RH 3 Yacht

Sleek design, stark black finish, and overall grandeur make the RH 3 yacht one of the best-built yachts of current times. Due to her style, she is sought after by many who wish to spend a few days on a luxury cruise. And so, a chance to charter the yacht RH3 would be a dream come true for many. Yacht rental Dubai services are constantly looking to expand their fleet of yachts giving you the opportunity to cruise on a modern yacht.

To know about the chic luxury vessel, read further. 

The Origin of RH3 yacht

RH3 yacht was made by the Turkish shipbuilder RMK. Born in the year 2003, she was refitted in 2016. Slight modification and maintenance have made the vessel brand new with everything a luxury cruise should have. 

The contemporary-styled exterior reflecting chic patterns that define modernism was the brainchild of the Dutch designer Vripack. Vripack joined the Belgian company Vincent Van Duysen Architects to design the yacht’s interior. The naval architecture was also completed with the insights of Vripack, resulting in the yacht having different variations of the same base pattern throughout its construction.

Deck, Hull, and Superstructure

The yacht’s deck is made of quality teak, ensuring long life. The hull is completed in steel, and the superstructure is finished in aluminum. The metals are chosen for each part depending upon the use and exposure to the atmosphere.

Strength of RH3 Yacht

Having enough space and amenities for people of all ages, this yacht comes with facilities to accommodate 10 guests in 5 cabins. With a crew strength of 8 to serve all the passengers, the sail in the vessel can be a wholesome, satisfying experience.

There is one Master suite filled with posh facilities and a spectacular view. Then come 3 double and 1 twin cabin with similar amenities but in a lesser expanse. There are 6 beds – 1 king-sized, 2 queens, 1 double, and 2 single.

The full beam master or main suite comes in the main deck with a twin cabin next door. Guest cabins are located in the upper deck, ports, and starboards. Forwards are the double cabins with queen beds located on the port aft.

Some Interesting Facts about the Yacht

  • RH3 yacht is the third largest yacht built by RMK. 
  • The yacht was previously named Private Lives.
  • It now sails under the Flag of the Cayman Islands

What does yacht RH3 have in store for you?

Rh3 yacht comes with a lot of amenities that make this the perfect luxury cruise there is.  This yacht is a complete package with the following attractions:


  • Wifi- To help you stay connected with your loved ones even when you are in the sea having a good time.
  • Advanced stabilization system – To prevent the side-to-side wave of the boat and to ensure comfort while anchoring.
  • Swim platform- You can relax with your family or have some alone time.
  • Workout space- An outdoor workout space for exercising with a view of the sea.


  • Satellite TV- To keep you and your kids entertained throughout the voyage. 
  • 15m expedition chase boats- To explore the caves and reefs and to unveil the explorer in you. There are two tenders with the lead 15.24m/50’ RIB
  • Kayaks- To have a little fun with your kids.
  • Inflatable water toys and paddleboards- This feature is specially arranged for children. You can also explore the child in you!
  • Sea bob- Those who want to add some thrill to their journey can take these babies out and go for short trips around the vessel
  • Diving equipment- There is enough diving equipment on board for a few hours of adrenaline rush for those diving lovers.
  • Water bikes- To spend your time effectively, water bikes can be a wholesome experience, especially for riders.
  • Trampoline- The best way for your kid to spend time.

Technical specifications of the RH3 yacht

RH3 yacht has been built with powerful machines and features that make it one of the finest yachts today. The considerable weight of the vessel does not impact the speed capacity of the vessel due to the strength of its technologically advanced parts.


38.72 m




Tuzla, Istanbul






367 GT


2 Caterpillar Inc

Cruising speed


Top Speed


Fuel capacity

65,774 litres

Water capacity

22,871 litres


2378th in size (among yachts)

Full load displacement


Hull type

Mono hull yacht



Rh3 has two Caterpillar engines with immense capacity. The yacht has a range of 5000 nautical miles.

The aesthetic side of motor yacht RH3

The yacht is created with an artistic interior. The minimalist and vintage chic interior is something that you find rare in a yacht. The materials used and the decorations placed are selected after careful consideration.


You will find honed Carrara marble, brushed oak, Italian leather, cotton rope, handmade vegetal rugs, and cashmere arranged beautifully inside the vessel, with stunning furnishings.

Sky Lounge 

The sky lounge has oak paneling that adds beauty to the sportive interior. 


The walls are yet another attractive feature inside the yacht. The walls are made of rounded wooden panels carved with perfection. Even the slightest detailing of bathroom tiles has been selected to match the incredible designs everywhere else. In addition to this, there is also aesthetic wall art placed in various spots to please your eyesight.

Lighting fixtures

Lighting fixtures used are the creation of PSLab. They are crafted to go with the interior design theme so they blend well.


The major pieces of furniture were custom-made by Paola Lenti for the yacht in Italy. The loose furniture is also customized for the theme of the yacht’s exterior.

For food lovers’ comfort

Informal dining is placed at the Aft deck, with soft seating and a good view. Extensive dining with much more facilities is placed on the main deck with an open view as well.

On the upper deck aft, there is an additional dining table with a fixed sun pad for those who want to spend the day in the sun while tasting the best cuisines in the world.

A lounging area situated forward the bridge is yet another spot where you can have tasty food drinking the natural charisma of the open sea. Moreover, the swim platform can be set up with sun loungers. A towable is also there if you need to raise your comfort.

To Conclude

The yacht RH3 is a pure example of luxury. You will find everything you need on this cruise, and that too in supreme quality. With technology, construction, amenities, style, and strength, you get to experience a journey that is thrilling and relaxing at the same time. The expense might be a bit on the higher side, but the RH3 yacht will make you feel that each penny you spent was worth it! To experience yachts similar to the RH3 yacht, check out Dubai yacht booking services.

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