Elon Musk Unveils Game-Changing Video Chat and DM Features for Twitter App

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Elon Musk said on Wednesday that the Twitter app will get a lot of new features. The latest version of the app from the social media giant will allow direct messages (DMs).

This means that users will be able to respond to any message they get, not just the most recent one. Users will be able to respond to DMs on Twitter with a wide range of emojis, just like they can on Instagram or WhatsApp.

Twitter is also releasing private DM 1.0, which should make direct messages between users safer. Elon Musk says that this feature will pass the “acid test” when he can’t see other users’ direct messages (DMs) even if someone puts a gun to his head.

Support for voice and video chat on Twitter is another important function that will soon be added to the Twitter app. Elon Musk says that this function will let people talk to people anywhere in the world without giving them their number.

Elon Musk wrote in a tweet about the new Twitter features: “With the latest version of the app, you can DM reply to any message in the thread, not just the most recent one, and use any emoji reaction. Tomorrow should be when private DMs V1.0 are made public. This will get more complicated very quickly. The real test is whether or not I couldn’t look at your direct messages even if someone put a gun to my head. Voice and video chat from your handle to anyone on this platform is coming soon, so you can talk to people anywhere in the world without giving them your phone number.

Twitter Support also posted an update about the new Direct Messages features. Twitter Support wrote, “Introducing DM Replies! You can now reply to any message you get in Direct Messages, making talks easier and more natural.

🥳 We’ve also added a new Emoji Picker to DMs, allowing you to react to messages with a wider range of emojis than ever before.”

While requesting user feedback on the new functionalities, Twitter Support also stated that the business is trying to improve these functions.

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