These are The Top US States to Call Home If You Love Gambling

These days, the topic of gambling is seldom far from the headlines across the US media, whether it is sports pundits discussing the latest NBA odds or political commentators describing yet another piece of casino legislation as it treads its precarious path through a state Senate. Outside observers could be forgiven for thinking that the USA has become obsessed with gambling, but the truth is a little more nuanced.

Those endless Senate hearings we discussed are core to the issue. Since striking down PASPA as unconstitutional in 2018, Federal law has effectively washed its hands of the topic, except in very specific areas that cross state lines. Day-to-day lawmaking and regulation are now in the hands of each US state, and no two states have an identical stance.

So which are the most gambler-friendly states? The answer to that question depends on a number of factors, but we can certainly pick out a handful of states that should be on any keen gambler’s shortlist if he or she is planning on setting up a home in the US. The following are in no particular order.


With Las Vegas and Reno within its borders, you might assume that Nevada is the obvious place to live if you love gambling. Well – yes and no. Sure, if land-based casinos are your thing and you have a passion for excess and bright lights, then there is nowhere better. Nevada also has favorable tax laws for gamblers. However, if you prefer to do your gambling in cyberspace, the choices are more limited. There are no licensed online casinos in Nevada, although there is online sports betting and some online poker available.

New Jersey

Home to Atlantic City, the Las Vegas of the East Coast, New Jersey is another magnet for gamblers. However, it couldn’t be more different in Nevada, and not just in terms of the climate. If you prefer to consult your phone or laptop and click to find top online casinos instead of heading out in person, New Jersey is the US state with more licensed online casinos than any other. It also pioneered online sports betting and was the main lobbyist in getting PASPA struck down four years ago.


Some might say Dela-where? However, the First State lived up to its nickname by being the first to pass laws legalizing online casinos in 2012. There are not a huge number of gambling options – both online casinos and all three land-based ones are state-operated. However, that is no real problem in a state that is only 96 miles from end to end. As well as being one of the most gambling-friendly states, Delaware has a reputation for low taxes, great healthcare, and affordable housing.


From the lowest state to the highest, Colorado is the polar opposite of Delaware in all things except its attitude toward gambling. It boasts some truly spectacular casinos that bear more than a passing resemblance to the Overlook Hotel from The Shining. They are just as inaccessible during the winter months, but you can always turn to cyberspace. Although there are no licensed online casinos in Colorado itself, there are plenty of offshore options.

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