How to Find a Parent Directory for a Website?

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A parent directory is a directory that is placed above another directory. The root directory is the only directory that cannot be placed under another directory. A directory below the parent directory is a subdirectory. The directory path looks like this: Root directory/top directory/subdirectory. Web sites are organized according to this directory system. Thus, you can easily change the information in the address bar to access a new part of the site, even if there is no link.

What is Parent Directory?

Refers to a directory that is above another directory. Any directory other than the root directory is under another directory. The higher directory is known as the root directory and the lower directory is called the sub-directory. On DOS and UNIX systems, a parent directory is indicated by a colon (… ).

What do you need?

  • Internet access

Step 1

Access the Internet through your browser.

Step 2

Type the name of the website whose home directory you want to find in the address line of your browser and press “Enter”.

Step 3

Delete the last part of the URL in the address bar to get to the home directory of that page. If the page URL looks like this:, delete “images.html” but leave the “/”. “Web page” will be the root directory in this case.

Tips and Warnings for Parent Directory

  • Each directory in the URL is separated by a “/”.
  • Remember that you can only delete one type of directory at a time, so as not to neglect the parent directory.

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