Follow Up-to Login and Activate SYFY on Roku, Fire TV, Xbox in 2022

Looking to get an SYFY channel activation guide to activate SYFY? If you are reading this then the chances of the answer is yes! In that case, you can now watch your favorite sci-fi shows, and murder mysteries, as NBCUniversal Television, has introduced the SYFY channel on its digital platform. Yes! you can activate SYFY on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and Xbox devices by logging into the link. Download the Syfy Now app from your device app store and watch full episodes of Resident Alien from the channel app. Once you download SYFY, make sure to generate a unique activation code to unlock all the season premieres of channel popular shows. 

In this post, we’ll show you how to activate SYFY on Roku, Fire TV, or on your Xbox device. So, whether you want to catch up on science fiction, drama or horror, Syfy channel is what you can go for. 

Syfy Channel History You Must Know

Unless you won’t collect fair information about what SYFY is, it’s impossible to perform the channel activation steps at SYFY, the leading source of entertainment to the 92.4 million American households, is a big name to access science fiction, drama, paranormal, horror, and fantasy programs. The channel is a subsidiary of Comcast and operated under the umbrella of NBCUniversal Television. You simply, need to create your account on NBC Universal and you can access SYFY subscription along with other popular channels of NBCUniversal Family that includes NBC, CNBC, Oxygen, USA Network, Bravo, Ei, MSNBC, and more. 

How to Create SYFY Profile to Get Channel Subscription?

To get a valid SYFY subscription to watch your favorite shows, you need to go to the official site of NBCUniversal or simply visit Syfy’s authorized site. Below is a complete rundown of steps to create your SYFY account for the sign-in purpose.

Seek out the steps to sign-up for SYFY.

  • On your web browser visit (official SYFY channel site).
  • Here, move your cursor to reach the Sign up/Login button.
  • Select the mode for sign-up. You can choose Email, Google, Facebook, and Apple.
  • Once select the option, tap to login to your selected platform.
  • Enter your details and pay for Syfy subscription charges. 
  • Once done, click to log in to your account to stream SYFY.

Once done, the next step is to activate SYFY on your favorite device or streaming platform

Activate SYFY on Roku at

Roku is the life savor for everyone, why because, it allows you to stream full seasons of all your favorite shows and programs from different platforms. You can download SYFY Now App on your Roku device to get a unique activation code that needs to be entered at

  • To begin with, you can turn on your Roku device.
  • Explore its home screen by using the Roku remote.
  • Go to “Streaming Channels” and search for “SYFY” from the Channel Store.
  • Tap to the “Add Channel” button to get the channel on your device.
  • Once installed, open the Syfy app on Roku to launch the channel.
  • Now, click on the welcome link to get a unique Syfy activation code.
  • Copy the same code and use your smartphone’s browser to access the activation page.
  • Visit weblink to enter the code.
  • Now, put the activation code and click Continue.

Within a second, you will get a message that SYFY Now app is activated successfully on your Roku device. Binge-watch your favorite video content of SYFY on your Roku media player.

Activate to Watch SYFY on Fire TV at

 Just like Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick is yet another smart device that lets you access the latest episodes of Alien Dinner Party, Escape from New York, Hair, and much more. You just simply need to get the SYFY channel app from the Fire TV app store and then make it activated only with activate/activatenbcu code.

Steps to get Syfy channel activation on Amazon Fire TV

  • Start the activation process by powering on your Fire TV.
  • Navigate to the Amazon Store with the remote to find the SYFY app.
  • Download the SYFY channel app to get the activation key.
  • Visit or to put the code further.
  • Once enter the unique activation code, click Continue.
  • Catch up on all your favorite episodes from the popular shows and programs of the channel on your device. 

How to Activate SYFY on Xbox?

Xbox One app store also has the SYFY app which means you can now stream the channel shows and programs in one go. Following are the steps that will help you to get the SYFY app on your XBOX GAMING CONSOLE.

  • Go to the Xbox app store to find SYFY.
  • Make sure to connect your device with a strong internet network.
  • Once get the app, click on the install button.
  • This will get you the activation code of the channel, hence save it.
  • Next, go to on another device.
  • Enter the activation code in the given space.
  • Click on the Continue button to conclude the steps. 

Similar to Roku, Fire TV, and Xbox, you can activate the channel on Apple TV, PlayStation 4, Tivo, Android TV, and Samsung TV as well. Other than this, many streaming services like Hulu, YouTube, and Xfinity Flex, lets you stream the channel app on your Mac and iPhone. All you require is to install the Hulu app on your device and enjoy watching SyFy TV shows and live streams like never before. 

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