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A Good Person Release Date, Plot, Cast, and Trailer Updates in 2023

A Good Person

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We already know that 2023 will be a great year for world cinema because many exciting and unique movies will emerge. And sometimes, we want to feel something real in the middle of all the comedy, romance, science fiction, and even dinosaurs. That’s when the movie A Good Person comes into play.

Zach Braff, an American actor and director who has already made the movie Garden State, will be in charge of A Good Person; this film will be a drama and tragedy. It’s the movie that will make you cry more than once. But it will be an excellent way to get things off your chest. The cast of this film makes things even better and raises the stakes, giving other movies coming out in 2023 a hard time.

After the success of this film, we can only hope that Braff will direct more movies in the future. So, get ready for an emotional ride as we tell you everything you need to know about A Good Person, from the plot, the cast, the release date, and more.

Overview of A Good Person

A Good Person is an upcoming comedy-drama movie directed and written by Zach Braff, starring Florence Pugh, Mandy Patinkin, and Zach Braff himself. The film is set to be released on March 24, 2023, in the United States, with a wide release on April 28, 2023, in the UK. The movie follows a young woman’s journey as she struggles to find her place in the world and discovers the meaning of true friendship along the way. A Good Person promises to be an unforgettable cinematic experience with an all-star cast and a unique story. Audiences can look forward to a powerful story, great performances from the cast. And stunning visuals from some of the world’s most iconic locations.

A Good Person Quick Info


A Good Person




Zach Braff


Zach Braff




Florence Pugh, Morgan Freeman, Celeste O’Connor

Production Companies: 

Killer Films, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), Elevation Films

Country of Origin:

United States

Origin Language: 


Available Languages: 


Release Date:

March 24, 2023


2 hours 9 minutes

A Good Person Release Date

A Good Person is set to hit theatres in the United States on March 24, 2023, courtesy of United Artists. Before the movie’s theatrical debut, it will be released on Sky Cinema in the UK on April 28, 2023. Audiences will have to wait until then to watch and review the movie, as there are no featured reviews yet. Directed by an acclaimed director and written by a talented screenwriter. This film promises to be an exciting addition to the cinematic landscape. It’s also set to face competition from other movies on the same day, so seeing how it fares will be interesting.

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What is the Plot of A Good Person?

Now that you know when “A Good Person” will come out and who will be in it, you may wonder what it’s about. Deadline said in September that Florence Pugh would play Allison in Zach Braff’s new movie, “whose life falls apart after she is in an accident that kills someone. In the following years, she lives a life worth living because of the strange relationship she forms with the man who would be her husband.”

Morgan Freeman plays the father-in-law’s character, but it’s unclear how Molly Shannon’s character fits into the story. Also, we’re very interested to see who might play Pugh’s would-be-husband in the movie since that seems like a critical role. No matter what happens, it’s clear that Braff has set up a dramatic showcase for the “Black Widow” actress, and there’s no reason to think she won’t deliver. We hope to see this film as soon as possible.

A Good Person Cast

A Good Person features an impressive cast of actors, including Morgan Freeman and Florence Pugh. Morgan Freeman plays the role of Daniel, who is brought together with Allison (Florence Pugh). Other notable cast members include Pamela Koffler, Christina Piovesan, Noah Segal, and Christine Vachon. With such a talented ensemble, this movie will surely be an engaging and powerful cinematic experience. Audiences will see these actors in action when the film is released in UK cinemas in March and on Sky Cinema in April.

  • Florence Pugh as Allison
  • Morgan Freeman as Daniel
  • Celeste O’Connor as Ryan
  • Nichelle Hines as Molly
  • Toby Onwumere as Jesse
  • Ignacio Diaz-Silverio as Quinn
  • Oli Green as Thomas
  • Molly Shannon as Diane
  • Chinaza Uche as Nathan
  • Zoe Lister-Jones as Simone
  • Jackie Hoffman as Belinda
  • Soojeong Son as Pharmacist Christine
  • Victor Cruz as Alberto Reyes
  • Emilia Suárez as Gabriella
  • Brian Rojas as Diego
  • Ryann Redmond as Becka
  • Sydney Morton as Joelle
  • Alex Wolff

A Good Person Trailer

Yes, there are a couple of trailers for A Good Person that show Morgan Freeman as Daniel, a kind model train fan who is sad about the death of his daughter and struggling to raise his granddaughter. He doesn’t blame Allison (Florence Pugh) for her part in the tragedy. Instead, he makes friends with her, and they find a way to move forward.

A Good Person Filming Locations

Most recently, A Good Person, produced by Killer Films and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), was spotted shooting at Columbia High School in Maplewood, New Jersey. Zach Braff, the writer, and director of the movie, also filmed in South Orange and Maplewood, the towns he grew up in. The production team used these two towns to bring the story of this film to life and give viewers an authentic experience. The cast and crew of this film have been praised for their efforts to capture the essence of Maplewood and South Orange on the big screen.

