Airport Transfer Service: Hiring A Limousine Vs. Renting A Car

All travelers require arranging some kind of transport for travel to and from the airport to their destination. It is always good practice to make these arrangements well in advance; however, it is first necessary to make a decision on how you wish to travel to the airport. There are many options available to those traveling to the airport like hotel shuttles, Airport Bus service, hiring a cab, renting a car, and even booking a Limousine service zürich for this purpose.

Every type of transport service has their pro & cons and hence the one you select depends a great deal on your personal preference and the requirements you may have. This article is a vital source of information for those having to decide between either driving themselves by renting a car or taking advantage of the luxury of traveling by limousine. It is a must-read for those seeking a car service Paramus, NJ.

Differences between Hiring a Car and Renting a Limousine

Renting a vehicle means adhering to the strict terms and conditions laid out by the hire-car service. It also means taking care of the vehicle, ensuring it is parked in the right place and returned in the correct manner when you are done with it.

There are many options for airport transfer like private van service, limo, etc. Listed here is the difference between renting a limo and hiring a car.

Booking your ride: Booking your ride shouldn’t be a big ordeal, and if you opt for a limousine, it will not. Booking a limo is as easy as using your phone to call or book over the Internet. It might require some research to find a service that suits you the most and one with all the necessary features; however, the booking process is hassle-free. On the other hand, if opting to drive yourself by renting a car means having to either visit the service provider or sending all your information online. This means having to fill lengthy forms and provides personal information prior to getting the car of your choice.

Greeting service: Hiring a limousine means you can be sure there is someone to greet you after your long tiresome flight. A chauffeur will guide you from the moment you step out of the plane to the time you reach your destination. In case of a drop-off, they will provide a pickup service right from your door till the point of departure. They also help you will find your luggage. This is not the case when you rent a car since, in this case, you will be responsible for tasks like handling luggage, finding the car pickup point, and going through the process of procuring a vehicle if not requested in advance.

Hidden Costs: There will usually be no hidden costs in case of a limo service. There may be many types of limos to choose from and optional features you can select; however, it is highly unlikely that there will be hidden costs. When you rent a vehicle, you will usually only pay for the cost of the vehicle for a specified amount of time. Besides this, the rental firm may also have some other hidden costs up to their sleeve that can take you by surprise. 

Local routes awareness: Traveling to other places means unfamiliar roads and having to rely on GPS and maps to get around. It also means not knowing the best route to pick at the airport and traffic conditions during that time of the day. Opting for a limo service sets you free from these tasks since the chauffeur will take care of it all, unlike when driving a car yourself. Apart from this, if you need to hire any vehicle, you can take help from this website

The Verdict

A chauffeur-driven limousine will have no hidden costs and is more convenient. This makes it the optimal selection for an airport transfer, especially for a businessman and even for those on vacation. Besides which it also helps create a good impression. It offers good comfort, flexibility, and peace of mind knowing that you will get to the airport on time.

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