WHO Informed- When Coronavirus Vaccine may Come?

The recent success of clinical trials of Covid-19 vaccine developed by researchers at Oxford University has raised hopes of a worldwide release from the coronavirus. The World Health Organization (WHO) is also hopeful with the development of the disease vaccine.

Now the question is, when could the world get the coronavirus vaccine? In this case, the WHO is not in a hurry. Because, it is necessary to get a safe vaccine after multiple trails. Haste can be counterproductive.

When the coronavirus outbreak turned into a pandemic, WHO said the first Covid-19 vaccine should not be expected before 2021. The world could expect the vaccine in the early 2021, according to a report of News agency Reuters.

Mike Ryan, executive director of the WHO’s Emergency Project, said on Wednesday that the World Health Organization was working hard to ensure a balanced distribution of vaccines. But in the meantime, efforts to control the coronavirus infection must continue, he added.

“We are making good progress in developing vaccines,” Ryan said. Multiple vaccines are now in the third phase of trials. None of this has failed to improve safety and immunity. That’s the good side. But the reality is that we will have to wait until the first half of the next year for the vaccine.

Mike Ryan added that there should be transparency in production and distribution of vaccines. Because it is for the good of the world. The coronavirus vaccine is not just for the rich or the poor, it is for everyone.

The World Health Organization official also called for caution in opening educational institutions.

Mike Ryan said, “We have to do everything possible to get the children to school. And, the most effective step that can be taken in this case is to stop the group infection. Because, if you can control the spread of the disease at the group level, then you can open a school.”


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