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Payment Procedure

To build trustworthiness in this service collaboration with us, you must pay in advance (PIA) as per our furthermost editorial guidelines and policy. We are taking upfront payments, or prepayments, nowadays all over the world. No one is an exception to this. We have been facing a ton of scamming incidents recently. So, Editorialge Media Limited is unable to evaluate anyone for what he or she will be doing with us! As a result, we need pre-payment or advanced payment. Without any advanced payment, we will not provide any kind of service to you.

Note that, on any day, if we do not provide service to you by showing lame excuses or reasons, you can file a dispute against Editorialge Authority through your payment gateways. Then you must get a refund from us. We want to avoid any conflict with our valued clients. There are no records of payment disputes with our honored customers till now. So, it will never happen from our loyalty and dignity standpoint. But the sad thing is we are facing a lot of scams to date. That’s why Editorialge Authority has decided on advanced payment for all kinds of services around the world. Please try to understand our valid concern. We hope you consider it logically.

No upfront payment, no service. Keep patience, and be loyal always. Without any advanced payment, we are unable to provide any service. If you obey our editorial policy and guidelines, kindly place your order. Otherwise, we have nothing to do. We are incredibly sorry for that.

You can choose any of the top payment methods:

ED Payment

Here are the details:

  1. (includes debit card or credit card): (After making payment through our link, you will get an instant Stripe Invoice with your payment details.)
  2. (includes Bank Transfer and Apple Pay): (Bank Details or
  3. Direct Bank Transfers (US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, EU Countries, United Arab Emirates, and Singapore)
  4. (We will send an Invoice)
  5. (We will send an invoice or payment request)
  6. Indian Bank Accounts or UPI ID
  7. TapTap Send (You can send Payment to a Local Mobile Financial Service)