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Enzo Rosani Makes the Most of Miami Real Estate Through Emerging Technology

While cryptocurrency may have taken a while to catch on after Bitcoin’s introduction in 2008, the decentralized funds’ recent popularity is clearly here to stay; recent figures from November put the global cryptocurrency market at a $3 trillion valuation, a number that’s only expected to grow over the forthcoming years. Considering its near present-day ubiquity, many businesses have begun implementing cryptocurrency into their transactional operations, allowing in a whole new audience of consumers in the process. Now, 26-year-old Miami real estate agent Enzo Rosani is helping lead the South Florida area toward this new normal, leading by example by making cryptocurrency an option to his clientele throughout his deals at Barnes International Realty.

As one of the world’s longest-standing trades, the real estate industry has remained steadfast among an ever-changing world around it – but with the major buzz surrounding virtual property transactions in the metaverse gaining traction in recent months, it seems a new age of real estate is upon us. Rosani knows this better than anyone, with the French-born agent personally facilitating Miami’s first-ever cryptocurrency deal in the new year, selling a unit at the Marquis Residences for $6.94 Million Ethereum (ETH) in mid-January.


Still, despite his forays forward in merging technology and real estate, Rosani keeps an eye firmly fixed on the most important aspect of his business: his clients. As Barnes International Realty’s co-founder of the firm’s Sports and Entertainment Division, Rosani always has a finger on the pulse of the Miami area’s celebrity and athlete population, giving them one-of-a-kind experiences like tours of NBA arenas and other exclusive events only made available to his network of patrons.

Intent on carrying on this forward-thinking approach into future deals, Rosani’s on-point approach to real estate is helping modernize the market around him, helping boost Miami’s real estate industry into new contemporary heights.

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