocked in time. The players will make their way through bosses as they will get stronger. If you have been defeated by someone, he will again fight in the adventure tab against you by grinding out the heavy gold and the levels of the item. When you start this idle miner game the offline idle game developers will guide you in the first seconds of the start as an endearing tutorial.


Like other clicker games, in trimps, the players have to make a recourse through some clicks to proceed with the game next. There is only one task that is active and available at a time and it will be no longer until you find yourself heavily stretched thin in the game. When you have created the tripms. Then these trimps can be used by you to build small cities and towns and to fight against monsters and even you can use these trimps for assaulting a tower. This is also an amazing tower craft game to play on your PC with great ease and for having a lot of fun and entertainment.

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