Best Guide on Professional Cleaning of Glasses Properly

The dust and grit on the eyeglasses always irritate us as we can’t see things. At times, it may cause intense headaches and eye staining. If we don’t maintain cleanliness on the eyeglasses, bacteria will likely grow more on them. As a result, this dust may also fall on our nose, mouth, and eyes, eventually leading to a greater risk of infectious diseases. Besides, the exponential growth of bacteria on the eyeglasses can cause staph infections. So, how do you address these issues and keep yourself safe? You can also buy the Lenskart Vincent Chase computer glasses.  

 Daily eyeglass cleaning should be your regular habit to have a clear view of your all-around surroundings. Hence this write-up demystifies the in-depth guide on professionally cleaning the eyeglasses properly. Let’s get started: 

 Products Included In The Glasses Cleaning 

 We are highlighting the two best products that work best in glass cleaning. 

  1. Cleaning Solution: Glass cleaning solutions are available in the market of numerous brands. You can also buy the lens cleaning spray solution from Lenskart. 
  2. Cleaning With the Microfiber: Microfiber is considered the best tool to enjoy clean glasses without scratches and smears. 

 Guided Instructions for the Glass Cleaning

  1. First, wash your hands properly to avoid the transfer of dust particles. 

  2. Take the glasses under the running warm water to remove the dust or other particles that may lead to scratches on the glasses. Ensure that you do this under the distilled water if your water is quite hard in your location. 
  3. Use the microfiber to wipe the glasses down and clean them thoroughly. 
  4. Spray the cleaning solution on your glasses on both sides of the glasses. If you are using dish soap, make sure to put a single drop on both sides of the lens. After that, slightly rub it over the surface of the lenses with your clean hands. 
  5. Now, it’s time to let it dry; however, you can also use a gas duster to make them dry to shun the watermarks and streaks. 

 How To Clean The Frame of Glasses Thoroughly? 

The glasses frame also embodies various small parts like springs, hinges, and screws, which also become dirty. However, the frame often touches our skin, which is why it must be cleared promptly. Most people skip this part but cleaning the frame should also be included in your regular habit. Besides, they overlook cleaning the nose pads. But you have to clean it thoroughly to eliminate all the dust particles. We would recommend you always buy the Lenskart Vincent Chase frames. 

 Instructions To Clean The Glasses

  1. Likewise, with glasses, you have to run your glasses frame under the warm water. You can use the mild soap and apply it to the frame through your fingertips. 
  2. Now, wash the frame gradually again under the warm water. 
  3. To clean the nose pads and earpieces of the frame, you have to use the moist towelette with rubbing alcohol. 

 The Best Way to Store Glasses 

What we often do with our glasses is throw them into a travel bag without any protection. This way, we often end up breaking eyeglasses. You can buy soft pocket-style cases from the retail shops to keep them safe. 

 Things To Sheer While Cleaning the Eyeglasses

People make numerous prevalent mistakes while cleaning their eyeglasses. Let’s check it out: 

  • Stick To The Soft Glasses Cloth & Avoid the Following Material

While cleaning the eyeglasses, ensure that you are only using the soft cloth rather than the paper towels, fabric of the shirt, and tissues. The most common is that people use the tissues to clean the lens, which is an appropriate method. These materials are coarse and complex, leading to huge scratches on the lens surface. You can buy the Lenskart Vincent Chase frames as it is of impactable quality plus affordable. 

  • Avoid Using the Acetone Products

Another significant mistake is using the nail polish remover to clean the eyeglasses and their frame. It’s not a suitable method; however, it does nothing but destroys the lenses and glasses frame. 

  • Saliva to Clean Glasses

When people are in a hurry, they often use their saliva to moisten the glasses and remove their smudges. It’s not a good idea; doing this only multiplies the germs of saliva on the eyeglasses. Besides, applying saliva to the glasses will make it more challenging to see things. 

 When Should You Have Professional Cleaning of Glasses?

When the glasses seem dirty, you can get a professional cleaning from the retail shop. Most people prefer this when there are considerable oily build-ups around the nose and ear, which doesn’t go away with the over and over-cleaning. You may also experience repeated breakouts around your ear and nose, which further ask you to get it cleaned thoroughly. You can also visit Lenskart for the professional cleaning of the lens and purchase the Lenskart Vincent Chase frames.

 Final Thoughts

In this manner, you can follow the above instructions to clean your eyeglasses and frames thoroughly. If you still have any doubts about the glasses, you can clear them with Lenskart. They are a renowned e-commerce eyewear store delivering premium quality at a reasonable price. To buy the high-quality Lenskart Vincent Chase computer glasses, visit their website. 



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