Alexa is Shutting down: Aranking is One of the Best Alternatives

About Alexa

Founded in 1996, Alexa was acquired by Amazon in 1999 and became an Amazon subsidiary. Its system measures the ranking of websites based on each site’s web traffic data, forming a unique ranking system.

Why choose

It is very regrettable that Alexa rank officially announced that it will suspend its site rank services on May 1, 2022, which has caused a lot of trouble for SEO workers who are used to using Alexa rankings. After this time, where to find them Similar Alexa ranking tools are their new problem. Recently, I have also been in charge of SEO-related work. It is also one of my working habits to obtain site analysis, Alexa rankings, site traffic, and top keywords that bring traffic directly from Alexa. If you cannot find this information in real-time, you will not be able to understand Site and Competitive Site Changes.

Best Alternative – Aranking’s Experience Evaluation

After a long period of exploration, I found that this tool website called Aranking ( has very comprehensive functions. The most important thing is that it has its unique display of site ranking, site traffic keyword analysis, and other data. The advantages. 

In the beginning, three types of rankings are shown here.

  • Global ranking
  • City Ranking
  • Category ranking

The recent upward and downward trends in rankings are also attached, which intuitively reflect the recent fluctuations in the ranking of the site. From this, I can see that the global ranking of our site has greatly improved, but the city ranking and category ranking have declined. This trend deserves my continued in-depth research.Alexa

The next part is the summary of site traffic. The most useful part here is the upper left part. Here I can see the specific value of the total traffic. Of course, if you want to pay attention to the changes in traffic in the past three months, there are also comparisons between channels. intuitively expressed. Here we see that our total traffic has reached 110,000, and the recent monthly traffic has dropped by 20%.

The next section is the aggregation of site traffic, which is certainly one of the core strengths of this tool! This area shows

  • Site data views
    • Total pageviews
    • Bounce Rate
    •  Changes from last month
    •   Pages per visit
    • Average browsing time
  • Traffic trends in the past three months
  • Channel distribution
    • Traffic channels
    •  Social channels

This covers pretty much all the core traffic data I want to monitor. The most useful part for me is the upper left part, where I can see the specific value of the total traffic. Of course, if you want to pay attention to the changes and channels of traffic in the past three months, it is also more intuitive. It can be seen that the total traffic of my site has reached 60,000, and the recent monthly traffic has increased by 20%. In addition, I found that the bounce rate of the site has reached 32.5%. This bounce rate is not very low. It is necessary to refer to the technical side response for in-depth research.Site traffic

The geographical distribution intuitively allows me to see which country our site has received the most attention. Here, we see that the United States, China, and Mexico are the main sources of users for our products. In the follow-up, some advertisements may be placed according to the characteristics of users in these three places to do.

Audience geoI think the most distinctive feature of this tool is the keyword analysis section, which I have never seen on any competing tool. On some other tools, I only saw the top 5 traffic keywords, and A ranking provides multi-dimensional keyword expansion analysis here.

Thank god, I finally don’t have to worry about writing blogs, articles, and laying out site content. This section provides a lot of extended references for my top keywords, and I can directly apply the similar keywords of the top keywords to continue the SEO optimization layout!

First find my top keyword vtuber maker, which accounts for 23.72% of the keywords that bring me search traffic, then I will continue to use vruber avatar maker, vtuber avatar free and other keywords in the site to continue the layout. In addition, there are some keywords that overlap with other tools. I also try to avoid using them in SEO optimization to avoid vicious competition.

Keywords AnalysisThe intuitive competitor panel is also one of the features of this tool. Here you can quickly and concisely check the competitor’s situation. I don’t have to go to the website to compare back and forth. It feels great to be able to complete these comparisons on one site. CompetitorThis article mainly talks about some of my intuitive feelings about using this product. If you have good tools, you can communicate more with us.


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