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Wilbur Soot Song Your New Boyfriend Roblox ID Code (2023)


If you want to enjoy the song “Your New Boyfriend” by Wilbur Soot while playing Roblox, go to Your New Boyfriend Roblox ID Code and make it your own!

With more than 50 million users, Roblox is the most popular place to play games online in the world. You can make your own avatar and play for free while listening to songs by your favorite artists.

Wilbur Soot is a musician who is known for his catchy songs and songs that can be played on Roblox. In this blog post, I’ll show you how to use the “Your New Boyfriend” Roblox song id code to listen to Wilbur Soot’s “Your New Boyfriend” on Roblox.

What is your new boyfriend Roblox ID code?

“Your New Boyfriend” is the sixth single by Wilbur Soot, an online name for the English singer-songwriter Will Gold. “Your New Boyfriend” came out on December 11, 2020, and reached number 100 on The Official Charts Company’s UK midweek charts for the week starting December 14.

The new single Wilbur Soot song Your New Boyfriend has been a huge hit. It became famous all over the world because so many people liked this catchy song and its music video, which went viral on sites like Spotify.

roblox 2

“Your New Boyfriend” is the last song in a set of three songs about a character named Lonely Boy. The two parts before “Your New Boyfriend” were written and recorded in a similar style. This song, which has Chevy singing in the background, is about how much he loves an e-girl. It has electronic beats and tells the story of how they fell down a rabbit hole into the internet ( or maybe not ).

In 2020, everyone had this song on their playlist. It’s on Spotify, YouTube, and Roblox, and even while people are playing their favorite games.

The New Boyfriend by Wilbur Soot is one of the most played songs on Roblox. So, we’ll show you how to get your new boyfriend’s Roblox ID code in 2 minutes or less. Read on to find out who else has the same name, and maybe next time they’ll play your song.

List of your new boyfriend’s Roblox IDs (2023)

Wilbur Soot song Your New Boyfriend by Wilbur Soot is a great song to play while you play. The lyrics and vocals will add something to your experience that no other music could, making it more enjoyable than ever.

You can play video games on Roblox while listening to Wilbur Soot’s song “Your New Boyfriend.” For this game, there are a lot of Your New Boyfriend Roblox ID codes, so you’ll be able to find something that fits your mood.

Song (Version) Roblox ID Code
Your New Roblox Boyfriend ID Code 6074093141


How to use your new boyfriend Roblox song id code?

Your New Boyfriend Roblox Song ID Code is the best way to get in touch with your inner gamer while playing games like Roblox.

The best thing ever is your new Roblox boyfriend ID codes. If you can’t focus on a game because there are too many sounds, this improvement really helps you stay on task.

Want to play Roblox and listen to Wilbur Soot Your New Boyfriend song? Then do these things!

  • The first step is to open the Roblox game, which lets you play songs on a boombox.
  • Now, go to your Boombox window to play some good music.
  • Then, copy and paste any Your New Boyfriend Roblox ID Code from our list that you want.
  • Now, enjoy.

Why do robloxians use your new boyfriend’s roblox music id code?

Roblox users are always on the lookout for the next big thing, which is why they use Your New Boyfriend Roblox ID Codes. The sound is catchy, which makes playing even more fun.

roblox id code

It’s a new song, so it hasn’t been ranked or rated yet, but with Your New Boyfriend Roblox ID Codes, everyone wants to hear it!

Your New Boyfriend Roblox ID Codes can be used in any Roblox game that lets you use a boombox, so adding the song to your favorite gaming session will never be a problem again.

If you listen to this song while you play, it will help you pay attention to what’s going on. The fast and lively beats keep your mind alert, which will help you pay more attention to the game.

Wilbur Soot Song “Your New Boyfriend” is the best thing you can do on ROBLOX.


Your New Boyfriend is a fun and exciting music player for Roblox that will help you focus on your game. So, even if the only thing that keeps us from playing is thinking about what’s going on in real life, it won’t matter.

We’re glad you read our article. We hope this helped, and using Your New Boyfriend Roblox ID Codes in games is a great idea! Feel free to leave a comment below if you have anything else to say about it.

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