Argentinian Embassy in Bangladesh to Open Doors on 27th February

When measured in kilometres, the distance between Argentina and Bangladesh is greater than 17,000. The affection that the people of Bangladesh have for Albiceleste makes this seemingly great distance appear to be much shorter than it actually is.

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The Argentine nation was taken aback by the level of support that Bangladesh showed for their national football squad at the World Cup in Qatar. This insanity has not only captured Argentina’s, but the entire world’s, attention.

At this point, the people of Argentina consider Bangladesh to be a part of their own country. The nation that won the World Cup is going to strengthen its relationship with Bangladesh by opening an embassy in Dhaka in the month of February.

It is planned that Argentinian Foreign Minister Santiago Caffiero would travel to Bangladesh on February 26 in order to inaugurate the country’s embassy in Dhaka. The inauguration of the embassy is scheduled for the following day, February 27.

As part of the preparations to open the Argentine Embassy in Bangladesh, a delegation that will be led by Franco Seniliani, who is currently serving as the Deputy Ambassador of the Argentine Embassy in New Delhi, will arrive in Dhaka on Monday. On Sunday evening, Franco provided Prothom Alo with confirmation of the information.

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According to Prothom Alo, a senior source from the Bangladeshi Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that Foreign Minister Santiago of Argentina will arrive in Dhaka on February 26 for a three-day visit. In addition to opening the embassy on this trip, he will also make a visit to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, as a sign of respect. She is also scheduled to meet with the Minister of Commerce, Tipu Munshi, as well as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, AK Abdul Momen.

In December of the previous year, Argentina has crowned the winner of the World Cup, and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh wrote a letter of congratulations to Argentina’s President Alberto Fernandes.

In acknowledgement of the congratulatory greeting, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, received a letter of gratitude from the President of Argentina, Alberto Macri.

In the letter, Alberto stated that he believes that the people of the two countries will be united by a strong bond of brotherhood and harmony upon the establishment of the Argentine embassy in Dhaka in 2023. This was stated in Alberto’s letter.

Because of a tweet sent out by Argentina’s minister of foreign affairs, news about the opening of the Argentine embassy in Dhaka quickly spread over the Internet.

On the 12th of December of the previous year, Argentina’s Foreign Minister Santiago tweeted that he had discussed with his Bangladeshi colleague AK Abdul Momen the possibility of restoring Argentina’s embassy in Dhaka, which had been closed in 1978. The embassy had been abolished in 1978.

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Since the beginning of their relationship, Argentina’s national football squad has benefitted from Bangladesh’s unwavering support. Nevertheless, during the just-finished World Cup in Qatar, the feelings that the people of Bangladesh had toward the Argentina team captured the attention of people all over the world. The reaction of Bangladesh’s supporters, particularly before and after the game against Argentina, was widely shared all over the world for the benefit of social media. This was especially true before the game against Argentina.

The attention of the entire globe was drawn to a video that was broadcast on the official Twitter account of FIFA, which showed fans in Bangladesh cheering after Lionel Messi scored a goal during the World Cup match against Mexico. The video rapidly gained widespread attention throughout social media platforms. The incident received extensive coverage in a variety of Argentina’s news outlets.

After that, the Argentina national football team sent out the following tweet: “We are appreciative of your support for our team. They (the people of Bangladesh) are just as insane as we are!”

The government of Bangladesh is of the opinion that a shared passion for football will help to forge closer ties between their nation and the United States. The establishment of diplomatic relations between Bangladesh and Argentina is likely to result in an expansion of both countries’ commercial and investment activities. Bangladesh has the ability to take preventative measures to prevent entry to Marcosur, a shared market in Latin America, by working together with Argentina. In South America, Argentina is the second most important producer of soybeans after Brazil. Given the altered dynamics of the partnership, it’s possible that importing soyabean oil from Bangladesh directly into the country will be less of a hassle. In addition, the advantages of importing sugar will continue to grow.

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