Have You Heard The News? Packaging Says A Lot About Your Brand Image

The need to create credibility and customer loyalty for your business is what a strong brand image is all about. This is also a necessity if you must get the numbers in terms of new customers. Keeping those customers will now depend on continuously meeting or exceeding customer expectations. If you must brazen your brand image, product packaging must be taken very seriously because it is a key part of the marketing plan for any business that makes or sells products. The right packaging design attracts the customer’s eye and makes your product stand out from those of your competitors. Here are some tips on how to implement proper packaging to boost your brand image.

Leverage on the right color

Usually, products of similar types will often adopt the same type of packaging colors and design. For example, gold, platinum, black, and silver are often used to package luxury products. You must know the rudiments of the design force because it emphasizes the significance of making your mark as a company through design. Pairing bright colors with black will give you an edge over your competitors and this will publicize your brand more. Black with other bright colors indicates sophistication and this brings an appearance of energy according to the rule of design forces.

Quality of the packaging material

If a packaging material gets defaced or torn before the product gets to the end-user, it is definitely a disappointment. Customers will only buy products from where they are sure of quality packaging services and you can bet that they will be quick to move to the next substitute if you are lacking in that aspect. Proper packaging material should ensure that the product reaches the customer safe, leak-proof, and tear-free. Imagine packaging biscuits that are supposed to be crunchy with a packaging material that has holes on them. Apart from the fact that the biscuit will be exposed to germs in the air, it would also not be crunchy anymore by the time it gets to the consumers. Righting this type of wrong is usually not easy and so you need to be careful not to make such mistakes.

Safety packaging

Some products are not to be consumed as one likes and just like pharmaceutical products, should be followed according to the rules of consumption. The most vulnerable people to these types of products are the children. Though it is necessary to preach the keep-out-of-reach-of-children sermon, how about taking a step ahead of your competitors by working on the packaging? Child-resistant packaging will help create a better name for your brand especially if you are in the cannabis industry. Embracing child-resistant custom cannabis packaging is like making the packaging into zip locks that can’t easily be undone by kids. This is good innovation and would make consumers patronize you more because of the incorporated safety in your packaging.

Product-packaging friendliness

I remember buying a particular biscuit and it took me about two minutes to be able to access its contents. I was really upset and I had imagined giving the same biscuit to my son for his snack at school. He may have returned home without getting to eat the biscuits. Customers want easy-to-use product packages. So, irrespective of how beautiful that packaging is, it must be light, have a friendly shape, and of course, be easy to unwrap. Friendly packaging should stick to the simplicity which will allow a balance of logo designs, branding, ease of unwrapping of packaging material, and color. If you are able to achieve this product-packaging friendliness, you will be able to improve your brand.

Make use of branded packaging

Customers can tell a brand’s image by the way the product is packaged. Beverages can be packaged in unique bottle designs and food products could feature a design that makes it easier to eat. Technology products often come in very sleek packaging. For example, products from Apple usually come out looking beautiful. If your packaging is unique and has your brand name, it would set you apart from other competitors which would have been a difficult task if the products are the same.

Final word

Every business setup is always looking for ways to be more relevant in the marketplace. The day you lose that importance is the day your business dies. The importance of product packaging cannot be relegated to the background if you must remain visible and maintain your brand image. Some businesses are even doing better than others not because they have better products but because they have done their homework in the area of packaging to fit customers of their niche. Have you been thinking of how to take your business to the next level? Here is your chance with these tips on proper product packaging.

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