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The Synopsis of A Good Person

The synopsis of this film follows Allison, whose life falls apart following her involvement in a fatal accident. After recovering from opioid addiction, she must accept her guilt and make difficult choices. Zach Braff directed and wrote the movie, which stars Pugh as Allison. Audiences will explore the trials and tribulations of Allison’s journey as she strives to make sense of her past and rebuild her life. With an all-star cast and an inspiring story, A Good Person will surely be an entertaining movie-going experience.

The Director and Writer of A Good Person

Written and directed by Zach Braff, A Good Person is sure to be a hit. Braff is no stranger to the movie industry, having previously won awards for Garden State and directing numerous television shows. His experience as a filmmaker and his passion for storytelling make him an ideal choice for this project. With the release date set for March 24th, 2023, many are eager to see what Braff has cooked up this time. Fans of his previous works have already praised the official trailer and are looking forward to the entire movie. The film will surely be a fantastic success with a talented director and writer at the helm.

The Impact of A Good Person on the Industry

The release of this film is highly anticipated in the industry. Not only is it the first feature film from writer and director Zach Braff in many years, but he’s also reunited with his former girlfriend, Florence Pugh, in the leading role. The movie carries a Garden State feel, and the buzz around it promises to be intense.

With its release date set for March 24, 2023, in the United States and April 28, 2023, in the UK, A Good Person will impact moviegoers. There’s no doubt that this movie will be one of the must-sees of the year and will make waves in both the US and UK markets.

Audience Reviews

Moreover, Audience reviews are highly anticipated for A Good Person, which is set to be released on March 24, 2023. The movie stars Florence Pugh, Molly Shannon, and Morgan Freeman and is directed by Zach Braff. It was written by Elizabeth Berger and Isaac Aptaker and will be released by United Artists. Fans of the actors and the director eagerly await their first impressions of the film and look forward to sharing their reviews when it’s released. While there aren’t any featured reviews due to the movie not being released yet, fans are sure to have an opinion once they’ve seen it.

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Rating of A Good Person

A Good Person has not been released publicly, so no audience reviews exist. However, the movie features a star-studded cast, including Florence Pugh and Morgan, so it will surely be a hit. With its release date of March 24, 2023, viewers won’t have to wait long to see how the movie is received. Fans of the cast members are sure to be excited about the film and are eagerly awaiting its release. We expect this movie will be highly rated by audiences when it hits theatres.

The Other Movies Coming Out on the Same Day

It’s looking like March 24, 2023, will be a busy day at the cinema, with A Good Person hitting the big screen alongside some highly-anticipated sequels. Fans of classic franchises can look forward to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Extraction 2, John Wick 4, Dune, and Indiana Jones 5. So if you’re looking for something new or want to catch up on the latest in these popular series, there are plenty of choices. Whether it’s a mind-bending sci-fi epic or an action-packed thriller, you will find something to enjoy on March 24th.


In Conclusion, A Good Person is an upcoming movie released on March 24, 2023, in the United States. And April 28, 2023, in the UK. It stars Morgan Freeman and Florence Pugh in leading roles and is directed and written by Zach Braff. The movie has been talked about since February 2021, with the first trailer for the movie being released in September 2021. Audience reviews for the film are yet to be seen as it has not yet been released. The movie has been highly anticipated due to its star-studded cast and promising plotline. With the trailer’s release, it is clear that the film is set to impact the industry when it releases next year.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about A Good Person

When is A Good Person Being Released?

After many rumours, it was confirmed in September 2021 that Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer had bought the rights to distribute the movie, and the release date was soon after that. A Good Person will be in theatres worldwide on March 24, 2023. So you don’t have to wait long to see Zach Braff’s new movie.

Are there any official trailers for This film?

Yes! There is an official trailer for this film, which stars Florence Pugh and Morgan Freeman. The trailer will be released on Dec 21, 2022, and gives viewers a glimpse into the story of Allison, whose life falls apart after being involved in a fatal accident. The movie is rated R for drug abuse, language throughout, and some sexual references. It will be released on April 28, 2023, on Sky Cinema in the UK, with a nationwide release in 2023 on March 31. 

Who is starring in A Good Person?

A Good Person stars Florence Pugh, Molly Shannon, Chinaza Uche, Morgan Freeman, and more. The movie is directed by Zach Braff and will be released in limited theatres on March 24, 2023. It will also be available on Sky Cinema in the UK on April 28, 2023. Florence Pugh and Morgan Freeman fans will be delighted to see the two Hollywood stars in the same movie. Molly Shannon and Chinaza Uche also bring an exciting new dynamic to the big screen. This movie promises an entertaining and compelling movie experience with a talented cast and crew.

Where can I watch A Good Person?

Once the film is released on April 28th, 2023, fans of the movie can watch it in theatres nationwide. For those who prefer to stay home, the film will also be available as a digital purchase on Sky Cinema. Many streaming services will provide access to A Good Person. So whether you want to go out and watch it in theatres, purchase it digitally, or stream it from the comfort of your own home. You won’t have trouble finding a way to protect this movie when it’s released.

What is the music in the A Good Person trailer?

“Stardust” by Cary Brothers, “Time” by Angelo De Augustine, and “Wake Up With The Sun” by Odessa are included in the trailer.

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